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Lara Logan—Telling the Truth about Terrorism

Lara Logan, CBS foreign correspondent, speaks truth to the progressive powers that be about the realities of the war in Afghanistan and the overall War on Terror. Having survived the attack of the Arab Spring mobs in the streets of Cairo, Ms. Logan, who has spent years as a reporter embedded in the dangerous wastelands of Afghanistan, knows a thing or two about US foreign policy and the Obama administration’s appeasement program. Continue reading

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The REAL War on Women

150 school girls and their teachers in the town of Kunduz in Afghanistan were poisoned today by drinking water that had been deliberately contaminated. As we all know, girls seeking an education and the teachers who dare to mentor them in this cultural wasteland of genuine gender oppression are frequent targets for beatings, acid attacks, and murder. But relax Western world. Pay no attention to such acts of anti-female aggression, for these heinous horrors don’t really matter in the larger multicultural scheme of things. You see, Muslim men are victims too. Continue reading

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Pissing on the Enemy: Marines in Combat

Here it comes, all the bombastic brouhaha clamoring from the usual corners of our culture over a video clip of US Marines urinating on Taliban corpses. And of course, the same old puffed up promises from the bloated military bureaucracy swearing that a full and vigorous investigation will be conducted into the whys and wherefores of this combative whodunit. Yes, let the witch hunts begin. Continue reading

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Bill Maher on Muslim Kowtowing

When Bill Maher quotes George W. Bush in a positive acclamation of agreement and then receives an enthusiastic applause from his liberal-leaning audience, then I think we can safely assume that there are a few widening cracks forming in the progressive pantheon of multiculturalism. Continue reading

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Catering to the Crazies: The Muslim Mollification Agenda

As the US military tip-toes its way through the barren hills of Afghanistan on its pointless mission of pacification and go nowhere goals, there is an increasing interest here at home in piling on the appeasement for 7th century sensibilities. Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton and Afghani Women

Words, words, words. Madam Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, voiced support for the women in Afghanistan today by stating that women’s rights should not be sacrificed in any political deal between Hamid Karzai’s government and the Taliban. In speaking to senior female government officials, Clinton proclaimed: “We will not abandon you.” Yeah, sure. Continue reading

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Tip-Toeing Our Way Through Afghanistan

I am not optimistic about our efforts in Afghanistan. We have military rules of engagement that in essence turn our soldiers into policemen while doing battle in a combat zone. Continue reading

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The Fate of Women In Afghanistan

How bad is it for many of the women in Afghanistan? Bad enough to commit suicide via self-immolation. Continue reading

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Left Blasts Obama’s Afghanistan Speech

It seems the Lefty love affair with our nation’s Lefty black president has soured on both sides of the Atlantic. Here are just two examples of the dire hand-wringing that is becoming more and more common in that camp. Continue reading

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