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TSA at its Best: Strip Searching the Elderly

Just following protocol, Ma’am—no matter how asinine, no matter how time-wasting, no matter how degrading. So if a defibrillator keeps us servile TSA sad sacks from irradiating your bones with our image scanner, then baby, it’s buck naked time for Grandmom. Continue reading

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Answer to Airport Security: Check the Eyes, Not the Crotch

Hopping a plane is becoming an invasive nightmare for the American commuter who is simply trying to get from Point A to Point B with the minimal amount of upset and hassle. But when the price to pay for a terror-free flight is the compelling choice between a radiated potion of nuclear particles or a gloved hand groping your groin, maybe its time for America to face up to the farcical sham that passes for airport security. Continue reading

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