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The Kiss-In and the Perversion of Love

Too many gays are attempting to have their cake and eat it too (excuse the pun), wanting to remain as odd outliers immersed in a gay counter-culture while simultaneously insisting on the granting of just one of the crowd credentials. Friday’s faltering Chick-fil-A exhibition made it clear that for some lesbians and gays, the urge to thumb their noses at the stodgy old grownups outweighs their supposed need for mainstream assimilation. Continue reading

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The NPR Voice: Medicated Media

Anyone who has ever listened to National Public Radio can easily identify that smarmy medicated tone of pseudo erudition that the network is so well-known for. It simply exudes an annoying air of self-confident snobbery, smugly assuming to be the all-time arbiter of the sane, the sensible, and the obviously correct. Continue reading

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