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Weiner’s Wife: Another Feminist Fraud

She imbibed the Democrat Party’s faux feminist double-speak at the knobbly knee of that liberal icon of political prostitution, her mentor and role model, Hillary Rodham Clinton. And neither public humiliation nor her husband’s ongoing penchant for photographing his penis for the public’s viewing pleasure will stop this showboating broad from advancing her career by hanging on like grim death to the political coattails and exposed dick of a power-hungry alpha male. Continue reading

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Anthony Weiner’s Seat Going to a Republican?

Let’s hear it for all those sophomoric males in political public service today who just can’t get their minds to rise above their overexposed private parts. And let’s offer up a special salute to Mister Anthony Weiner, former Democrat Congressman from New York, whose congressional seat is now up for grabs in a special election to be held on September 13th. The latest poll released on Friday now shows the Republican challenger, Bob Turner, leading the Democrat placeholder, David Weprin, by six points. Hip hip hurrah! Way to go, Anthony! Continue reading

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A Salute to Anthony Weiner: Getting it Up for Progressivism

Ah, the sad silly saga of Anthony Weiner and his extracurricular obsession with his ne’er-do-well nether regions. As this pathetic liberal putz seeks ‘treatment’ for what must surely be a psychological syndrome of sorts, for as we all know, Democrats are genetically incapable of taking personal responsibility for immoral and/or criminal acts, let us finally pay our overdue tribute to one of America’s infamous Left-wing elites. Continue reading

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