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The Cultural Retardation of Conservatives

Hate to break it to you, gals and guys, but you’ll have to do more than just mozy on down to the polling station every four years to elect the next savior du jour if you want to take back America. Conservatives deserted the cultural playing field decades ago and amazingly they still don’t understand that they have to suit-up and show-up in order to win the game. Continue reading

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Marion Barry: Dirty Asian-Owned Businesses Got to Go

Here’s the photo of yet another foul face of pathetic Black leadership. The seedy countenance of Marion Barry, former Democrat mayor of Washington DC and now Democrat candidate for councilman. Yes, the crack-smoking whore monger is back and this time he has a few racist things to say about Asian Americans. Continue reading

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Breitbart on ABC: Big Media Buckles

Guess who will provide election night analysis for the ABC network on Tuesday evening? None other than Andrew Breitbart, that notorious truth-teller from the heinous hinterland of conservative values. Continue reading

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Uni-Tea: Conservatives of Color Speak Out

The Uni-Tea Celebration on Saturday at Independence Mall in Philadelphia was a great opportunity for many Tea Party supporters, media types, and interested tourists to hear the raised voices of Black and Latino Conservatives. Continue reading

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Conservatives of Color: Uni-Tea Celebration at Independence Mall

Don’t think there are people of color with conservative values? Doubt there are African-Americans who advocate for limited government? Then come join in the Uni-Tea celebration at Independence Mall in downtown Philadelphia on Saturday, July 31st from 12 noon to 3 PM and get a world view tuneup. Continue reading

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Black Leaders Condemn NAACP

ust days after the NAACP’s from-on-high condemnation of the Tea Party, this black civil rights organization has been found harboring some hardcore bigotry in their own hollow halls of fame. Continue reading

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