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New Romney Ad Exposes the Real 1%

Let Them Eat Cake! Just two lucky unwashed hoi polloi will win the chance to sup at the same table as the Obama court jesters. Yes, you may be unemployed, yes, you may have a foreclosure notice looming like the sword of Damocles hanging overhead, but hell’s bells, the Obama reelection campaign is offering you pathetic peasants a sumptuous free meal for two! Continue reading

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Matt Damon: Voice of the 1%

The Hollywood progressive heartland continues to voice its disenchantment with that Big White House Zero, commonly known as Barack Hussein Obama. And one of the loudest loudmouths of the movie Marxists, Mr. Matt Damon, has once again opened wide to spew forth his version of the liberal lament. Continue reading

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Giving Thanks for the 1%

Let us raise our wine glasses on this Thanksgiving day to pay a brief homage to that much maligned and sorely slandered class of capitalist whose financial success creates the very foundation for all our lives. Continue reading

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