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318 Responses to Public Forum

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    I may regret this. I sent an email to the Jim Henson Company about them removing their Muppets from Chick Fil A and told them they are extortionists the same as the Liberal gays and main-stream media. AND I used my real name. I hope I have a house after this.

    • Good for you, Perry.

      Don’t worry, they’ll probably just delete your email–these folks think that people like us don’t matter. Well, come November, they’re gona find out that indeed we do.

      • Kerry says:

        Can I just tell you how incredibly refreshing it was to find your site? I am a conservative straight happily married woman to my conservative husband for 7 years raising our 4 year old twin daughters and in the process of adopting. We are owners of a Chick-fil-A in a small town in Arkansas, independent business owners in business with Chick-fil-A. Many people don’t understand how CFA operates. Prior to owning our restaurant my husband was a helicopter pilot in the Marine Corps for 10 years. After 3 deployments to Iraq we started pursuing other career opportunities which led my husband back to CFA. He worked there in high school. We are Christians but certainly don’t participate in spewing hate to the other side. While I would like to protect the sanctity of “marriage” as a relationship between a man and a woman because as a Christian that is way I believe the Lord intended, I still respect my fellow gay and lesbian Americans and have no qualms with them having rights. But good grief, these people *almost convinced me I was a bigot,a hater. and whatever cuss word they want to call me for merely believing that until I found your site. So thank you for helping me to see how big of an agenda they have and that feeling like they are shoving it down our throats is exactly what they are doing. Also for seeing that it is possible to still love and respect our fellow gay and lesbian Americans but still want to keep them from redefining a marriage.

        Also, in regards to the toys in the kids meal since I have inside information…the toys were recalled for safety concerns. We received many complaints to our customer care line (bc we actually really care about the customer experience) and made the decision to recall them. Unfortunately, we are a very large organization so the department that made that decision to recall wasn’t communicating with other departments dealing with Jim Henson
        Company and their decision, therefore the timing was an unfortunate coincidence. Honestly it was a damned if you do,damned if you don’t situation. But I know the Cathy family and they are some of the most loving people and I assure you they don’t hate anyone either. And for the record if CFA was really in the business of solely being about profit then we would be open on Sundays.

        Lastly the boycotts in our town have proved to be quite the opposite. We are bringing in almost $2000 more dollars per day. We are getting phone calls from some good ol’ country boys angry after watching the news. They let us know that any govt official trying to prevent a business from opening up in their city bc they have their political agenda (to get re-elected of course) is a violation and they are going to come out and support us. So on one hand I am outraged by these anti-American govt officials like Menino and Emanual bc the former Marine Corps wife in me knows the sacrifice that comes with protecting our 1st ammendment right. Then again, they have started to wake a sleeping giant…people who have had the gay agenda shoved down their throats and though they don’t agree have remained somewhat silent. I hope this momentum continues through November…Lord help us if we don’t get Romney in the office! Again, thanks for your site, I will be adding it to my blog roll.

        • Hi Kerry,

          Thank you so much for your comments. How great to hear from someone who is actually on the firing line of all the gay bigotry and hate that is being hurled at good hard-working people.

          I agree with you—I think the attacks against Chick-fil-A have been a bridge too far for the gay guerrillas and have only served to empower more folks to step off the sidelines and take a public stand against this type of nasty witch-hunting. So glad to hear that the franchise you and your husband own is thriving—just goes to show that we can indeed turn the tables on the gay goon squads.

          Wishing you and your husband all the best with your business.

          • Perry Palmer says:

            Welcome, Kerry! I’ve been gay since I can remember; now I’m 66 years old. I’m also a conservative who is so sick of the gay “Liberals” (a true misnomer) that I’m ready to gag. I’m going to Chick Fil A on Wednesday and have something. I do not believe in gay “marriage”. In the 60s and 70s we who were gay, were gay, not LGBT. The Bs and the Ts were added by Liberals who wanted to start dividing the gays. Liberals divide everyone and it works. Now everyone hates everyone else. I hate the gay Liberals. See, it works!
            Wisebeyond is correct! I don’t want anyone to assume I’m a filthy Liberal.

            I have an identical twin sister. Your daughters will always have a friend. 🙂

            • Kerry says:

              Thanks for the welcome everyone! I love hearing from other twins! My girls get along so well and I am truly thankful they will have each other. I always wanted a sister so it brings me joy to see their relationship and how close they are to each other.

              • Paula says:

                Kerry — Very cool you found this blog and posted here your experience.
                I am a twin! Not identical, and nothing about us is similar. I even doubt she’s anything related to me, we are so different.

                Hey Perry, I love ya!

          • Leigh duPriest says:

            I find your comments (and Perry’s) interesting. I do not believe that you are a lesbian. I also don’t believe that Perry is gay.

            • Can’t speak for Perry, but I am indeed a lesbian. Blows the Lefty narrative, doesn’t it? And with all that has been going on in our country lately, you would think you’d have other topics of concern other than gay marriage and squashing any and all opposition to it. Move on.

              • Perry Palmer says:

                Re: Leigh duPriest: I remember when we were all “gay”, but Liberals divided that, too (GLBTQ xyz are all on our bus, you can just get off!). We all got along, but Liberals took care of that. Labeling everyone and everything. Leigh duPriest will never know the really great times of the secret society we had. Now Liberals just want to rub everyone’s nose in it. Thanks, Libs, you ruined a wonderful thing.

                • Hi Perry…this person has responded with additional comments but I’m blocking her/him. She/he is not spewing their Leftwing BS here. With the country awash in barbarism, this idiot still has its head up its butt.

        • wisebeyond says:

          Welcome Kerry,
          Not that I should speak for everyone here… but maybe just this once… Thank you for your family’s service to our great country. Thank you also for loving God out loud! We will all be doing what we can to squash the Gay and Lesbian myopic adgenda. I remember feeling a little uncomfortable when I would tell people that I was a lesbian… back in the day. These days I am feeling mortified that people assume I am liberal.

    • wisebeyond says:

      Perry… we should never be afraid of using our voice… and our name added to any message we stand behind. It makes it real… ! I was wondering how many Gays actually watch the muppets? If those #’s are large… could that be the problem?

  2. Paula says:

    With all due respect, I may be one person who would sit out the BHO campaign appearance in Aurora. I can’t think of anything he could say that would warm my heart, nor comfort me. I’m thinking Ann Romney’s arm around me would be nice, if I were unfortunate enough to be involved.

    RIP, and hope for full recovery of all afflicted by the tragedy.

  3. very opinionated says:

    This is assuming that Romney gets in the White House and I sure hope he does….

    After Romney gets in the White House, i believe that we need another election after his 1 term is done, or we need to hold hids feret to the fire and let him know who’s he works for to begin with.. It’s still “WE THE PEOPLE” right?

  4. Perry Palmer says:

    This absolute gem from Wheel of Fortune’s, Pat Sajak concerning Obama’s, “you didn’t build that…”, gaffe. I am grateful that there are a few Hollywood-types who are not totally insane. Thank, Pat!

    “It’s as if President Obama climbed into a tank, put on his helmet, talked about how his foray into Cambodia was seared in his memory, looked at his watch, misspelled “potato” and pardoned Richard Nixon all in the same day. It’s fun to imagine the hand-wringing that must be going on within the White House as staffers try to figure out how to undo the damage their boss has done with his anti-entrepenurial riff. Defining moments in politics are strange beasts. Sometimes they’re only recognized in hindsight, while sometimes they throw the train off the tracks before a sentence has been completed. Sometimes their effect can be contained and minimized, while sometimes their effect on the political narrative mestastasizes. This one is very bad for the White House.

    “These defining moments take hold most devastatingly when they confirm what a large portion of the electorate already believes. Taken alone, it seems unfair that a single moment, an unguarded remark or a slip of the tongue can carry such weight. They’re often dismissed as “gotcha” moments, but when voters are able to nod and say, “I knew it,” these moments stick and do terrible damage. We have witnessed such a moment.”

  5. Perry Palmer says:

    We’ve had enough pain in Colorado. We’ve been in the headlines too much. 😦

  6. Perry Palmer says:

    With the exception of the glorious music, this sad slide show indicates our eventual demise if we take the course Argentina took in the last century.

  7. Perry Palmer says:

    Why can’t Liberals get it into their heads? Not everyone is going to like you. Mrs. Pitt can have her opinion the same as those flapped-jawed Liberals. If someone doesn’t like me because I’m gay, SO WHAT!! It doesn’t make them a bigot. I might not like them because they wear a goatee, or their pants are around their ankles. You can’t like everybody and everybody isn’t going to like you.
    Jane Pitt…my she-ro. I’ll bet Angie will agree with me. 😀

  8. Vivian McAlexander says:

    Why is it the so-called liberal left is so illiberal? Narrow minded and even hostile? Lefty lesbians are terrible to their Conservative sisters. I know first hand how hateful lef wing girls are… I have been flamed by lesbians because I am a lesbian registered as a Republican, raised on Reagan, John Wayne movies, and I believe in God, guns, and country. I cancelled my sub to Curve magazine years ago because they published an article calling Republican lesbians snobs, and really downgraded us.

    I am a lone conservative lesbian, 53, stuck in a Democrat nanny state. Looking for like-minded lesbians my age bracket to communicate with! My name is Vivian, love Rush Limbaugh, Suzi Quatro, Barbara Stanwyck, motorcycles, American cars & trucks,, 3 Stooges, building & restoring electric guitars, crosswords, Scrabble, and more. I believe in God, but not into religion, though I love the Mormon people. If you’re a lesbian Mormon, I would love to hear from you! I am a non-practicing Catholic. Live free or die! (Sorry about typos).

    [If you would like to exchange emails with Vivian, just contact TLC and I’ll forward her email address to you]

    • Hey, Vivian. Welcome. Hope you get the opportunity to connect with other conservative lesbians here. There are some pretty nifty women who stop on by TLC.

    • Perry Palmer says:

      Vivian…now there’s a good name. I have been saying “Liberal” is a misnomer for a long time. I sure won’t put a Romney sticker on my car or wear a pin; those Libs would clean the floor with me. No wonder they call everyone a bigot; it takes one to know one.
      I LOVE Barbara Stanwyck.
      I’m glad you found this site. 😀

    • wisebeyond says:

      Vivian… you had me till the stooges! lol (having 7 brothers I didn’t need anyone teaching them ‘new stuff’) I hope you enjoy the site and return with more insite!!! I myself hope to return after my big move… I enjoy reading but don’t always find the time to writethese days.

  9. Perry Palmer says:
    Sharing the wealth…of music!
    Here’s a little toe-tapper from a western Colorado woman. She says it all in a song she’s written.

  10. Bryan says:

    I am right out of central casting…born in CT, white, upper middle class, Christian, and Republican. However, At 37 years old my perspective about this issue (and all gay issues) is wide open. I applaud the team that writes and manages this blog. It took real courage to A.) come out of the closet online B.) Take a unique stand politically.
    Keep it up, and if you EVER need a former college Republican leader and Presidential campaign worker to help out here….hit me up ANYTIME!

  11. jac says:

    In Chicago, I am embarrassed by a lot of gay men. Gay pride parade and Halsted Street Days have become a cess pool for bad behavior in boys town. As a lesbian, I sometimes cringe at some of the gay women who try to act exactly like these boys town tramps. The flipping off of Reagan at the WH just shows how much growing up these people need to do. They want to be called out as special and then act like this?? They are NOT my leaders in the community.

    • “They are NOT my leaders in the community.”

      I second that!

    • Perry Palmer says:

      Lay low, have a life!

      • I think I disagree with you on this one, Perry. Laying low is what too many conservative lesbians have done for way too long. I think it’s time for us to be vocal and visible. Time for us to create our own non-profits geared toward presenting a very different image of gays and lesbians to the world at large.

        We need to break that Democrat plantation image that conservatives, and the rest of America, have of gays. And I believe that we can be a crucial element in the struggle to take back our country from the likes of the Sandra Flukes and the Nancy Pelosis.

        The Left counts on us laying low and keeping quiet. And I did just that for too many years. I guess this blog is my way of making up for lost time.

        Sorry for the semi-rant.

        • wisebeyond says:

          Perry, I am in the boat with LO, I can count on two hands and feet how many ‘friends’ I have removed from speed dial. I will stand up to anyone who voices their opinions about Gays, Government and all other myths. They need someone to show them another picture… someone to tell them the real truth… and why they should at least listen.

        • very opinionated says:

          I agree and diagree with you. I can understand if you are out and conservative then No you shouldn’t lay low, but if you are out about being consevative but still in the closet then yes stay low.. but that is just me and my two cents worth:)

        • Perry Palmer says:

          Most people don’t want to hear about another’s sexuality. I sure don’t. It’s enough that I’m a Conservative and I know two other Conservative lesbians. That would hardly make a club. But one comforting thing is that it’s almost like the gay world of the past, i.e. I have a secret.

          Sandra Fluke hitting us over the head with her, “Pay for my screwing!” routine, is rubbing my nose in her sexuality. It makes me gag. How many more ways can we divide American citizens?
          Mary Cheney is a good example. “Discretion is the better part of valor”, and sophisticated people appreciate it.

          When do the Conservative lesbians become activists who sound too much like militants who sound too much like Liberals?

          Take a look at Hollywood conservatives. You know they are there, but do you think you’ll hear from them? I appreciate that; they could be on their pedestal like Barbra Streisand, George Clooney or Michael Moore, preaching how tolerant they are and how much sense the Occupiers make.

          I have a group of straight friends and a group of gay friends. More of my straight friends know that I’m gay than the gay friends know that I’m a Conservative. What does that say about tolerance?

          I’ll be 66 next month; I am the first year of the Baby Boomers and I’ve seen how gays have gone from being relatively classy to disgustingly crude.

          No, I’ll just hang around with other Conservatives, gay or straight, and be happy.

          • I see your point, Perry. I still believe though that it’s possible to be an openly conservative lesbian without being an activist or shoving ones sexuality at other people.

            Your example of Mary Cheney is a good one—she’s living her life but she’s definitely not laying low. Her sexual orientation and her conservative politics are known to all and sundry. She’s not shoving anything at anybody. But by virtue of being OUT, some would consider that in and of itself tantamount to flaunting her lesbian sexuality.

            And there are all kinds of activists. Just by my authoring this blog and sharing my point of view on social/political issues as a lesbian makes me an activist of sorts. And women like yourself, who take the time to graciously post their comments and opinions are also serving as activists. We offer straight conservatives and the liberal gays who lurk here an alternative view of the lesbian community. I think that’s radically fantastic.

            I guess it’s a matter of degree, with women choosing the level of openness that they’re comfortable with. But to totally abandon the public stage and leave the Left-wing gay gestapo to be the defining arbiter of all our destinies…nah, I can’t go along with that.

            Just my thoughts…

    • veryopinionated25 says:

      Would Mary Cheney be a good leader for gays and lesbians?? Just a thought.

  12. Perry Palmer says:

    From FoxNews, paraphrasing:
    Matty Hart defended his gesture (flipping the bird at Ronald Reagan’s portrait) in the Philadelphia Magazine article. “Ronald Reagan has blood on his hands,” he said. “The man was in the White House as AIDS exploded.”

    Read more:

    Everyone knows that most men will screw a snake if someone will hold it, but gay men, who passed around AIDS may consider it their own fault, not Ronald Reagan’s. Old Matty has a point, but if he wears a hat, no one will notice.

    • Yes, the AIDS epidemic was everyone else’s fault except for the very men whose behavior caused it in the first place. HIV didn’t creep through the gay men’s community, it flashed through it like a wild fire. Why? Because the gay cock culture and its rampant promiscuity creates an incestuous swamp of venereal disease, putting any man who sexually indulges in it at high risk.

      Bath houses, public bathrooms, public parks, public beaches, alley ways—and then the monthly trip to the clinic to see if dickhead has caught anything nasty. Yep, that’s a real life. But we can’t blame these poor gay men–it was Reagan’s fault, it was the Right-wingers fault, it was all that homophobia’s fault.

      My god, there is something terribly wrong with gay men’s culture. When are we finally going to acknowledge that.

      • wisebeyond says:

        Point to others… for everything… what in the world are they ever going to take blame for?

      • veryopinionated25 says:

        I really don’t understand how gay guys can do that.. I mean have some self respect! I also don’t understand when they are newly out they flaunt themselves? Just don’t get it.

  13. Perry Palmer says:

    This is hilarious I believe Obama is getting more paranoid. The Secret Service removed all the knives and forks from the tables at a talk to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials. Why can’t the Hispanics see through this? He’s a profiling racist!

  14. wisebeyond says:

    CBS Seattle headline…’people who believe in “Heaven” commit more crimes… Question I want to ask… Does Holder believe in Heaven? How about his boss??
    I actually sat through the ‘other news’ this morning…Sandusky, Health Care, Storm brewing in the Gulf, Melissa Harris-Perry spoke for several minutes without a clear topic… Not a word about Fast and Furious.

    • Perry Palmer says:

      “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” Isaiah 5:20
      I’m sure no authority on the Bible, but I keep hearing this.

    • The media always highlight the so-called research studies that support their godless marxist utopia. There’s lots of other research out there that show the opposite.

      They’re such blatant propaganda outlets, aren’t they? The cops could be perp-walking Obama to prison and these jokers would pretend he was only on vacation.

  15. Perry Palmer says:

    You know this woman is doing this because she’s gay, not because she had a double mastectomy.
    All this exhibitionism is what I hate. And the Liberals are so good at it.

    • wisebeyond says:

      I had the same response … in addition to that I feel incredible sadness for the women who suffered their own cancer and who had the same surgery… then to have this woman put herself on display… I can’t wait to hear a story about a gay person who see’s anything other than themselves.

    • And all the groveling by the recreational bureaucrats, all the apologies and cow-towing, the creation of a special task force made up of cancer survivors to create a specially inclusion policy. It’s absolutely nauseating.

  16. Perry… Do u ever wish that some things u wish u didn’t know about ??? This is one of those times… I have faith.. Sometimes I wish I
    Could give some of it to these people… I believe they wouldn’t do it knowing HE was watching… And hurting HIM is what keeps the rest of us from doing things like that.

  17. Perry Palmer says:

    This is so shameful. No wonder I lay low and keep my mouth shut. What great representation gay people have. Why don’t they move to Cuba where they can have everything they’ve ever wanted?

    • The self-appointed Lefty ‘leaders’ of the gay ghetto from Philly. Typical inhabitants of that incestuous swamp of progressive victim breeders. Both Hart and Strauss live off of the grant and tax-dollar supported non-profit plantation. And Strauss’ so-called photographic talent is an excellent example of how mediocrity is raised to the status of ‘art’ simply because it’s wrapped in Lefty ideology.

      And for what’s it’s worth, I sent an email to Solutions for Progress voicing my disgust with their employee, Matthew Hart. Unprofessional and nasty goods that he is. Their email is: Feel free to drop them a line.

  18. Not sure how you really feel! Lol

  19. Perry Palmer says:

    This brought me joy. Hollywood may be regretting the Celebrity in Chief. Maybe the money tap is running dry. Boo hoo.

    • We’re on the same wavelength here, Perry–I just read the article.

      Gee, even the plastic people of Hollywood see the PR disaster in the making. Yep, Obama, man of the common folk, sitting down to dinner with the celebrity elite at $45k a plate, and oh yes, with two lucky schmucks from the common class who won the chance to hobnob with their betters.

  20. Perry, all of the liberal moments are “tender” … That is when they a not “green” moments

  21. wisebeyond says:

    I have to believe women are tired of being manipulated. Believing that SGK is losing sponsers/donations for any reason other than their commitment to the abortion mills is a very far stretch. My personal donations have stopped as well as my friends and family … SGK’s connection to Planned Parenthood is disturbing at the very least…lets not forget that the mills will abort girl babies on demand! If SGK has money to spare they should let us know to stop donations. RESEARCH…. RESEARCH… RESEARCH

    • Perry Palmer says:

      The conclusion I’ve come to is, no matter which way you look at the social issues, it boils down to sex. Abortion means that someone is having sex and we sure don’t want to curtail anyone’s right to have sex. Mind-numbing sex. Even though there is birth control available which makes sex, sex, sex a true sport, sport, sport; since scoring seems to be the whole point. Women’s sexual appetite seems to rival men’s in this day and age. Because there are no consequences, due to birth control (which pro-abortionists use sometimes and sometimes don’t, a little ol’ abortion is only a little ol’ fetus, and not human. It’s only semantics after all!) women have become so mannish, so hard and just plain perverted. Women think they’ve FINALLY have what men have; out-of-control sex. What a prize that is!
      I DO NOT support loose women with round heels, nor do I want to pay for their birth control. Self-control is so much more important.

      • Sex as sport. Yep, that about wraps up our culture in three little words. Women living like, dare I say it, SLUTS. Limbaugh was right.

        • wisebeyond says:

          What was all that nonsense with Rush Limbaugh??? I’m thinking… If I get infront of a room full of people with a microphone in front of my face… telling all the world that I am having so much sex that I can’t afford it…!!! I think I am fair game for any thing that will result from that disclosure. Rush Limbaugh … like the rest of us… had an opinion… he had an opinion BECAUSE she was asking for money!!! His money… our money… Perhaps she needs a rich boyfriend … not a victim-loving-society!!!

          • I am Woman, hear me roar! Meow.

            Woman as pathetic gender victim needing big daddy government to cut her a check because she can’t finance her own fucking. Sad to say, but the feminist movement has turned too many women into out and out pussies, both financially and sexually.

            • Lesbianoutsider I wholehearily agree.
              It is actually despicable to me how low we have set the bar for our young daughters and sisters. I was appalled when this story broke. I just knew when mr Limbaugh spoke out, the left would be chomping at the bit to hit the airwaves with accusations of bigotry. Within moments Msnbc took the conversation through so many left turns the entire discussion ended up on the corner of Haight and Ashbury. It is a sad sad day when the larger public accepts as standard procedure that the Nanny state must provide for a womans random sexual proclivities.
              I feel so disheartened sometimes that more than half the country has completely lost it’s moral compass.

              • It has been a creeping cultural corruption, and yes, very sad. But I am made hopeful by the proliferation of conservative women’s groups and organizations that are cropping up everywhere. We have a lot to thank Obama for—his election and his subsequent progressive agendas have helped to galvanize conservative energy. There are many more healthy role models for our girls today.

                The female voices on the Left have lost a lot of their clout and are very much on the defensive—Planned Parenthood is a good example. Their evil agendas may continue with the help of the media but there is definite change in the air.

                • veryopinionated25 says:

                  I agree with you lesbianoutsider. There is deffenitly change coming. Take your blog for example.. I have noticed more straight, lesbian, and gay conservative women blogs in the past 3 to 4 years than ever! Thanks Obama!

    • Perry Palmer says:

      Found on the blog at The Blaze:
      Save some breasts, kill a baby. What a lovely thought. A tender, liberal moment.

    • I saw that too–sponsors down by 38%. I still can’t figure out how they can legitimately justify giving a dime to PP–which doesn’t offer breast exams or mammograms–it’s all about birth control and abortions. And how amazing that this outfit could intimate a donor into forcing them to fork over the money. It’s obvious that none of it is about breast cancer–its all about keeping up the front that PP is mainstream and those who oppose it are fringe. And of course, it’s also about the money.

      Thanks for posting this.

  22. Wendy says:

    I can see them now with there hands over their ears … La la la

  23. Perry Palmer says:


    Do we really need Congress
    Now that we have a king?
    We need a new anthem
    For the country to sing…

    Soetoro, Soetoro, Soetoro the King

    The books will be balanced
    Without Congress to pay.
    Campaigns will be scuttled,
    Investigations at bay.

    We’ll have a new anthem
    The new country will sing…
    Soetoro, Soetoro, Soetoro the King

    Canonized sainthood
    Will come along soon
    The USSA will ne’er
    Walk on the moon.

    And the new anthem
    Our country will sing…
    Soetoro, Soetoro, Soetoro the King
    Soetoro, Soetoro, Soetoro the King

  24. Perry Palmer says:

    King Barack’s home country, revealed here by the Queen of the USA.
    Gosh, I wonder if the teleprompter wasn’t turned on or if Queen Michelle had a lapse. I can only assume that the Royal Family will figure out one of these days how in the world they can delete all the revealing, past Youtubes, photos and gay remarks scattered throughout the Internet.
    The moment of truth is at 0:42
    It’s interesting that the Queen is addressing the 2010 LGBT Conference. Why do the Bs and Ts think they need to be included with the Ls and Gs? Why don’t they go and ride someone else’s coattails?

    • Addressing an LGBT gathering and the first thing she talks about is HIV and getting tested? The rest of her speech is total blather. And quite frankly, as a lesbian, I’m getting sick and tired of hearing about the gay boys and all their venereal diseases.

    • Perry Palmer says:

      Now you KNOW they are guilty. I think even Bill and Hill must be cringing over this.

    • Things just keep getting worse for our academic cheese whiz president. But don’t pay attention to Fast and Furious, my fellow Americans–let’s talk about Mitt’s Mormon religion instead, shall we?

      The Democrat media is wetting its pants–could it be that their progressive president is going down for the count??

    • The Left has pushed the anti-American agenda to the point of heckling and bullying little kids….not surprising. The kids and their parents are to be congratulated for standing up for their basic rights–to show a little patriotic love for their country.

      I think these kinds of incidents show how bad things are in our culture today, but they also show that many folks have gotten damn sick of the ‘hate America’ multicultural crap.

  25. Perry Palmer says:

    Charlie Brown would be proud.

    The Libs are scrambling. Our man Mitt just rolls along, bein’ cool. Go, Mitt!

    • That’s a hoot, Perry. Good grief, indeed!

    • wisebeyond says:

      OMGosh… funny stuff Perry!

      Can you believe they dared to say that Bush started Fast and Furious? I don’t think it lingered long… but long enough.

      I have noted the difference between the Conservative VOTERS and the LIBERAL voters before… I would like to repeat myself… When one of “Ours” (Conservative Representative Congressman, Senator etc…) does something illegal, controversial etc… we vote them OUT… we don’t want them representing us. We are trying to replace our bad blood with constitutional conservatives. We even go as far as fighting against our own Republican machine to get rid of the self serving members in public office. THAT is no small task… for they are getting too rich to pay us any mind… we ARE growing though. The Liberal voters will stand right in the litter box doing everything they can to cover up their mess… “nothing to see here… move along missy”. Then the dumbass voters return them to office at the very next election. At least we are aware… at least we point the finger (now now) at them and tell them they will not have our vote. AMERICA… what the heck!??

  26. Perry Palmer says:

    Do really need this crude, double entendre coming from a president of the United States? A lot of people I know wouldn’t catch on to this little bit of classless filth. But since he was in LA, where sex is king and queen, I’m sure everyone just LOVED it.

    We need a dad in the White House, not a frat boy! GO MITT!

    • This is where O thinks his support is coming from–gays and all those who think it’s so cool to be gay-friendly. We’re IN, for now. And yes, the sexual insinuation was deliberate and scripted–to get a laugh and a nudge-nudge from his base.

      This idiot can’t run a country and all he’s good for is making unseemly gaffes that are scripted for him to entertain his Hollywood trash ‘friends’.

      • wisebeyond says:

        Glenn Beck’s viewers, I may assume safely that they are mostly Tea Partiers… filled 11 semi’s in one hour’s time yesterday… to be delivered to 11 different city’s in the end of July… maybe some of the viewers would like to join us. The 11 city’s were picked because of their laws or soon to be laws forbidding feeding homeless people food that ‘the politicians deem ‘unhealthy’ (salty) .

    • And a quick glance at the comments over at Politico about this incident–they are overwhelmingly negative. Whoever is running this incompetent’s campaign deserves our undying gratitude. Keep up the good work!

    • wisebeyond says:

      About the office of the Presidency.. I refuse to lower my expectations so as to not be disappointed. The few months remaining have me somewhat relieved to know he will be out on the road giving cpr to his former supporters… you would think the ‘smartest guy’ would still have them eating out of his hand.
      one more note:
      Mayor Bloomberg… maybe you could take a look at bath salts…? just a thought! I know there is an epidemic… of people eating popcorn and doing God knows what… and what are they actually doing after all that gulping?
      Not sure what to have for breakfast this morning… do you have time to swing by? Sure bring Michelle… I want to talk to her about cake!

      • “Mayor Bloomberg… maybe you could take a look at bath salts…? just a thought! I know there is an epidemic… of people eating popcorn and doing God knows what… and what are they actually doing after all that gulping?
        Not sure what to have for breakfast this morning… do you have time to swing by? Sure bring Michelle… I want to talk to her about cake!”

        You made my morning!

  27. Perry Palmer says:

    Celebrate Governor Walker’s re-win with Rita Hayworth, when Hollywood had real beauty AND talent. I’m sure Rita would just LOVE this compilation, I sure do!
    This will put a smile on your face!

    • When women knew how to be alluring, captivating, classy, and worldly. Unlike the trashy ‘vamps’ today who have to turn themselves and their ‘act’ into a carnival freak show to get attention.

      Great video, Perry.

  28. Perry Palmer says:

    Beefing again!
    In the 1970s, when the English language began taking frequent trips to the gutter, *ussy was a favorite demeaning word of the decade. Of course it was an insult to a woman’s anatomy meant for men, aren’t most words for demeaning men? Since many people objected, *ussy was cleaned up to “wussy”, which isn’t much better in my eyes, I mean ears.

    Well, in Drudge this morning, it is noted that Maureen Dowd is now making Our Dear Leader cringe (finally coming to her senses?). She mentions a new book by Democrat (what else?) Ed Rendell, “A Nation of Wusses”.

    The real war on women is insidious; from everyday language to gender selection at the neighborhood abortion clinic. Men are killing women every day and so are women. NOW does nothing, says nothing.

    It’s no wonder women are morphing into men. Survival of the manly!!!

    • I would have thought that men were morphing into women, but then again, I think the real agenda is actually to go genderless or gender-free—another enforced fairy tale reality where we’re all ordered to troop along with a politically created farce.

  29. Perry Palmer says:

    Charles Krauthammer, my favorite intellectual, says it all when it comes to Our Dear Leader.

    • Thanks, Perry. I read this today–a great hit below the belt at Obama who is trying to portray himself as some macho militarist. How many personas is this guy gona morph into?? I hate to use this tired old expression, but Obama really is an empty suit–whatever phony face he needs to present to the public to get elected.

    • With all the gay hype, unfortunately, this kind of stuff is to be expected. When gay marriage is aggressively pushed the way it has been and used as a political football and with gay rights turning into a pride parade dick-waving extravaganza, it frightens people and they resort to (not hate speech) but fear speech.

      • Perry Palmer says:

        I have to tell you, when we gays were young, in the ’60s and ’70s and had our own secret society, things were really wonderful. I hated when people started outing themselves and others. This has become a mess of gays who want more rights than anyone else. No one wants to be hit over the head with others’ sexuality. Dick-waving extravaganza it right.

        • very opinionated says:

          I am sure it was wonderfull back then Perry..Eversince the 21rst Centery rolled around it’s bee screwed up for the true gays and lesbians who want to to come out for the right reasons instead for attention or publicity. I know that i have said this before, but this is why i don’t want to come out right now.. bad timeing in our history! I totally miss the 90’s when it was still taboo to come out because at least it would still have meanning or be sacred!

        • very opinionated says:

          Hey Perry.. is there any readding material about having a secrey society for gays that you would recommend for me? I have always wanted to know what really happened back then.

          • Perry Palmer says:

            Gosh, VO, I don’t know of anything. When it dawned on me that I wasn’t the only one in the world who was “different” in 1969, I just became part of a different life. It was we who knew where the gay bars were because that was where everybody went. Straights had no idea. Gay men and women shared the same bars and got along so well. We had a blast. If you had a lover, they were your roommate. We monitored our language when talking to anyone other than other gays. People don’t know how exciting secrets are anymore. Secrets are like dessert just waiting after dinner. Even my ultra-Liberal gay friends hate that the good times are gone and they hate gay marriage; a dichotomy for them to be sure. One thing we don’t talk about is how Conservative I am.

  30. Perry Palmer says:

    And Barry keeps cringing. Good ol’ Mark Steyn!

  31. Perry Palmer says:

    Gosh! I sometimes just can’t help sharing these videos when I find them. Thank you, Jeanne, for giving us this spot.

  32. Perry Palmer says:

    Here is the mission statement of the Susan B. Anthony List.
    The Susan B. Anthony List, and its connected Political Action Committee, the SBA List Candidate Fund, are dedicated to electing candidates and pursuing policies that will reduce and ultimately end abortion. To that end, the SBA List will emphasize the election, education, promotion, and mobilization of pro-life women.
    They have undoubtedly the most stylish video on the War Against Women I have seen.

    Our Dear Leader and his Liberal minions will surely cringe when they see it.

    • I love the video, Perry. Powerful. And I think it’s important for the world at large to know that many lesbians are pro-life and don’t support the abortion-on-demand mob.

  33. JAC says:

    Welcome Rocky! Ain’t it grand 🙂 !

  34. rocky says:

    I’m in complete shock!! Thank you so much for existing and having this blog. I’m a 42 year old conservative lesbian, mother of 2(through insemination). I thought I was the only conservative lesbian on the planet. I’ve always felt like the far religious right has hated me for being gay and my fellow lesbians have hated me for being a conservative. But it has never stopped me from being who I am. I’ve been completely out for 21 years and I just keep rolling with the punches. I don’t know whether I should cry or laugh. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you, for being here!!

    • Hi Rocky,

      So glad you found us and welcome aboard. Yep, getting it in the neck from both sides, so to speak, can take its toll. But staying true to oneself is always worth the battles. And it’s funny how we all think we’re the onlyconservative lesbian on planet earth–we seem to keep pretty much to ourselves. But we’re beginning to reach out to each other and I think that’s very healthy.

      Feel free to post here anything that suits your fancy.


  35. Perry Palmer says:

    Our brave and shameless President Obama is placing himself in bios of our historical presidents.
    Try Calvin Coolidge on for size. Note at the bottom of the bio, there is our brave president’s name.

    But the gang at has put things into perspective in Forest Gump fashion. Two pages of hilarious “Obama Was There” Photoshoped gems.

  36. Perry Palmer says:

    I can’t help but think that Richard Grenell, the gay foreign policy aide to Mitt Romney, left the campaign to advance his own agenda. He had his 15 minutes, sabotaged Mitt’s campaign and left Republicans looking like homophobes. I wonder which Liberal put him up to it? Here is very kind article by Dennis Prager, who has a good idea about how many gay Conservatives there are.

    • Thanks, Perry. I highlighted his article on the front page.

      I liked Prager’s take on the issue and I liked Romney’s response. I don’t understand the motivation of so-called conservative gays who sign up to work for conservative candidate’s campaign and then do their drama queen routine when their man won’t support gay marriage. What’s the agenda here?

  37. Perry Palmer says:

    Here’s an interesting article by British journalist Melanie Phillips, on the behavior of girls and young women in England.

    • Thanks for this link, Perry. I really like Melanie Phillips–I have heard her on the BBC’s radio program, Moral Maze. I think the more voices loudly scolding the sexually obsessive culture the better. And she does it so well.

    • vswright says:

      Melanie Phillips is one of the few sane voices in Britain these days. She’s written extensively on the Islamist takeover of her country and the Left’s willful blindness toward that issue, among other things. A real treasure, that lady.

      May I also take this opportunity to thank everyone here for being here at all. Each of us seems to think that we’re the “only one” until we somehow come upon this site like someone who’s hacked her way through a thick forest into a welcoming clearing. Thanks, LO, for providing this venue for us “Righties!”

  38. Perry Palmer says:

    Our brave President Obama celebrating his killing Osama. You would have thought he led the raid. Our brave president.

    • A two-faced Left-wing rat. He’s not fit to lick the boots of our servicemen and women. Opportunistic effete snob high-fiving a search-and-destroy mission that he would have condemned if he had his affirmative action ass on any other chair other than the one in the White House.

      Ahhh, that felt good.

      Thanks for posting this, Perry.

    • JAC says:

      This guy is truly beyond arrogant to me. I really think he has mental issues.

      • Why would a supposedly conservative gay man who accepts a job working for a conservative candidate then huff and puff over the gay marriage issue? Makes you wonder about the real agenda here.

  39. Perry Palmer says:

    I use the term “gay” for men and women. We weren’t divided into gay means man and lesbian means woman in the 60s; we were one. But like all groups hijacked by Liberals (a misnomer) we became divided. Then they added GLBT, something my inner fuddy-duddy opposes.

    Here is an article from the Sunday, April 22, Denver Post which implies Christian gays are not Republican, but Conservative. That describes me, but I would like to ask these gays, especially the women how they feel about abortion. I’m sure most of them are all for it. I think it’s odd that it isn’t mentioned in this article since abortion is the number one issue on the Christian’s plate.

    I still wonder why gay women feel they need to support heterosexual women who accidently (are you having sex?) make babies and think it’s OK to kill these babies. Most of these abortions are about birth control, not about rape, incest, the health of the mother or other excuses.

    Go, Mitt Romney and your hard-working wife Ann. This gay woman is voting for YOU!

    • The lesbian community was hijacked by lesbian feminism in the 1970s. The word ‘gay’ as applied to homosexual women was thus classified as a cop-out only used by dykes who couldn’t bring themselves to say the dreaded L word. Just one of the ways this ideology drove a spike between working class and middle/upper class lesbians.

      I think there are many lesbians out there who are pro-life. But like any other topic or opinion that violates the progressive party line, voicing a pro-life proclivity makes one a target for verbal attacks or shunning. And yep, you’re right, it’s mostly utilized for birth control purposes. But you know, no matter what one’s stance is on the abortion issue, how anyone can believe that Planned Parenthood is all about caring for women is beyond me. Their mission is population control, plain and simple. And as the undercover videos of Project Veritas have shown, they care not a crap about the well-being of women and girls.

    • Paula says:

      The “T” is the most egregious. It has no bearing on the L or the G, and the B? What the hell does the “B” have to do with any of this? And why use any of this at all? Aren’t we homosexuals?

      As for your position on why homosexual women support heterosexual women — I love it!


      • I have to say that I too resent the LGBT and now Q nonsense. I think it’s high time us Ls and Gs started getting a little uppity about it.

        • veryopinionated25 says:

          The Q stands for Queer or Questionning

        • veryopinionated25 says:

          I also think it’s just stupid to come out as questionning because you better know what you are before you come out! There’s nothing wrong with being confused and what not, but you shouldn’t broadcast it for everyone to know.. it just makes you even more confused than ever!

      • Perry Palmer says:

        I always avoided the Bs. You never knew what they were carrying around. 😀

  40. I’ll jump in and thank Jeanne for this website and for supplying me with a couple ideas via an email she sent me a while back. I used them in a fiction book I wrote. Thanks Jeanne. Forgot to tell you earlier. What can I say. I’m an old fart.

  41. Paula says:

    General (FYI) comment: I love all your posts, but I don’t always tell you nor respond and sometimes I don’t get to reading them for a bit.

    That’s all for now.

  42. Why Feminists are AWOL on Islam. Ginger posted a link in response to one of my previous posts some months back entitled: Will the Real Feminists Please Stand Up.

    Her link is to an article by Kay Hymowitz who gives an informative and on target response as to why the great silence from Lefty Western women while millions of their sisters are abused, beaten, and murdered by Muslim men. The article is lengthy but even if you skim through it, it’s very much worth the read. Thanks, Ginger.

  43. veryopinionated25 says:

    Just wondering..Is Tammy Bruce OUT?.. I never heard of her until i stumbled on this blog.. I also saw her on the Bill O’Rilley last week. Just curious.

  44. Arthur Galvin says:

    Here is a answer to your question, veryopinionated25. Watch this video on Political Correctness. Yes, It’s a bit long but is does address the idea of intolerance by liberals. Let me know what you think. I believe that Political Correctness is one of the things that will destroy our nation. Any comments? Please tell me your thoughts on this.

    • veryopinionated25 says:

      Thanks Arthur, it is long. Haven’t finished it yet, but from what i have saw.. it all stems from Marxism huh.. doesn’t surprise me at all! So how can we stop political correctness? Just wondering because i am soo sick and tired of people not telling others the truth or telling me the truth for that matter. They are so worried about “hurting other people’s feels” or they’re afraid they might get sued or something!

      Also, don’t mean to change the subject, but What is up with having “Equal Opprotunity Employer” when they are truly are not! I just don’t get it.. Basically they get a tax right-off for hiring people with disabilities, (gays, blacks or any other minority) and they treat them like shit. I should know first hand because i am disabled.. I have Cerebral Palsy.. There i said it.. i came out of the CP Anyway.. sorry for getting on a soap box! Thanks for reading:)

    • Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness. This was a very informative link, Arthur. I think more folks are getting wise to the ‘liberating tolerance’ strategy of the Left. The war on women meme is a good example of how this strategy can backfire on them. Alternative media is the key here and the informational freedom generated by the internet.

  45. veryopinionated25 says:

    Cool.. I am the first one to reply on this.. humm..what’s on my mind..well there’s alot but one thing sticks out. I can’t stand it when the gay/lesbian left always say that they are open-minded when they are so hypicratical.
    And why is it they don’t accept people with disabilities who are also gay/lesbian?

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