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The Redneck Bashes the Bully Queen: A Jim Goad Gut Punch

Jim Goad, author of the Redneck Manifesto and Shit Magnet, has written the penultimate response to Dan Savage’s anti-Christian hate rant and to the gay grievance groupies that Savage represents. Goad is well-known for his smack-in-the-face writing style, spitting out his hard-bitten cultural blasphemies with a deliberate disregard for the politically correct puritanism of the liberal status quo. Continue reading

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Gay Anti-Bullying Speaker Curses and Mocks Teenage Christians

It was supposed to be a national journalism conference for high school students from around the country but it turned out to be an anti-Christian propaganda tirade spewed forth by non other than Dan Savage, the queer anti-bullying guru who portrays himself as the savior of all those disaffected and abused gay youth out there supposedly hunkered down in America’s school systems. Continue reading

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