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Dan Brown’s Inferno: Population Control Runs Amok

What could be more exciting than a run-for-your-life romp through the tourist-packed byways and buildings of one of Italy’s most artistically beautiful cities? And what could be more deflating than to discover that the supposed good guys in this modern-day Medieval/Renaissance thriller are all a bunch of illiberal paternalistic White Progressives hell-bent on saving the planet from its people?

If you fantasize about financially well-off White men with Ivy League credentials who gad about the globe on gossamer wings of ethereal righteousness saving civilization from the selfish preoccupations of the moronic masses, then you’ll probably feel a few choice tingles run up your hairy legs on reading Dan Brown’s progressive version of the coming Apocalypse. Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh, Children’s Author?

Rush Limbaugh, the writer of children’s books? Rush Limbaugh, the political father figure for the befuddled youth of America? Oh yes indeedy do. On his radio program today, Mister Limbaugh announced his daring plunge into the children’s publishing field with an educational offering on US history. His new book in the kiddy genre is entitled: Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans. And I’m sure this nugget of no-nonsense American heritage geared toward the junior high crowd will hardly be a stand alone attraction.
Continue reading

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Mark Levin: The Liberty Amendments

Mark Levin’s newest book has hit the stalls and from the size of the crowds queuing up to get their signed copy of The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic, I think we can safely say that Mr. Levin has another bestseller on his conservative hands. So if you’re fed-up and oh so bored with your politically corrupted book club or if you’re simply seeking something of substance to round out your reading regimen for the Summer of 2013, then pick up a copy of The Liberty Amendments. Continue reading

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Helen MacInnes, the Queen of Spy Thrillers, is Back on the Market

Last summer, Helen MacInnes’ bestseller spy novels were reissued in paperback and now some of her classic spy thrillers are available electronically from Amazon for download to your Kindle. If you’re not familiar with Helen MacInnes’ books, you might be aware of the exciting films that were produced based on four of her novels: Above Suspicion (1943) starring Joan Crawford and Fred MacMurry, Assignment in Brittany (1943) starring Jean-Pierre Aumont and Susan Peters, The Venetian Affair (1967) starring Robert Vaughn and Elke Sommer, and The Salzburg Connection (1972) starring Barry Newman and Anna Karina. Continue reading

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The Death of Right and Wrong: Tammy Bruce on Target

If you’re looking for an easy to read but solid summary of the Left’s cultural shenanigans and the devastating effects of its war on America’s psyche, then I would wholeheartedly recommend Tammy Bruce’s scathing polemic, The Death of Right and Wrong: Exposing the Left’s Assault on our Culture and Values. As the snotty review of her book by Publishers’ Weekly back in 2003 correctly states, Ms. Bruce rips into the progressive gurus and their phony catechism of moral chaos. Continue reading

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The Nine Tailors: A New Year’s Best Read

A winter’s eve in the desolate Holy Land of the English where stolen emeralds and unfaithful servants sow the seeds of mystery and death. The Nine Tailors by Christian author Dorothy L. Sayers is set in the Fen country of northeastern Britain, a bleak marshy landscape where clanging church bells compete for dominion with the cold whistling wind. Continue reading

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Most Popular Author on Campus: George W. Bush??

Is there a conservative undercover movement afoot on college campuses? Have the Left-wing academics and their teenage toadies all fallen asleep at the progressive propaganda wheel? Because something is decidedly different at our scholastically-challenged re-education camps when George W. Bush hits the top of the popularity charts at college campus bookstores. Continue reading

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American Revolution 2010: This Summer’s Must Read

If you’ve been shaking your head trying to figure out where all these Tea Party people have come from and what the heck they’re all about, then I can suggest the perfect primer to unravel your Tea Party perplexity. Continue reading

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Saffron Park: G K Chesterton on Progressivism

Although best known today as the author of the Father Brown mysteries and The Man Who Was Thursday, G. K. Chesterton was also a philosopher, journalist, religious apologist, poet, play write, and public debater. He was the master of the paradox and used it ofter to skewer the sloppy thinking of the so-called great minds of his day. Continue reading

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Masochistic Masturbation: The Self-Hatred Schtick

As the European penchant for self-flagellation and smug self-hatred runs amok within the blighted birthplace of Western civilization, across the pond here in the good old USA, the cultish copycat EUphoria frenzy is in full swing. Continue reading

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The 39 Steps: A BBC Literature Lynching

I’ve been a John Buchan fan for years now and have read and re-read his Richard Hanny thrillers many times. But this BBC rendering of the Buchan classic bares no resemblance to the original thriller first published in 1915. Continue reading

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Ruling By Divine Right: The Intellectual Class

Book To Watch Out For Intellectuals and Society by Thomas Sowell, as reviewed by David Hogberg in the National Review, should be on your read list if you want to get a better understanding of the intellectual elite mindset and … Continue reading

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