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318 Responses to Public Forum

  1. zephyr82016 says:

    Being no friend of organized religion, the proportions and exponentially expanding ramifications of Our Trumpification are BIBLICAL. The abject disgust I feel for the lesbians (no one can piss me off worse than my own ‘community’) who embarrassed themselves and drug the term Feminist through the sewer, is beyond measure. Brigette Gabriel, recently knighted for her work exposing degenerate islam, identifies as a Feminist, and probably the only good example I can imagine these days. Absolutely, positively everyone else has allowed the enemy to do their thinking for them. No one has dared plumb the depths of Donald’s warning about The Trojan Horse. Alright, so the Jesuits are in bed with the ancient illuminati manifested today by the likes of the Rothschilds, Rockerfeller and nazi-collaborator George Soros. Thus, they have contaminated all institutions of learning so no one is familiar with the Crusades and what they meant! This, of course, is purely by design. Those who don’t have a knowledge of history being doomed to repeat it. And of course, msm will not report on the atrocity that has become Dearborn, Michigan and the Sharia zones cropping up like disease across America. You won’t see anything on the news about the rapid degeneration of Europe and the gallant resistance of Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Go to youtube and keyword islam or muslim and rape or destroy or murder; then, enter Europe, Belgium, France, Italy, Sweden… You’ll fall out of your chair. Well, this is what the globalists want for us. Sharia, which is FGM, beheadings, child rape, acid in the face, etc… All in the quran. Youtube; Brigette Gabriel. Go to You’ll learn a an entire universe of shit that is perched at our very front doorstep. This is what DJT is defending us against.
    Now, onto the verge of war with NK and what fancy maneuverings we might expect from China and Russia? Stand by- our potus is all about strategy.
    But wait! There’s more! Comet Pizza/James Alefantis/Podesta/Clinton worldwide pedo organization is being exposed in vile, lurid technicolor. Unless you have the right follows on twitter or gab, you’re not going to know what’s coming down. You’ll NEVER see this on MSM. You’ll see it like you’ll see the protracted poisoning of Earth by the never-mitigated Fukushima Nuclear plant. You’ll see it like you’ll see the abused Tesla technology creating weaponized weather by the shadow gov’t Kennedy & EIsenhower warned about. You can find mountains of empiric evidence for these concerns here: As they used to say, “in for a penny, in for a pound”.
    For whomever may care, I’ll be signing in with a different alias next time, my email co. wants to get paid now and I’m on a tight budget because I live in a Blue Swamp of Corruption and am waiting for our potus to get his plumbers over to this cesspit.
    Thank you TLC for being here! We’re all in this up to our eyeballs now, like it or not!

  2. veryopinionated25 says:

    Wow… I haven’t commented here in a while but here is goes. I don’t trust the national polls, I believe that Trump will win in a land slide…. Period! TRUMP2016

    • You were right not to trust the polls–all of them were so oversampled with Dems it was ridiculous. I follow Bill Mitchell on Twitter–he analyzed and tore apart these polls and showed how ridiculously rigged they were. He kept a lot of people hopeful and sane during the run up to the election. And he was right on the money. I followed his Twitter feed last night and never turned on my TV.

  3. Atlanticgrl says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’m wondering if anyone out there has some opinion/suggestions on cities in the south and east coasts for a conservative 4-something lesbian to live. I grew up in southern PA, moved to Seattle via a three-year detour through Dallas, TX. I’ve been in Seattle for over 15 years and I want to get away from the suffocating unicorn and bunnies liberal mentality and the in-your-face hijacked gay agenda here.

    I think I want to be south of the Mason Dixon and no further west than Alabama. I’ve had my eye on parts of NC, but it seems to be teetering on the liberal agenda precipice. I don’t want to be in the city, I want room to breath, yet not an hour’s drive away from civilization. I don’t care so much these days about access to culture and the “Arts” (intentional quotes). But I don’t want to lay roots in a barren wasteland with nary a lesbian to be found…though I suppose there is online dating to meet Ms. Right. And 2nd amendment rights are important. This chick carries and likes to go to the range. A horse farm in the country or off-the-beaten-path beach bungalow.

    Any thoughts, suggestions, or avenues of research would be appreciated.

    • Hey there. You’re best bet would be in the South. Everyone and their mother on the East coast, however, is moving to North Carolina so the political demographics there are in flux. South Carolina, Georgia or north Florida might be a good bet as places to relocate. Heck, even North Carolina would be a better location than Seattle. And coastal communities along the Gulf coast might offer what you’re looking for if you can stand the heat/humidity.

      Maryland, Delaware and Virginia are dominated by Democrats. But there are always pockets of conservative civilization even in the most blue of blue states. Pennsylvania where I live is considered blue but there is also a conservative/2nd amendment stronghold here. When the Tea Party movement hit the scene in 2009/2010, it was a shock to many folks to discover just how many of their neighbors were Constitutionalists.

      You could also get on to Twitter if you’re not already…there are many gay men and lesbian conservatives on Twitter…this election has brought a lot of folks out of the political closet. The more connections you make, the more ideas/information. I’ll hook you up with the Facebook group of conservative lesbians–they might have some ideas as to good relocations.

  4. KumaraDosha says:

    I’m a new lesbian and a lifelong conservative, and I just do not know how to find compatible love. I hate that being a lesbian seems to mean you have to be a liberal, caricature-ish stereotype. I don’t want a girl that acts like a guy, I don’t like softball, I don’t support the feminist movement, I don’t believe gender is something so arbitrary and flexible, I absolutely hate the nasty in-your-face attitude that is the LGBT movement, and I don’t want anything to do with their activism. I JUST LIKE GIRLS. Where can I live to be able to find lesbians who don’t drink the liberal kool-aid? Where can I find a place to belong without having to like stereotypically lesbian literature/movies/sports/activities?

    • A lesbian who doesn’t like softball…hallelujah! Agree, it can be difficult to find a lesbian of like mind within a community dominated by in-your-face lefties. But we’re out there. There’s a Facebook group of Conservative lesbians from all over the country, a small group but growing. If you’re interested in joining, send me an email. Of course, you’ll need a Facebook account.

      • Cora Marin says:

        I’m interested in joining the Facebook group as well. Everything KumaraDosha wrote could have been written by me – except I’m a nearly-lifelong lesbian and newish conservative (last 10 years).

        I’m also researching – and accepting input on – places to live on the eastern/southeastern coast where a conservative 40-something lesbian might find solace. I’ve spent too many years in Seattle’s in-your-face liberal lala land and I want out…and I want to be closer to my family in southern PA.I want geographical space, I’m tired of the kumbaya claustrophobia of the city. A horse farm in the country, an off-the-beaten-path beach bungalow (would like to be not too far from water), but not so far out that I have an hour’s drive to civilization.

        I will be working remotely with my company so job options aren’t a concern. Second amendment rights are, however. I like to carry and go to the range. Just want to find a place to grow old…and someone to do it with.

    • Perry Palmer says:

      I never thought gay women should act like men. I remember in the women’s bars, around the pool table, there were girlie posters you’d find in a machine shop. I think women look better with clothes on. I would have rather seen posters of kittens! 😀

      All of my friends are Liberals. I can’t identify with them.

      I’m pro-life and think abortion is murder. Watching the Liberals fight for the “right” to abortion is shocking. The death penalty for murderers should be called “late-term abortion”.

      Today is my 70th birthday. I’ve seen a lot of changes, but I’m finding that hiding my Conservativism is a lot harder than hiding my being gay, since it’s no one’s business.

      I hate the “LGBTQ” acronym. It divides gays and makes room for perverts. It used to be “gay” only. Everyone else, get off the bus!

      In all my years, I’ve never known a gay person who was fired from any job. A Liberal lie.
      About gay marriage. What sane people would go to the city hall and give out their name and address for a gay wedding license?

      I visit the bakery where the two gay men asked for the wedding cake and the baker wouldn’t make it. International news! Why didn’t those two just go somewhere else? Muslim bakers won’t make a wedding cake for gays, either, but the media won’t mention it.

      Straight Liberal women act more like men than men. Especially when they talk about “spreading their wild oats”. Really?? How about receiving wild oats and spreading STD. The world is upside-down.

      I’m voting for Mr. Trump.

      Hey, Lesbian Outsider, I won’t get a Facebook account, only because I don’t want one. Is your Facebook site public?

  5. What I would like to ask these gender-blender wingnuts: If sexual orientation is NOT a choice (I’m a conservative lesbian) – “I was birth this way,” as we all claim, then how can gender, with very specific and identifiable differences, (body hair growth, sexual organs, different hormone balances, proven differences in brain chemistry, men cannot bear children, etc) be a CHOICE?

    • You’re talking sense. You’re citing facts. These manufactured movements have nothing whatsoever to do with sense or facts. It’s all about deconstructing society to create sectors of aggrieved dupes that can be manipulated. And when you have an opposition that is brain dead, inept, and clueless as to how to counter this phenomena, you get what you get in the West today.

  6. Raven says:

    I cannot believe that I am an ignorant, hateful bigot for wanting no men in women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and changing areas.

    Who is looking out for my rights to safety? Not feminists. Not our president. The only people I see, as a group, fighting this gender insanity is Christians. That is it! Nobody else is looking out for my needs as a woman. Modern feminism is a pathetic collection of women who cry about “body image,” claim “gender fluidity,” hate Christians, and cater heavily to the LGBT agenda, even at the expense of their own rights as women as they cowtow to “trans women.”

    What sort of world is this now, where I am no longer allowed a safe place to use the bathroom or disrobe? Why am I supposed to welcome ALL MEN in, just to make sure the .03% of trans “feel better”?

    What sort of world is this that a man can beat the daylights out of women in professional mixed martial arts because he is “trans”?

    What sort of MADNESS is it for our president to force public schools to allow young men into young women’s bathrooms and locker rooms?

    I feel that women are being erased. That to be a “woman” is now only a matter of “feelings” or “identity.”

    You know what happened to me a few days ago? A friend of mine, who now identifies as a trans woman, asked me why I felt bad. I replied, “cramps.” I was then promptly lectured on my blatant “gender privilege,” that I was flouting the fact that I had a uterus and a vagina and he did not, and that it was cruel and insensitive to do so. (EXCUSE ME????)

    This whole bathroom debate. Oh my GOD. Here is how a debate typically goes:
    Me: I don’t want men in women’s restrooms.
    Them: You are a bigot and a trans hater.
    Me: I’m worried for my safety from men.
    Them: Most assault occurs in the home or from somebody you know.
    Me: (Provides recent articles about women and little girls being filmed or assaulted in public restrooms by men.)
    Them: That sort of thing happens all the time.
    Me: THANK YOU!!! Exactly. So why grant men free access?
    Them: Don’t you care about the trans people? They’re dying.
    Me: They’re dying because they want to use women’s restrooms? You’re not making any sense.
    Them: Their suicide rate is higher than any other group of people. They need to feel safe.
    Me: With a high rate of suicide like that, they sound mentally unstable. I definitely don’t want them in my restroom.
    Them: You are a hateful bigot and want trans people to die.

    It’s maddening. Simply maddening.

    • It’s pointless to argue with such people…the whole gender fluid, self-identification nonsense is all the rage and none of it is about facts or reason or basic biology…it’s all about tolerance touting and virtue signaling. That’s why Target went out of its way to announce their new ‘inclusive’ bathroom and changing room policy…they wanted to ride the latest wave of diversity dementia and strut around the media like latter day Pharisees. Target got a bit of a shock though when millions of their customers saw through the phony ‘inclusive’ nonsense and registered their dissatisfaction by boycotting them.

      The best way to deal with these tolerance phonies is to use sarcasm. Make fun of them for their pathetic need to appear like super accepting good people who are in with the in-crowd (to the point of absurdity). Don’t argue…only argue/discuss with people deserving of your time. Their agenda has nothing to do with reality/facts, so by arguing you’ve already set yourself up to go nowhere. Mock, laugh, and make fun of them. Go right for THEM, not their argument. You’ll win every time.

    • zephyr82016 says:

      I will always consider myself a Feminist. Why? Because it is the “radical notion that women are human beings”. This come from my memories of a time when the most debased, vulgar things could be stated about women, who were expected to TAKE it. Well, I didn’t, and I’m not going to let a load of embarrassing genitalia-outfit wearing, pink-hatted phony political-lesbians (namesakes for the purpose of avoiding sexual commitment reflecting no actual passion for women- or ANYBODY for that matter)take it away from us. Far as trannies, a tiny segment of the population is born of indeterminate gender, it falls on the delivering physician to make a determination. When they screw up, you have an unhappy human being. That is RARE. In the old days, if you wanted to piss off your parnets or get attention, you might be a punk rocker, hippy, satanist, or get tattooed. NOW you want a sex change. The AMA & pseudoscientist shrinks are laughing all the way to the bank. They’re on the toboggan with Big Pharma of course, and they’re all in cahoots with hollywood. I recall being a young lesbian, cruising the bars and having some bleached, tweezed, perfumed, corseted, powdered, lipsticked MAN trying to play coy and come onto me. It happened too often and it grossed me out. I wanted a woman, a woman my age. A woman who exudes being a woman all the way through and I accepted no substitutes. This is why 100% Lesbian bars were the only place to go. Did others hate me for it? Sure. It was the 70s. These guys were always loaded on drugs, unstable and always suicidal.
      Who wants these freaks in a stall next to a little girl or mother or grandma? Disgusting Obama who did everything he possibly could to destroy us.. Put them all on a ship and float them off to sea.
      I feel for the women. I believe they are products of conditioning. Everything they are told about being women is weak, passive, yielding, all very demeaning and nothing to be proud of. No wonder Chastity Bono went to hell, look at her mother. I still bristle at remarks of stereotypical “femininity” which is, in essence, fagginess. Real women are tough. We do unbearably difficult jobs with gut-wrenching cramps, migraines and a smile.
      At best, a human being’s hormones are difficult for any of us to acclimate and survive, and they run us unmercifully. At least if you’re healthy. Many of us don’t survive our hormonal changes and puberty. Murders, suicides, drugs and drinking. This is because human beings aren’t natural. Don’t believe it? Research a little to find out the origins of any deity you desire, except for the DEATH CULT that is islam. I refuse to dignify that sick sect with terms such as faith, religion, etc… But just go ahead and research
      Libtard dem queers have taken the crumbs of fake acceptance from these parasites and pledged undying loyalty to these Judas Goats who would hand us to filthy islam for CLITORIS REMOVAL and BEHEADING. I’m not even mentioning the little stuff like childbride rape and stoning and ‘honor killings’. Anyway, trannies. This wouldn’t be everywhere if it weren’t indulged.

  7. Perry Palmer says:

    Because I live in Colorado where so much seems to happen, I thought I’d let you know about the 100 years in prison the woman who cut the seven-month unborn baby out of the mother’s womb. This happened last year in Longmont, Colorado when an expectant mother answered a Craig’s List ad wanting buy baby clothes from the most evil woman in recent memory.

    I have included this link from Channel 9 News to show the beautiful and heartbreaking poster the mother of the unborn baby had displayed in court yesterday. I’m sure this will not be in the news for long, since the Planned Parenthood worshipers will have it gone shortly. This poster shows what they would call a fetus, which looks remarkably like a sleeping baby.

  8. Marlene shaffer says:

    Hi this is Marlene again. I would like to know if you have a meet up group up in Seattle. So good to find someone with a like mind.

  9. Hi Brady,

    Considering some of the vulgar, disgusting people that usually march in these parades, I’d say the ‘pride’ parades only serve to make much of the ‘community’ look self-indulgent and promiscuous.

  10. veryopinionated25 says:

    Oops, i ment Glenn

  11. veryopinionated25 says:

    Okay, i am a big Gleen Beck fan and i most of the time agree with him, but not on this issue. If i has a son, i’m sorry but i wouldn’t let him play with or carry around My Litt Poney any girly stuff at school due to being bullied. Also i don’t condone bullyin at all. No kid should be bullired. All i am saying this is that this day in age is the wrong time for this to be happening to our society.

    • I’m sure he’s acting from the heart but he’s also getting on the bad bully bandwagon. We want to believe the human species is geared toward individualism and that any type of collective-based enforcement of communal norms is horribly evil. But it’s how we’re wired. No kid should have to be physically or psychologically tortured by their comrades but some degree of group-think/group-behavior and the enforcement that goes with it is part and parcel of human nature. Beck is simply helping to re-enforce a new communal norm when it comes to acceptable boy behavior by holding up this kid as a hero. He’s creating his own form of group pressure.

      • veryopinionated25 says:

        I agree with you LesCon, no one shpuld be bullied. With that being said, in this case and many recent cases being bullied doesn’t have any substance to being legit anymore. As for Glenn, i know that he has become a libertarian recently, but that doesn’t mean he should give in to group pressure.

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