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Susan B. Anthony List and the Bureau of Womanhood Conformity

And just to inform the conservative world-at-large–there are many lesbians who are Pro-Life and certainly a heck of a lot of gay women who do NOT support the cold calculating concept of aborting babies on demand for any whimsical reason at any point during the pregnancy. Thought I’d just make that very clear. Continue reading

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Matt Damon: Voice of the 1%

The Hollywood progressive heartland continues to voice its disenchantment with that Big White House Zero, commonly known as Barack Hussein Obama. And one of the loudest loudmouths of the movie Marxists, Mr. Matt Damon, has once again opened wide to spew forth his version of the liberal lament. Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton for President?

The whisper-down-the-lane campaign apparently is in full flow, with the Day Dreaming Dems desperately casting about for another messianic miracle worker. With predicted devastation looming in the 2010 elections in November, pressure will only increase on the Democrat Party to cut itself free from that arrogant anti-American albatross hanging round its neck. Continue reading

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