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Our Sub-Par President: The Poster War in Santa Monica

I don’t think the Mysterious Message Maven in Santa Monica has taken into account that our progressive president has been granted a phenomenal Affirmative Action Handicap by the duplicitous duffers of the Democrat party. You all know what I mean—that racial crybaby crib sheet for the competency-challenged liberal politician who is out-matched by other players on the course. Just a few riotous rule changes to ensure that the Chicago Gangsta Golfer is getting a little leg-up at the tolerance tee. Continue reading

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Raw Talk About Race

Within the corrupted confines of William Penn’s Quaker paradise, that was quaintly christened The City of Philadelphia, there is a raging controversy over a tepid magazine article that dared to raise the issue of race from a white city citizen’s perspective.

Being White in Philly: Whites, Race, Class, and the Things that Never Get Said by Robert Huber has garnered a huff-and-puff rebuttal from the mayor of this union-bound financial sinkhole, Michael Nutter. But Mister Mayor hasn’t been content to just voice his disapproval of the piece, oh no. The Mayor has also instructed the Human Relations Commission to investigate the state of race within the City of Brotherly Love and to punish Philadelphia Magazine for daring to publish what is in essence a straightforward and truthful exposition of how some white citizens of Philly feel about rubbing shoulders with their black neighbors. Continue reading

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Scott Brown Leading Pocahontas in Polls

Two polls show Scott Brown leading Harvard’s academic darling, Elizabeth Warren, by 5% and 6%. This is very good news for Republicans after they have had to endure a week of Todd Akin angst. So it would appear that the Democrats’ answer to how ambitious white Left-wing biatches can game the affirmative action wheel of fortune is stumbling along under the cover of the Martha Coakley curse. Continue reading

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The Business World vs The Ivory Tower

The Successful Businessman vs The Affirmative Action Pseudo-Academic Continue reading

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Are Asian Americans the New Jews?

Are Asian Americans routinely discriminated against in college admissions? The latest research is showing that, yes indeed, Asian Americas are getting the shaft when it comes to getting their collective foot into the college classroom door. And why would that be? Continue reading

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Obama Discovers America….and Other Affirmative Action Fantasies

The nation’s first Affirmative Action president thinks so highly of himself that he is now having his toadies insert the exulted Obama name into the online biographies of previous presidents. If you travel over to Whitehouse.gov, you’ll see that various bits of Barack BS have been written into the life accomplishments of previous presidential office holders. Tsk, tsk. Is our Black Wunderkind so insecure that he has to piggy-back onto the hard-earned home runs of much better men than he? Apparently so. Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren Sings ‘I’m an Indian Too’—Voice Over by Ethel Merman

♬ And I’ll wear moccasins, wampum beads, feather hats, which will go to prove—I’m an Indian too! ♬
Ethel Merman from Annie Get Your Gun belts out Lizzie Light Skin’s theme song. I am so enjoying this senatorial farce getting played out in that Kennedy compound of politically progressive Massachusetts. Looking so like a ludicrously lame liar, the ditzy Democrat dame with the semi-lousy law degree from Rutgers U wants America to believe she never relied on an affirmative action cheat sheet to gain her appointment at Harvard. Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren: Native American?

A funny thing happened to Elizabeth Warren on the way to snagging a prestigious professorship at Harvard Law School in the mid 1990s. Magically, this white-on-white middle class lady, who is currently a Democrat candidate for Senator in the state of Massachusetts, suddenly trans-raced into a very statistically suitable Native American minority. And faster than the academic elite could say hocus-Pocahonis, Ms. Warren found herself ensconced in that coveted Ivy League crimson while Harvard fulfilled their ill-gotten quota. Continue reading

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The Liberal Mindset: Mining the Depths of Progressive Thought

I saw one of these animated political spoofs spotlighting the convoluted liberal mind over at HillBuzz and it was a hoot.

Here are two mini lessons on the liberal thought process that probe two progressive sacred cows: feminism and affirmative action. A funny face-off between the voice of reason and the drone of ideology. Continue reading

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Where The Boys Are: Certainly Not In College

It seems there are elevated levels of estrogen on our college campuses today, a hormonal imbalance that is impacting the scholastic rite of passage for those born of the male gender. Continue reading

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Affirmative Action Out in Arizona

Last week, the citizens of the state of Arizona took a great leap forward into the 21st century by passing Proposition 107, effectively outlawing affirmative action in the public employment arena. Continue reading

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Van Jones: Mister Mediocre Goes To Princeton

Van Jones, the Frightening Fringe Freak from the Land of Angry and Aggrieved Agitators is going to Princeton to ‘teach’ as a visiting fellow in theirCenter for African American Studies program. Continue reading

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