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Secret Agenda of Democrat National Convention Revealed!

2012 Democrat National Convention Schedule of Events: 7:00 pm–Opening Flag Burning; 7:15 pm–Pledge of Allegiance to the United Nations; 7:20 pm–Max Baucus Proposes a Toast to Barack Obama; 7:25 pm–Opening Prayer given by Reverend Jeremiah Wright; 7:45 pm–Ceremonial Tree Hugging led by Darryl Hannah; 7:55 pm–Max Baucus Proposes a Toast to Darryl Hannah; 8:00 pm–Global Warming OMFG!!!!!!!!! – Al Gore
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Al Gore to Keith Olbermann: You’re Fired!

Keith Olbermann has gotten the Big Boot over at Current TV. After months of putting up with temper tantrums, sick-outs, and snide comments to the press, Al Gore and his executive minions decided to call it quits. Olbermann was served with his marching papers on Thursday. Continue reading

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Keith Olbermann Soon to be Past Tense at Current TV

Remember Keith Olbermann? That naughty and never nice prima donna who somehow got the notion that his talents were too much and too many to be wasted on the sporting trade? Well, he’s now having his temper tantrums over at that wavering way station for jobless rejects known as Current TV. And just like their MSNBC sister socialist network, the Current crowd are none too pleased at the egotistical episodes of Comrade Keith. Continue reading

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Save the Planet, Freeze the Kids

The principal of the Ansford Academy in Great Britain decided to turn off the heat at his secondary school to help cut the academy’s carbon footprint. Oh yes, the global warming, anthropogenic primitives are alive and well and very busy indoctrinating the upcoming generation with their cultish climate claptrap. Unfortunately for the kids stuck in this Lefty loon’s care, the day picked by Principal Rob Benzie for his save the planet polemic came with a temperature of 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Continue reading

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