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Katy Perry Taking Flak Over Military Music Video

Some loons on the liberal Left are urging a boycott of Katy Perry after she released her latest music video for her new hit single, Part of Me, that offers up a very positive Marine Corps motif. Specifically geared toward women serving in the military, Perry’s video gives a pro-Marine Oohrah! shout-out to all her female fans. But that go-get-em grunt energy is not sitting well with a lot of those double-talking toadies on the Left. Continue reading

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Gay Goon Squad Goes After Salvation Army

Ah, the holiday season is upon us. A time of gift-giving, a time of sharing, a time of good will toward our fellow men and women. Yes by gosh, by golly, it’s time to break out the mistletoe and holly. And according to the gay goon squad, it’s also time to intimidate, bully, and bring down yet another evil empire of community service. The LGBT self-appointed Talking Heads have dredged up yet another soft target for termination. And this time out, they’ve marked a bull’s-eye on the back of the Salvation Army. Yes, the Salvation Army, a charitable organization that houses the homeless, cares for the elderly, counsels our veterans, provides recreational fun for our kids, and extends a helping hand to those living with HIV/AIDS. Continue reading

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George Soros Shops at Target: The Boycott Bit the Dust!

Billionaire, George (Sauron) Soros isn’t particularly bothered by any silly progressive party line when it comes to building up his portfolio of capitalistic hard cash. His investment group, Soros Fund Management, purchased over half a million shares of Target stock in the second quarter of 2011 valued at $26 million. And is it any wonder that the Dark Lord of Left-wing sorcery is so bullish on Target’s bottom line—this retail chain is doing quite well, thank you very much, despite their failure to pledge unflagging fealty to those queer inquisitors of alternative lifestyle orthodoxy. Continue reading

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GOProud Denounces Gay Boycott of Arizona

Another sane voice is raised in outrageous perplexity over the progressive gay leadership of Gay, Inc. jumping onto the Left-wing Latino Toady Express at the bidding of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director of GOProud, sent out this announcement today to protest the dismal leadership of the ludicrous Lefties of Gay, Inc: Continue reading

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The Kowtow Rodeo: Gays and the Arizona Boycott

You might ask just what gay and lesbian rights have to do with the political battle over illegal immigration in the state of Arizona and that would indeed be a very intelligent and perceptive question on your part. Continue reading

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Elton John Performs in Israel: The Left Fumes

Elton John performed at the Ramat Gan Stadium in Tel Aviv on Thursday evening, playing to an audience of over 50,000 screaming fans. Defying the Left-wing entertainment industry’s call to boycott Israel, John defiantly pumped his fist in protest, proclaiming: Ain’t nothing gonna stop us from coming, baby! Continue reading

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