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Obesity Epidemic: It Ain’t the Fat

Forget the conventional wisdom of why and how people get fat. Ignore the medical and scientific mouthpieces who have set the stage for the monumental rise in the rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Cancer. And run from the Food Pyramids, the Food Plates, and all those Nutritional Guidelines put out by such bureaucracies as the USDA, the CDC, the NIH, and all other establishment entities hell-bent on perpetuating the Fat Is Evil Fallacy. Why? Because simply put, it ain’t the FAT, people, it ain’t the FAT. The obesity culprit has always been lurking in plain sight, but perversely, this demon of lifestyle disease has been given pride of place in the nutritional graphs of heart-healthy hedonists and weight loss fanatics who have arrogantly declared for decades that the bulk of our carefully calculated daily calories should come from carbohydrates. Whether the political science pontifications issue forth from our federal overlords or from the interfering local loonies who would legislate against the cherry-picked eating peccadilloes of a long-suffering population, the wilted wisdom these medical politicos are fabricating is nothing more than half-baked science fiction. Continue reading

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Why Are So Many Lesbians Fat?

That earth-shattering question is being asked by researchers at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. And just to show how important it is today to pander to the sexual minority movement, the National Institutes of Health have awarded the hospital a $1.5 million grant (aka taxpayers’ hard-earned money) to discover why 75% of the dyke domain is overweight. Continue reading

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Punishing Psychiatrists for the Crimes of their Patients

It would appear that the French courts are taking a very hard-line when it comes to the dodgy therapeutic outcomes of the psychological services. Perhaps here in America we should also begin to ponder a better approach to the accountability factor for the psychiatric Brahmins of the mental health profession, especially considering that some of their scary ‘clients’ are out and about murdering children. Continue reading

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Gun Control or Psychotropic Pill Control?

Why does America always bounce from one extreme to another? Right through the 1970s, we institutionalized almost everybody and their mother. It only took the word of a relative to get some poor schmo locked away in the local booby hatch indefinitely. Today, we have slid to the other end of the mental health spectrum, leaving frightened family members and John and Jane Q Public at the non-existent mercy of the mad mental machinations of a demented son or daughter. Continue reading

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Running Rampant in NYC

Mayor Bloomberg, that paternalistic political hack who believes he has been anointed by the secular gods of Progressivism to police the food choices of his childlike citizens, might want to turn his divine attention away from the soft targets of snacks and sodas and spend just a little bit of time dealing with the real hardcore public health issues impacting New York City. But of course, that would mean courageously confronting the fatal personal choices made by many minorities and gay men, and of course, it would also mean taking on the cannibalizing liberal culture that supports and sustains sexually promiscuous and irresponsible lifestyles. Continue reading

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Late Term Abortion: A Living Contradiction

For all the silly political antics of the Code Pink dancing vagina dames, these Democrat fanatics, along with their ball-less buddies masquerading as members of the male gender, are plainly and simply ardent supporters of the horrific crime of infanticide. And the Orwellian world of these sloganeering slags touting the sop of women’s reproductive rights as the victim-hood catchphrase that wipes away any need to contemplate the barbarous reality of a late-term abortion is on full display at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Continue reading

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The Laziest Countries: The Sovereignty of Sloth

It’s one thing to be laid back and stress free but quite another to be resistant to the notion of physical movement. We often think of the overweight citizens in Western countries as the big screen TV couch-huggers of all time but it appears that people in the developed world ain’t the only folks who fancy the lazy leisure life. Continue reading

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Viagra Strike: A Down Day in Italy

Italian public health pharmacists have threatened to withhold the penis-improvement drug, Viagra, if the Italian government moves forward with plans to expand pharmacy services in the private sector. Continue reading

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Susan G. Komen: Shilling for Big Abortion

Now that the breast cancer bosses at the Susan G. Komen Foundation have collapsed under the insidious pressure placed on them by the Big Abortion lobby of the oh so tolerant Left, I offer up some summarizing thoughts on this ugly liberal gang bang by Mark Steyn, political commentator extraordinaire. Continue reading

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Butt Enhancement: The End Never Justifies the Means

British women are so concerned about their under-sized derrieres that they’re flying across the pond to the city of Philadelphia to get their bony butts beefed up illegally with industrial strength silicone. Continue reading

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Young Gay Men Fuelling HIV Epidemic

How very sad that so many young gay men and too many of their older peers have such little respect for their bodies and their lives. Recent research conducted by scientists in Belgium indicate that young gay men continue to fuel the HIV epidemic. Continue reading

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NHS Revolution: Letting Doctors Treat Patients

Heralded as the biggest revolution in the British National Health Service since its inception some 60 years ago, ‘tens of thousands’ of bureaucratic administrative jobs at the NHS will be slashed as an aggressive maneuver to fix the struggling UK health service. Continue reading

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Sexually Mutilating Girls: A Medical Multicultural Happening!

A nick nick here, a nick nick there, here a nick, there a nick, everywhere a nick nick….So what’s in a nick anyway? Well, you need not worry your unenlightened little heads about this small relatively insignificant ‘medical’ procedure that would have been performed by our great white-coated professionals, who of course, have the world’s multicultural interests at heart. Continue reading

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