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The Land of Narnia: A C. S. Lewis Christmas

The children’s fantasy classic (and the adult’s as well), The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis is a wonderful Yuletide adventure story. And the best film presentation of Lewis’ Christian parable is not the Disney Hollywood version released in 2005, but rather the BBC television production which was made in 1988. The BBC version is so very true to Lewis’ storytelling style and the children chosen for the parts of Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy look and act like English middle-class public school kids circa 1939. Continue reading

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The 39 Steps: A BBC Literature Lynching

I’ve been a John Buchan fan for years now and have read and re-read his Richard Hanny thrillers many times. But this BBC rendering of the Buchan classic bares no resemblance to the original thriller first published in 1915. Continue reading

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TV Alternatives: A Listening Experience

Having abandoned the cable TV obsession some years ago, I have found some nifty alternative forms of media entertainment. Continue reading

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