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  1. Perry Palmer says:

    Tammy Bruce, a Conservative lesbian, has a new video out that really says it all. She also carries a Smith and Wesson .38 Special, like all good Conservative women should. 😀

    PS This public section seems lost. Can it be brought out of hiding?

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    That’s it! I have had it up to here with the gay militants! The overreaching Colorado queers (can I say that?) want more and more.
    (, while religious bakers can be sued for not baking gays’ wedding cakes (
    The Supreme Court has become a laugh. All it took was the first “black” president to turn America upside down and grease the runners of this embarrassment.
    How will there ever be another Conservative in the White House? I’m afraid we’re lost forever.

  3. veryopinionated25 says:

    Okay, now i know that this is old news but i have wanted to see this for myself. I’m talking about the controversy back in March when a Michigan Senator posted Everyone Should Know
    These Statistics on Homosexuals Frank Joseph, M.D. on his Facebook page. I have finally found it and read it. Now Some are true statistics but some are way out there. Also, i don’t think the it accounts for gays and lesbians that are more responsable the progressives ones. These statistics maily apply to the leftiests. Anyway here is the link

    Sorry for going on a rant, just wanted to know what any of you thought about this?

    • I think some of the statistics quoted are right on target–at least it sums up my take on the gay men’s cock culture. Other statistics this guy quotes seem ridiculous to me and many of the studies are quite old and out of date. And some of the research studies were conducted by groups with an agenda.

      But the guy is right on target about gay men and disease and their suicide rate. Every gay man I have ever known except one always makes monthly trips to a health clinic to be checked out for STDs. The promiscuity is outrageous and is encouraged and abetted by gay culture.

      And as for gay men going after boys, well, the gay community has always hedged over this issue. Over the years, I have heard many gay men make excuses for pedophiles–they call it chicken-hawking. I’ve heard gay men openly talk about approaching 10 and 12 year old boys with the excuse that when they were that age, they were looking for it, so what’s the big deal.

      There is so much that is unhealthy, unsafe, and downright dehumanizing about gay men’s lifestyle. I think many gay men are stuck in some pathetic infantile stage of development.

      Now for the lesbians, that’s a whole different saga.

      And rant away–that’s what the forum is for.

      • veryopinionated25 says:

        Yes, i agree with the gay men on sexual relations in general. Although what about gay men on the right side? I am sure they aren’t that bad with their sexual health. As for us lesbians, i am sure that is the case for the ones on the left. And yes, the study is kind of old, but yeah, i feel the same way as you do when it comes to unhealthy sexual lifestyles of gay men. I don’t understand how gay men can screw a total stranger and be okay with or feel like they have just been violated? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

        • It would be interesting to see if there was indeed a difference in sexual lifestyle among gay men based on political affiliation.

          And I think it’s a hoot how many social welfare types see gay marriage as a needed stabilizing effect in gay men’s lives. Gay marriage will make no difference whatsoever in the rate of promiscuity and disease. There are certainly monogamous gay men couples out there, but all the ones I know are out cruising every weekend.

          • veryopinionated25 says:

            Eactly, gay men go through partners like there’s no tomorrow, and they claim that they want to make a commitment to one partner.. yeah right!

            • How anyone can say there’s nothing wrong with such obsessively sad behavior is beyond me. Even with the AIDS epidemic, it was everyone else’s fault except the very community that has turned men into pieces of meat.

  4. Wisebeyond says:

    I enjoy the many personalities that stop by here and add comments… Most if the time I read without commenting.. I wanted to give a different perspective regarding ‘those that came before us’ … I can’t help but remember the fear of “coming out” that I would be compared to the float freaks. They didn’t do a thing to help me… What did help was the constant love my family had always had for me.

    • When I think of ‘those that came before us’, I think of the brave souls of the Mattachine Society and the Daughters of Bilitis and all those men and women who took the leap and lived together openly when it just wasn’t the done thing. These guys and gals stressed the cultural commonalities between gays/lesbians and straights.

      I think gay men and lesbians who keep a safe distance from the politicized gay ‘community’ and center their lives around their families and friends, straight as well as queer, are much more physically and emotionally healthy. And they tend not to see the world through gay-colored glasses.

      But today, being queer is all about Left-wing victim politics and distorted sexual drives. The Cock and Correctness Culture dominates—the gay boys are stuck in perpetual penis envy mode while the gay girls can only come in the context of a matriarchal, Adrienne Rich empowering, implement-free, mutually loving and committed coupling that brings social justice to a white male-dominated world.

      We live in interesting times.

    • veryopinionated25 says:

      “To those who have come before us” i respect the heck out of because they went through hell in order to just live their lives and not get hounded by the police. They’re the ones who deserve the honor and respect, and not those celebrities that come out for attention or for their personal, financial, or political gain!

  5. Rae says:

    I find these discussions interesting. I am a conservative lesbian and become exhausted with those who spend their entire lives attacking others in hopes to achieve approval. It appears to me the struggle is primarily internal and they have not approved of themselves. There will never be total acceptance. I do appreciate the past efforts and bravery of those who have come out and opened doors for many of us. It is our responsibility as individuals to develop ourselves spiritually and positively. Ditch the anger and make a difference through example. When you believe in yourself, so do others.

    • Very well said, Rae. I too think a lot of the harassment and harangue that comes from gays is motivated by a need to have total approval/confirmation that their sexual orientation is perfectly ‘normal’.

  6. veryopinionated25 says:

    If i hear another Republican is in favor of Gay Marriage.. i am going to puke! How about instead of supporting gay marriage, introduce Civil Marriage. I mean really.. come on’ Republicans stick to your values and principles instead of joinning the band wagon just to get more votes!! Just sickening!!

    • Perry Palmer says:

      Sickening is right! If I were a lawyer, I would be pushing for the gay divorce laws NOW! The only reason gays want marriage is because they have everything else. How many destitute gays do you know? There is a woman I know who has been married twice; what about bigamy? No one approached her about divorce. Divorce could be a huge money-maker for the legal system.
      It looks as if the Republicans are caving on gay marriage; what’s next pro-abortion? What will the right become? The Mini-left?
      Now Obama is nosing in on California’s Prop 8. What about the people who voted for Prop 8. How can a usurper come in and force a state to change its laws?
      This sex fest that is now the Liberal value system will have consequences from STDs to more unwanted babies and abortion.
      We in Colorado are now dealing with legalized pot. The can of worms this has opened is beyond anyone’s imagination.
      We can only hope that, thanks to Bob Woodward’s reporting, Americans will finally see Obama for what he really is.

      • veryopinionated25 says:

        Does the gay left understand what marriage is all about? I don’t think they do… and why do they want to be married to the government anyway.. well it seems that way. I think when you get tie the knot is should be forever and the government should be out of your lives. It’s nobody’s bussiness. Shouldn’t Civil Marriage/Civil Unions be enough.. why do they need to push Marriage. Marriage is Between a Man and a Woman. I guess what i am trying to get at is that i have accepted the status quo from heterosexuals that it doesn’t bother me. Why can’t the left accept it and respect others?

        • I don’t think any of this is about marriage per se. I think it’s about forcing society to accept gays and lesbians and their sexual relationships as absolutely normal and on a par with heterosexual relationships. Experience has shown that in those places where gays have the option to marry, that the overwhelming majority of gay couples don’t opt for it. And when you see some of the consequences of saying ‘I do’ to your same-sex partner, is it any wonder that most lesbian/gay couples are steering clear of a legal ‘marriage’.

          Look at the Lisa Miller case in Vermont….poor Lisa Miller and the Mennonite pastor who helped to get her and her daughter out of the country, have had their lives ripped apart by a court system hell bent on enforcing the charade that another woman with no biological connection to her partner’s little girl, is a ‘Mom’ with custody rights equal to the child’s natural mother. Lisa decided she was no longer a lesbian (oh my god, can’t have that!) and wanted nothing to do with the lesbian lifestyle and the harpy she hooked up with. But that didn’t stop the courts from trying to take her child away from her and give the little girl to the dyke.

          These lesbian women who seek motherhood through the wombs of other women are sad indeed. But to then try to take the natural mother’s child away from her under the guise that the child has ‘two mommies’—what a hateful and despicable thing to do. Lisa and her daughter are now living somewhere in Central or Latin America and the pastor is facing jail time for assisting them. And the harpy who caused all this is suing both of them.

          If I had known Lisa Miller, I hope I would have had the courage to do everything I could to get her out of the country and away from a demented court system and a woman hell bent on getting her claws into that kid. This wasn’t a love battle, it was a battle for possession. Sort of reminds me of the judgement of Solomon and the splitting in half of the baby claimed by two women.

          Considering that most lesbian relationships last a few nanoseconds, why would any dyke invite the court system into her life?

          • veryopinionated25 says:

            I sure wouldn’t invite the court system in my civil marriage/civil union. I think it’s gross that the gay left wants to ruin everything that is considered good in our society like Marriage in the name of getting reconized and to be visible to everyone else. And i don’t understand why they want everyone in their businessand their relationships?

            Speaking of Gay Marriage, they are at it again in Michigan where i currently resde, to challenge the ban and to overturn it where it was banned back in 2004. I sure hope they don’t win to overturn it because if it does then i’ll just move down to Texas.

    • If anyone is looking for the Republican party to lead, they will be looking for a long long time. Spineless, gutless, and a bunch of slimy opportunists with few exceptions.

      • veryopinionated25 says:

        Yeah.. i think that i have given up on the Republicans last year after the election. I believe i am going to throw out and not renew my memberships with them next year. I have mostly been a tea partier but everyone say that you are either a R or a D!

  7. westsea says:

    Hi there, my friend and I in the Seattle area are trying to form a social group of lesbian conservative women for social events and chat sessions. We are sincerely concerned about the state of our nation and would like to have a social connection with others sharing our same views. If you have felt as though you don’t fit in certain situations because of your conservative leanings, have felt shunned within your social group or been labeled a “traitor” of the gay community, this is a place for you to feel comfortable and socialize.

    We would like to form a community of women that are informed of the current issues, want to discuss them, vent their frustrations, and feel safe in a supportive setting. We are not looking to change anyone’s mind. The women of this group don’t agree with the issues 100%, but have similar viewpoints on fiscal and government conservatism. We are concerned about government overreach and the chipping away of the constitution and individual rights. We may not all be religious, but are against the squashing of religious freedom, particularly what we see happening to Christian beliefs.

    We are against Obama’s handling of the economy and feel that his agenda does not include the best interests of the country.

    We would like to spread the word that the ideals of conservatism benefit all Americans including gay people. Free markets, individual liberty, state sovereignty, the right to bear arms are what made America a great and prosperous nation, and we are currently watching it being transformed into something far from that. We stand for individual freedom, so of course we are proponents of gay rights.

    If you want to get together with other like-minded women while being free and authentic with your views come join us for some good food, discussion and fun. To contact us and join the group go to the following link:

    • Thanks for posting this. I’ll put your comments on the front page to give your meetup more exposure. I think it’s fantastic that more conservative lesbians are looking for ways to connect and socialize and actually doing something about it.

      • WestSea says:

        Thank you. If you have other ideas for us to get more exposure, we would greatly appreciate it. So far, Meetup has not garnered as much interest as we had hoped. We know there has to be more of ‘us’ out there. Thanks for your comment.

        • Getting the word out can be difficult….it depends on how aggressive you want to be….if there are Yahoo groups for lesbians in the Seattle area, and I believe there are, you could join all of them and then post an announcement about your Meetup. Of course, you run the risk of having the moderator delete your post and kicking you out of the group, but you could get some exposure.

          You could try to use every gay/lesbian venue there is in your area to see if you can get your group listed/announced–you might be pleasantly surprised. And Twitter and Facebook might afford opportunities.

          Good luck with it.

  8. veryopinionated25 says:

    Finally the Gay Agenda exposed..only in Chicago!!

    • Thanks for the link, Paula. Here’s my take on it…

      I think what the author is describing isn’t really Stockholm Syndrome as she calls it. The author is exhausted as are so many of us. The seeming futility of our efforts adds to the sense of hopelessness. And I would venture to say that the cause of this existential depression among conservatives is due not only to a battle strategy that has run us all over the map only to bring failure on so many fronts, but is also due to gross ignorance of the interwoven complexities of politics and culture, all of which has led to frustration and bewilderment.

      We have marched onto so many political battlefields unprepared and outgunned. We not only lack the ‘big guns’ to help us win our battles, we don’t even think we need the ‘big guns’. We mimic the Light Brigade, charging into the breech on horseback with our outdated weaponry.

      I spent many years working in Left-wing organizations at the grassroots level and I’ve got to say that conservatives can’t hold a candle to the Left when it comes to competency, sophistication, long-term dedication, and the willingness to play hard ball with their opponents. Too many conservatives are pig-headedly naive when it comes to how the world works.

      Well, the development of a winning strategy is not rocket science. The Left has already shown us the way—it’s all mapped out for us and all we have to do is learn, adapt, and apply. Perhaps the first step is simply to accept that Reagan is indeed dead and so is the Reagan era, then maybe a new conservative phoenix can rise from the political ashes.

      I think this article is a prime example of conservative naivete….it just shows that the author is oblivious to the ramifications of what’s been happening culturally in America for the past 40 plus years. The author, like so many conservatives, has been living in a protective bubble and has no idea what she’s really up against. Calling her defeatism Stockholm Syndrome is simply declaring her inability to grasp the complicated nuances of the cultural/political battlefield.

  9. Paula says:

    I want the game — Go New England!

  10. sanctitatisdomine says:

    Thanks for this blog, it really does give me hope that by no means is everyone in this nation in love with Obama and liberalism. And you get extra points in my book for knowing Chesterton! Anyway, I was wondering, are you pro life? Just curious.


    • Hi there. And yes, there is much more political diversity than the liberal establishment wants the general population to know about. But I think we’re beginning to make ourselves known.

      Yes, I would describe myself as pro-life. Although my occasional posts on the abortion question have cost me some followers on this blog, I have never been one to keep my mouth shut for the sake of building a following. I think life is too short to pander to an audience at the expense of one’s true feelings.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  11. WestSea says:

    Hi Everyone, I love this website. I’ve enjoyed reading the posts. Keep it up! We need to do what we can inform the ill-informed that conservatism is good for everyone, and it’s not about protecting the rich.

    I have a comment about John Boehner. As much as I agree with him, I really think a new face needs to be put out there to communicate the message. It’s uncomfortable watching him – for me anyway. I think people just shut him out as well as McConnell and McCain. There needs to be more articulate, younger (sorry to say), and perhaps female faces put on the Republican party. I know the press will not give them any credence anyway, but it’s a start. The message is not getting through that Obama’s reckless handling of the economy will destroy us.

    He’s always one step ahead. Look at the way he handed the Republicans a lame proposal from his minion Tim Gietner and then went back out on the campaign trail. The Republicans were left standing there knowing that they will take the blame no matter what. They’re response was weak while Obama gets all the attention. Holy Cow, the guy’s good. I hate him, but he’s got this down.

    • We’re living with the results of years of meager to downright incompetent leadership. The mindset of the McCain’s and the Boehner’s of the Republican world have gotten us to where we are today. It has been pretty obvious that no one at the top had a contingency plan on tap—they’re a total bunch of 1950-style political dinosaurs.

      As Romney said often during the campaign, if people aren’t doing their job, you fire them. Well, time to get out the pink slips.

  12. Perry Palmer says:

    Obama’s trying to make feel shame because Susan Rice lied. He wants us to feel loony when we think he’s pulling a fast one. We begin to doubt ourselves. Doesn’t this sound like the character Charles Boyer played in the 1944 movie “Gaslight”? He was driving Ingrid Bergman’s character crazy with accusations that she was imagining things when pictures, jewelry, etc., went missing. He was trying to find and steal the jewels (Constitution) her aunt had left her, but who Charles Boyer murdered.

    Obama’s sorry plot thickens. Half the country hates him and he will cause so much anger with that half. Angry people can be controlled easier than happy people Perhaps we shouldn’t protest too loudly when we see him throw his weight around; let him get more comfortable and then try to catch him in his shenanigans. Obama’s killing America.

  13. AtlanticGirl says:

    Hey let’s get this out there…this is an official petition on the White House web site to recount the election. Not that they can’t bugger it again, but worth a shot.

    You have to create an account to sign.

    • Perry Palmer says:

      With the smug and casual demeanor of Obama during the campaign and the buffoonery of Biden, I can’t help but think the fix was in. Obama seems to be dismantling the military before our eyes presently.

      • AtlanticGirl says:

        U truly believe it was rigged. Just look at all the NON-English speaking (illegals?) people that were bused in to voting polls in Ohio and PA. Who knows where else this happened. I know for a fact that the election was called before all WA state votes were in. We are 100% mail-in and many people didn’t mail till the 6th. They were still getting ballots on THURSDAY.

        So I’m guessing a recount may do nothing, but it’s worth a shot. I feel like all we have right now is hope and prayers so….

  14. Kerry says:

    Three questions for you! What do you think about gay marriage being passed in a few states this election? Do you any of yall read peak prosperity? If so what are your thoughts? Lastly have yall read this article or heard about this lawsuit?

    • Perry Palmer says:

      The Choom starts here; in Colorado, I mean. Our dear leader will be visiting us more than if we were a battleground state, which we were. Temporary flight restriction abounded during these last few months with Obama flying in every week. In case you haven’t heard, Colorado passed a recreational pot law. Now you don’t have to be in pain to buy pot in Colorado. I’ve heard the Mexican drug cartels are watching this very closely. Will they be our next-door neighbors? Heck, my next door neighbor has a “care givers license” and already grew giant pot plants all summer because he was “legal”. This makes me nervous, since he told me to keep my mouth shut about it. Pot is in. Civility is out!

    • Perry Palmer says:
      Concerning gay “marriage”; here is an insightful column by Dennis Prager on the unintended consequences of gay marriage. I have never been in favor of this because the winners will be the lawyers in divorce court and I think it’s unnecessary. Straights wanted to live the way gays live. Now that they do, they don’t want to get married. Recreational sex has given participants pleasure fatigue, which I think breeds incivility and anger. America has become the Las Vegas of the world. All the Democrats could talk about on the campaign trail, concerning women, was sex. Sandra Fluke will be Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. You read it here first.

    • AtlanticGirl says:

      Does a civil union give the same legal rights as being “married? Does it permit partners to have hospital visitation, property rights, etc like marriage?

      As a gay woman, I have no problem keeping the definition of marriage between a man and a woman, that does not offend me. And there are far more serious issues in this country than gay marriage. A marriage cert won’t do much good when you’re homeless and standing in a soup line.

      Wouldn’t a Power of Attorney and will serve the same purpose as a marriage cert?
      If I am wrong someone please explain.

  15. AtlanticGirl says:


    Get this out there, show this to everyone you know. In Ohio one of the many things transpiring…they have bus loads of NON-English speaking people, given interpreters to “help them vote”. The dems have been very aggressive at the polls, etc….

  16. Wisebeyond says:

    I sent all my liberal lesbian friends packing! Life is so much less dramatic… Not to mention the needy have been replaced with solid strong people who are not afraid to say God’s name out loud!

    • AtlanticGirl says:

      Cheers to that! I’ve been searching for other conservative lesbian/gay friends locally and I might as well be looking for leprechauns riding unicorns.

      I’m glad there is this forum. I was really beginning to feel – all over again – that I was “the only one” out there.

  17. AtlanticGirl says:

    Here’s something I think we need to get out there in regards to the Lybia attack. This is still breaking, but the source has always proven reliable.

    Libyan Attack Was A Botched Kidnapping Attempt Ordered By OBAMA:

    This lying anti-American fraud will stop at nothing to get the election.

  18. AtlanticGirl says:

    I’m looking for an avenue to connect to other conservative lesbians/gays and perhaps instigate a local network. I live in the blindingly liberal city of Seattle and am about to chew off my own feet if I don’t find others of like mind to commiserate with. It’s like being in the closet all over again. 🙂

    Any ideas? So far my search has lead me to mostly news posting sites and blogs. Your page is the closest I’ve come thus far…which is fabulous don’t get me wrong. Posting and venting via the internet is great, but doesn’t offer the satisfaction of face-to-face interaction for me.

    • Hi there and welcome. Well, attempting to connect with other conservative lesbians can be a hit-or-miss proposition. There are more than a few lesbians who lurk here and some who occasionally post comments, so perhaps you’ll find a like-minded soul who lives in Seattle. Overall, I think many if not most conservative lesbians keep a low profile and stay clear of any overt expression of their political orientation (for social survival) so it really makes it tough to connect.

      I do feel your existential pain—it’s bad enough here in the Philly area so I can imagine what it must be like living in a progressive fantasy land.

      Hang in there.

      • AtlanticGirl says:

        Thank you…and thanks for having the initiative to produce this forum, it’s well needed. Yes, the conservative lebians one do keep a low profile, there-in lies my dilemma. It’s like being a conservative needle in a liberal haystack.

        The real catch is that we know how some of the straight conservatives feel about gays, gay liberals are viscous towards the conservative gays, so I have this sense of not fitting in anywhere.

        How’s Philly? I grew up not far away…York/Harrisburg area. I get back every year to see family. Thinking of slinking back to the east coast, Seattle has become a bit stifling.

        I’m very glad I found this forum. Thank you again for getting it started.

        • The Philly area is a pretty good place to live. PA is a blue state but outside of Philly it’s much more diverse politically. You’ll still find the same Left-wing lesbian agenda as elsewhere but it’s not as suffocating as I imagine it must be in the Seattle/San Francisco progressive ghettos.

          But anyway, glad you stumbled upon us.

    • Perry Palmer says:

      Hi, Atlantic Girl! Welcome! There are a few of us in Colorado, but we lay low. It’s almost the same as hiding your gayness. Coming out as gay is so much more politically correct than saying you’re a Conservative lesbian. Who would have thunk? 😀

      • AtlanticGirl says:

        Thank you for the welcomes. Yes, being a conservative lesbian is likened to being in the closet all over again. Yes, who would have thought. What surprises me is the intense animosity that liberal gays have towards the conservative lot of us. Glad I at least found this place.

  19. Perry Palmer says:

    I’m dreaming of a Mitt Christmas and New Year’s and Inauguration and lower gas prices and less cranky Liberals. Yes I am! 😀

  20. Perry Palmer says:

    This fellow give me some HOPE!! 😀

  21. Wisebeyond says:

    In the event you forget how blessed you are having a conservative partner… Just ask us!

    • Perry Palmer says:

      You are right about that. Even good, gay, Conservative FRIENDS are hard to find. I went visiting an older lesbian couple last week and mentioned how much golf Obama plays. Oops, not a word from either one of them. I kind of thought they were Conservative since they’ve been trying to sell their little farm for over five years.

  22. jane8888 says:

    So glad to find your site and read its sensibilities. As a lesbian whose partner is also conservative, it is difficult for others to understand that the term “lesbian-conservative” is not an oxymoron. We are just out for the greater good for our country; we aren’t selfish.

    I’ve been with my partner for twelve years, and we don’t perseverate about getting married. We do, however, know that more government means less rights for everyone. Everyone.

    • very opinionated says:

      Hi Jane8888, i am glad that you found this site, and welcome.

    • Hi Jane, glad you stumbled upon TLC. Ain’t it amazing that such supposedly smart liberals out there can only relate to us as if we were nothing more than two-dimensional stereotypes. They can’t seem to grasp that sexual orientation is simply sexual orientation.


    • Perry Palmer says:

      Welcome, Jane eighty-eighty-eighty eight. You are right, we aren’t selfish. Obama has us divided (the country) down to the last difference; so much for the melting pot. The melting muffin tin is more like it. I believe Obama is exploiting gays only for political gain. If he wins, after the election, he will lower the boom. Muslims don’t really like gays.

    • AtlanticGirl says:

      jane you are a rarity for certain. I’ve often said – to death glares – that there are far more important issues in the world, in the this country, today than gay marriage. If we continue down the path we are on, a marriage certificate with be as worthless as the dollar bill in the looming economic collapse.

  23. Wisebeyond says:

    Perry… I remember back in the day when I thought she stayed with her poor excuse of a husband for the good of the country… I almost admired her for her choice. It is clear to me that she did it because of her poor judgement ! I can’t figure out exactly when she started hating America so much. My prayer for her is that she is so tired she can’t do another thing for the rest of her life. Maybe she even forgets to vote ?

  24. Perry Palmer says:

    Hillary Clinton has messed up big time with her lies over the terrorist attacks, but I’m sure she’s ready to punch Obama for dumping everything on her. I’ll bet she can’t get out of this administration fast enough.

  25. Wisebeyond says:

    Jimmy Carter was running close to Ronald Reagan … The pool takers want Obama to win… So they poll every mirror they walk past!

  26. very opinionated says:

    Ya know.. these latest polls show Obama up.. now how in the hell can that be? Just doesn’t make any sense. I really do hope that in November that it’s turns a 180 degrees for Romney!!

    • AtlanticGirl says:

      Rigged…just as I’m afraid the election may be. So much evidence for voter fraud out there. And I’m certain that Obitler will not let to chance something as important as another 4 years of ruling.

  27. wisebeyond says:

    Is there any body out there who can explain why this guy gets a pass on the price of gas per gallon? Lets say you are a big dumb dummy and haven’t noticed that your grocery bill has just about doubled… your household income shrunk about 11%… 2 out of every 10 people you know are under employeed or unemployed… the fact that our credit rating as a country has been down graded twice since your guy took office… or that you handed over your personal responsibility to your grandchild (that may or may not have been born yet) … maybe I get it… maybe you can’t face what you have done to your own family … but geeze aren’t you just about as pissed as a person can be once a week when you fill your tank?

    • I can’t imagine they’re all driving hybrids, electric cars, or peddling to work each day. I think it’s ‘the frog in warm water’ phenomenon–unless prices dramatically jump in a very short period of time, people are less likely to feel the burn.

  28. Perry Palmer says:

    Everyone should take a look at this:
    “The Obama You Don’t Know”, from the Washington Examiner. Michelle Obama stood at that convention and lied, lied, lied about how Barack would drive up to get her in a rusted-out car and other “facts”. BALONY! How this man can be ahead in the polls is beyond me. More lies, I think.

    • Thanks, Perry. This was featured on Bret Baier’s Fox program last night. They ran a good bit of it and they also highlighted Moochelle’s convention comments against the realities pointed out in the video. This guy a total manufactured fraud. But the Left could care less–as long as their guys/gals parrot the ideology, they just don’t see the problem.

  29. JAC says:

    I keep telling my gay friends that they are being used by obama and his radical administration. They are useful tools / idiots. They have know idea what I am talking about. America is being set-up from within. The middle east is just kabucki theatre compliments of the elites / nwo.

    • Perry Palmer says:

      I have said that this administration has exploited the gays and, since Muslims HATE gays, now they have more than a toehold in the USA they will toss the gays under the bus before long. This is your Obama, you gullible, Liberal gay tribe! You’re ruining it for all of us!

      • AtlanticGirl says:

        You both are so right. I wish others could wake up to these facts. What astounds me is the is shear unwillingness of liberals to even hear facts. Even one mild, sincere opposing question of Obama yields venomous responses. They act as if you just insulted their dying grandmother.

        I’m finding it impossible to have a friendly conversation regarding Obamao. I do not comprehend the blinding loyalty some seem to have. It’s freakish. Even an innocent joke lost me a friend. And it was funny! LOL.

  30. Perry Palmer says:

    I have given up on watching anything Mitt Romney says in a video because not only do the Liberals try to destroy him, the Republicans are so negative, too, that I’m sick of hearing it. Republicans are making Mitt walk such a straight line with anything he says while Obama has free rein to spout off, spend his time with The Pimp With A Limp, Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Dave Letterman while the Mid East burns. It is just shocking. It’s getting obvious that the conservative politicians and even those on Fox News, you know who you are, must want Obama back in the White House. Give the Mitt man some support, you hypocrites! Over analyzing can be paralyzing! They don’t analyze Obama’s every word.
    I used to think Bill Kristol had some brains, but I believe he’s on Obama’s side at this point.

    • It seems conservatives are so very good at backbiting and self-destructive ideological perfectionism. They think they’re so very politically savvy yet they still haven’t figured out how to carve out a winning niche in an America that no longer resembles 1980.

    • And just to add another observation…why we even give these talking heads the kind of exposure that we do is puzzling. Who are these people that we hang on their every word and look to them to vindicate our side and vanquish the other? They simply provide content to all the talking head programs on cable and on the networks on Sunday morning. Most of these chumps, whether conservative or liberal, are no more qualified to make great pronouncements on political affairs than the rest of us.

      We place too much stock in these jerks and jerkettes.

  31. Rainbow Republican says:

    The Rainbow Republican Rant:

    What should open our eyes about the ineptness of this administration is the stark reality of the events over the last week. Most news channels aired that an idiot U-Tube clip incited the murder and mayhem in the Middle East, Europe, Australia, and several other countries that showed fanatics attacking our US embassies abroad. If this is what the administration is standing on, they either have absolutely no clue about the resolve of the war declared against America or it is calculated.

    Any reasonable person would question the gross lack of security around our embassies on 9/11. My sadness and prayers to American citizens in these countries gave their lives for each of us. Then my disgust in a government rises up because the policies of appeasement left our citizens on the front line to be killed like lambs lead to slaughter. The president slept, declined a meeting with Netanyahu, and campaigned while our embassi
    es were attacked (which, by the way is an act of war), a US Ambassador was murdered and drug through the streets and 3 others were killed. While other US embassies were attacked, the president continued his campaign … “While Rome burns, Nero fiddles.”

    From all the news that splashed across TV and the internet and as a reasonable person, I believe that the fanatic outrage was a calculated and planned attack. It is far too convenient and naïve to think that the simple trailer of a stupid movie clip could have caused such devastation in a short window of time over several countries in about the same time. I saw and heard the chants in the streets, “Obama, we are all Osama!” IF this administration wants to point the finger, I would suggest looking at what was said MANY times during the Dem convention, “Osama is dead, GM is alive!”

    The fanatical terrorists will not stop and this administration fails to understand the dynamic of the religious war that the extremists are engaged in. These cowards use their own people (women and children). They strap a bomb on them and sends them into areas where Americans are present. They infiltrate into the American and NATO ranks only to kill them.

    While the panderer-in-chief is too busy to attend intelligence briefings, stand with Israel, he has the nerve to say that Romney lacks foreign policy experience. To this voter, obuttma has demonstrated over the last three and a half years that his “experience” not only jeopardizes our national security but jeopardizes the very existence of Israel and the relationships that we share with long-time allies. The fanatics are exploiting the weakness they perceive from this appeasement administration … just like they did under Carter. God bless and protect our citizens abroad because this administration can talk the talk … but fails miserably at walking the walk!

    • Great rant and great points! You have to wonder what it will take for corporate media and the Obama groupies to begin to question this incompetent fake and his appeasement policies.

      And now that the word is leaking out about Chris Stevens being gay, the media and the gay ‘news’ sites are doing all they can to either ignore or deny.

      Sorry, Chris, your gay community is throwing you under the Obama bus.

  32. very opinionated says:

    The Millitary Vote! Gee i wonder why Obama doesn’t want them to vote.. umm.. i think he thought if he repealed DADT he would get the millitary vote, but now it doesn’t seem that way.

    Here’s the article that i read from the Washington Times…..

    • Yeah, being on the front lines sort of gives you a difference perspective from those who have nice comfortable lives back home. The beltway and academia, havens for the professional kibitzer.

  33. jac says:

    Totally agree. I swear, the more I watch Clint at the RNC, I realize just how brilliant it was. It was a calculated performance done to a tee!!! The best was Rachel Madcow’s reaction to it. LOL! The entire MS (NBC) panel of pathetics were Eastwooded!

  34. Perry Palmer says:

    We all must get out to watch Clint Eastwood’s new movie to support him after his fantastic skewering of Obama at the Republican Convention. Breitbart has an article wondering if it hurt our boy Clint.
    Let’s go! Go, Mitt!

  35. very opinionated says:

    Anybody want to sign the Conservative Declaration? I just did… so if you do just click on this link..

  36. very opinionated says:

    Just throwing this out there.. does anyone know how to get rid of the promotion of Homosexuality in public schools? Sorry i am just a big advocate to get rid of “the coming out when you are a teenager phase.” Any suggestions anyone?

    • That’s really a local community issue. But more public exposure of just what many of these so-called LGBT ‘clubs’ are all about and what the so-called ‘gay positive’ curriculum contains is one way to get people smarter.

      Tolerance should never be equated with indoctrination.

  37. Perry Palmer says:

    I laughed out loud over this one. 😀

  38. Perry Palmer says:

    Well, it AIN’T Johnny Cash, but it will do! 😀

    • Perry Palmer says:

      Rats, I meant to say, Roy Orbison, but the man singing sounds more like Johnny Cash, in the shower eating popcorn. 😀

  39. wisebeyond says:
    Oh Please November get here… lets make some sense of where we are heading with the teachers leading the way. Can we fire them like we can the President?

    • At least the local media is picking up these stories–that’s a good sign. And the fact that the little girl and her brother were Black also helped. But you’re right—the teachers’ unions have got to go.

  40. Perry Palmer says:

    Sour puss, sour grapes, diesel dyke. Rachel must know Paul Ryan was a fabulous pick, full of class, sophistication, intelligence and family values; not celebrity-pandering and will not be seduced by the trapping of running the country. Two adults! Not two frat boys on a lark. Those Liberals are such a jealous bunch! Yippy! We look great!

    • So are so funny and oh so right. Ryan scares them–like you said, intelligent, experienced, and knows his stuff. Two frat boys really does say it all.

      This ain’t your McCain campaign!

  41. Perry Palmer says:

    There is so much evil coming from the gays, even I’m afraid. Jane Lynch had decided to add her two cents. Talk about burning bridges! When will Ellen get on the bandwagon, or will she have more sense? Oh, I guess this whole thing stems from when Penney’s hired her as spokesperson and the Chick Fil A fellow commented that he was for traditional marriage. For heaven’s sake, don’t have an opinion! The poor bakery in Lakewood, Colorado has really been getting the demonstrations. It’s just embarrassing. There is going to be a hetero uprising like none we’ve ever seen, and I don’t blame them.

    • very opinionated says:

      I wouldn’t blame heteros for uprising either Perry. I just hope that it doesn’t end up like the 1950’s ans 1960’s where being queer was having a mental disorder!

      Also, i hope that Ellen has some commonsense not to join the bandwagon.

    • I think what will ultimately decide all of this is the science of epigenetics. It will be science and the medical treatments coming out of it that in a generation or two could make homosexuality and all the gender confusion/delusion issues non-existent. And all the cultural craziness that we’re experiencing will have been for naught.

      As we rip our society apart over things like gay marriage and transgender pretenses, turning our culture inside out to accommodate us outliers of humanity, I think we could very possibly end up right back where we started with regard to queer and gender-related issues in the not too distant future.

      Queers who are hiding behind science to state their political case may one day find that the science will turn on them. For if indeed the cause of homosexuality is physical, that is chemical or genetic, and not simply a behavioral matter, then there are chemical/biologic triggers that cause it and those can be identified and modified. Could we get to a day when pregnant women would be routinely tested for the chemical imbalance or genetic marker that causes homosexuality or gender problems? Could we one day get to the point where there would be no more gay people?

      Just some thoughts for tonight….

  42. Perry Palmer says:

    It’s been so hectic that I haven’t had time to let everyone know that, on Thursday morning, I saw the next President of the United States, Mitt the Man, at the Jefferson County Fairground near Denver. He was on his way to Aspen for a governor’s conference. He DIDN’T use ANY Teleprompters. He was so cool. The place was absolutely packed; although one fool brought a dog. Go, Mitt, Go!

  43. veryopinionated25 says:

    Haven’t been here i awhile. Now as for the Chick-Fill A controversy, I don’t see a probablem with it. I thing that the gay-left needs to back off and let Cathy and his family owned business have his beliefs. He didn’t say that he was against gay-marriage, he just said that he believes in the bible’s definition of marriage..that’s all!

    • The tactic now is to link the opposition to same-sex marriage with HATE. This means no discussion, no differences of opinion tolerated. It’s the same as the RACIST meme. It’s used to shut people up.

      For if the national media really had an open discussion of just what so much of the so-called gay lifestyle is all about and really took a hard look at what goes on–there would be groundswell support to put homosexuality back into the DSM.

      • very opinionated says:

        Yeah i agree, and i really don’t think they want that! I am so glad that homosexuality is not on the list of mental illness anymore. However i believe the gay-left needs to be on a similar list.
        And thanks for the gay history lesson. Also isn’t that what the whole gay-movement was all about is to live life without persecution from government?

      • veryopinionated25 says:

        When i was young, i thought you had to be a liberal in order to be gay, however i really never felt that i wanted to live like that. I have always wanted to live normally and privately.. that’s all.

  44. wisebeyond says:

    This should scare EVERY American… Spending 1 hr watching this is the very least we can do… Agenda 21… read… watch… and repeat the message to anyone who will listen… we are being thrown into One World Government LOCALLY.

  45. Perry Palmer says:

    I think the “Newer Comments” link is so obscure, people can’t see that there is more to check out. We haven’t heard from the regulars!

    • Paula says:

      Perry, I just found it (New Comments link) by accident before I saw yours.
      This “forum” is a bit awkward to follow.

  46. Perry Palmer says:

    On August 1, my sister, her husband and mother-in-law, she’s 92, and I are all going to Chick fil A and have something AND I’d better not not see a Muppet, Kermit!

    • Great, Perry. I hope their CEO holds fast and doesn’t cave. And they need slap Chicago, Boston, and any other location that attempts to stop them from doing business, if big time lawsuits.

  47. Perry Palmer says:

    A young 2008 Obama supporter interviews herself in 2012. I laughed out loud.

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