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Sandra Fluke Auctioned Off for 400 Bucks

What would you pay for an ‘intimate’ hour with Sandra Fluke? What bang for your buck do you think you’d get from 60 enthralling online minutes in the presence of this cossetted concubine of the progressive socialist movement?

Certainly, Ms. Fluke’s years of slaving away to earn her daily bread would provide an hour’s worth of wonder….oops, wait a minute, she’s never actually worked a hard day in her spoiled and very privileged 30-year life. Ok, well then it must surely be her glowing years of selfless service to the downtrodden and poor, offering up her numinous talents to improve the lives of others….oops, wrong again. Now wait a minute here….surely this Democrat dame has done something with her snooty white middle-class life that would justify auctioning off an hour of Fluke’s time to the genetically gullible. Continue reading

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