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Sandra Fluke Auctioned Off for 400 Bucks

What would you pay for an ‘intimate’ hour with Sandra Fluke? What bang for your buck do you think you’d get from 60 enthralling online minutes in the presence of this cossetted concubine of the progressive socialist movement?

Certainly, Ms. Fluke’s years of slaving away to earn her daily bread would provide an hour’s worth of wonder….oops, wait a minute, she’s never actually worked a hard day in her spoiled and very privileged 30-year life. Ok, well then it must surely be her glowing years of selfless service to the downtrodden and poor, offering up her numinous talents to improve the lives of others….oops, wrong again. Now wait a minute here….surely this Democrat dame has done something with her snooty white middle-class life that would justify auctioning off an hour of Fluke’s time to the genetically gullible. Continue reading

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Sandra Fluke Who??

Appearing at the local Sak N Save in Reno, Nevada, Miss Fluke told her adorning audience of ten just how important it was to reelect Prince Charming, for without the likes of Big Daddy O, the wimpy women of America wouldn’t be able to locate their lady parts let alone manage them.

How utterly laughable, that the male-hating womyn’s movement has been cleverly co-opted by the very forces it has always sought to vanquish. Now instead of barefoot and pregnant, we are urged to be bare-assed and promiscuous. My gosh, our great grandmothers were freer and more self-sufficient than this progressive caricature of the independent woman. Continue reading

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Obama to Women: Vote with Your Vaginas

We all know that free birth control and free abortions-on-demand are the only topics that the good government girls need to bother their silly little heads about. So all you little pussies out there, don’t you worry your pretty little pea brains about those big grown-up manly issues like jobs, debt, mortgages, and foreign policy—the Obama boys will handle all the tough stuff. You just focus on getting that tricky IUD inserted, little lady. And for our lesbian supporters—free government-funded dildos! (instructions included). Continue reading

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Sandra Fluke and Lolo Jones: Two Faces of American Eve

Ms. Fluke may be hustling on the road campaigning for the Progressive-in-Chief and the Democrats may see sexual Sandy as a big political asset to be hawk to the liberal masses, but make no mistake, it is Lolo Jones, who in her exuberant yet unassuming way, is transforming the image of American womanhood. Continue reading

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Catholic Church—Getting Force Fed Their Social Justice Agenda

Gee, I guess all that Social Justice pâté doesn’t taste very good when it’s rammed down your own ecclesiastical throat, does it now? The US Conference of Catholic Bishops have declared a Fortnight for Freedom in response to the Obama Administration’s abortion and birth control mandates. Better late than never, I suppose. Continue reading

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Susan B. Anthony List and the Bureau of Womanhood Conformity

And just to inform the conservative world-at-large–there are many lesbians who are Pro-Life and certainly a heck of a lot of gay women who do NOT support the cold calculating concept of aborting babies on demand for any whimsical reason at any point during the pregnancy. Thought I’d just make that very clear. Continue reading

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The REAL War on Women

150 school girls and their teachers in the town of Kunduz in Afghanistan were poisoned today by drinking water that had been deliberately contaminated. As we all know, girls seeking an education and the teachers who dare to mentor them in this cultural wasteland of genuine gender oppression are frequent targets for beatings, acid attacks, and murder. But relax Western world. Pay no attention to such acts of anti-female aggression, for these heinous horrors don’t really matter in the larger multicultural scheme of things. You see, Muslim men are victims too. Continue reading

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Arby’s Hates Conservatives

The fast food chain, Arby’s, doing business under the slogan The Good Mood Food, has created a bit of bad temper in many of its conservative customers. For some bizarre politically motivated reason, Arby’s went out of its way on Wednesday to make it clear to all and sundry that they would no longer advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program. Since most folks in the know thought that the latest Rush riot was officially over, it seemed strange to many in the media that Arby’s was making such a public decision this late in the political news cycle. And with Limbaugh’s announcement the other day that Arby’s has never been an advertiser on his radio program in the first place, this fast food manufactured mystery has only deepened. Continue reading

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Gingrich Smacks Down CNN’s John King

The highlight of the Arizona Republican debate was the Newt Gingrich media smack down. CNN’s John King thought he’d help along the Obama administration with their 2012 campaign strategy by strumming on that old birth control banjo. But Mr. King didn’t quite expect the feisty sing-a-long that he got from Mr. Gingrich. Continue reading

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