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Are Asian Americans the New Jews?

Are Asian Americans routinely discriminated against in college admissions? The latest research is showing that, yes indeed, Asian Americas are getting the shaft when it comes to getting their collective foot into the college classroom door. And why would that be? Continue reading

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Marion Barry: Dirty Asian-Owned Businesses Got to Go

Here’s the photo of yet another foul face of pathetic Black leadership. The seedy countenance of Marion Barry, former Democrat mayor of Washington DC and now Democrat candidate for councilman. Yes, the crack-smoking whore monger is back and this time he has a few racist things to say about Asian Americans. Continue reading

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Asians and Blacks Abandoning Blue States

What does it mean when middle class African Americans decide to say bye-bye to the big city metropolitan areas of the North East and Mid-West and head to warmer and sunnier climes down South? Well, I think it says that Blacks, like many other Americans fed up with high taxes, high crime, and poor essential services, are looking for better places to call home that will give them not only a bigger economic bang for their bucks but also safer surroundings in which to spend their hard-earned cash. Continue reading

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