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A bit about me…I spent too many years of my lesbian life imbibing, and at times, chug-a-lugging, the Left-wing lesbian Kool-aid.  But a heavy dose of common sense, a steady diet of foundational values, and a rigorous workout of cellular synapses has cured the liberal light-headedness.

It has been quite a fascinating journey that has brought me back home to embrace once again the core beliefs and values that truly enrich my life.  But initially, as my doubts and concerns about progressive politics began to surface, I kept my opinions and feelings to myself in order to survive socially within the lesbian community.  But no more—the hiding is over.  I have lived my adult life as an OUT lesbian, and finally, I am living my life as an OUT conservative.

I would describe myself as a constitutional conservative who believes in fiscal responsibility, small government, and the capitalist system of free enterprise.  I support a strong military and believe all Americans owe deference and gratitude to our servicemen and women.  On the abortion issue, I am Pro-Life, as are many lesbians.

Now let me address that ubiquitous question that is always asked of lesbians and gays who openly admit to a conservative bent.  The question goes something like this: How can you, as a lesbian woman or gay man, support conservative candidates and/or the Republican party when they don’t support gay marriage or the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?

Well, here’s my response to that perplexing query:  There are many lesbians and gays in America who have no intention of helping to flush our country down the socialist toilet for the sake of gay marriage or the repeal of DADT.  And I’m proud to declare that I am one of them.  Do I care about the civil rights issues that directly touch my life?  Of course I do, but always within the context of the myriad political/social challenges facing our country today.

I have no intention of supporting a gay tribalism that deconstructs lesbian women and gay men into two-dimensional citizen caricatures disconnected from the overall social, political, and economic complexities that shape our daily lives.  And I disavow the lesbian/gay ghetto and its ‘progressive’ leadership that demands lockstep adherence to Left-wing ideology and dares to presume that it speaks for all lesbians and gays in our community.

I hope that The Lesbian Conservative can, in its small way, serve as a refuge for conservative and politically independent lesbians and all others who seek relief from the mind-dumbing scourge of Left-wing Fundamentalism.

My goals for this blog are as follows:

  • To provide an alternative source of opinion and views within the lesbian and gay communities and to serve as a sounding board for conservative lesbians and gays.

  • To expose the world at large to a more comprehensive view of lesbians and gays and to provide a sorely needed glimpse into the lives and values of lesbian and gay patriots.

  • To provide a place where ALL conservatives and independents can share their thoughts, concerns, and insights on the issues that touch all of our lives.

TLC welcomes comments from fellow conservative and independent travelers, whether straight, lesbian, gay, or bisexual.  If you are a sister refugee from the hardcore lefty lesbian community, then I would especially like to hear from you.  All are encouraged to comment and share their ideas, experiences, and stories.  We don’t have to always agree with each other on every issue–we each have our unique slant on the pressing problems of the day.  But we do need to keep the lines of communication open.  Now more than ever, we need each other.

Welcome.  Feel free to say hello here on the About page or visit the TLC Public Forum where you get to toot your own horn on any topic at any time.

213 Responses to About TLC

  1. lisa says:

    I’m a 37 year old conservative common sense values

  2. wendyokoopa says:

    I’m a bisexual although I haven’t had a woman yet conservative who believes as you do.

  3. devonre1 says:

    I don’t know how old this post is or if this blog is even current… but the fact that I found it gives me hope. I am an out conservative bisexual (though I tend to lean heavily on the ladies’ side) and I have felt drowned and pigeon holed by my colleagues and “friends” that in order to be queer, you had to be a liberal. My social circle was destroyed and I’ve been shunned by my family–though not because I’m bisexual… but apparently because I’m conservative. I was beginning to feel alone. To make matters worse, I live near and work in the liberal hub of Seattle… I am incredibly outnumbered and outvoiced. I’ve been so frustrated with everyone and everything to the point I literally just typed “are there any conservative bisexuals anymore” into google and found this… so thank you. I have found that I’m not alone…even if this blog may not be current anymore.

  4. Julia says:

    I’ve never commented on a public forum before now, but I have to admit that what you said resonates with me on every level. As someone who is gay, a conservative (never drank the koolaid), a veteran and ethnically hispanic (American first), I find myself isolated at times cause I don’t fit any main construct. But I feel exactly the same way as you described above, which I find amazing. So thank you for making me feel that I’m not alone. I live in Denver, CO and hope to find more like minded people like you that don’t think just about themselves but our country.

  5. Anne SAmoylo says:

    Amen sister. I am a conservative lesbian who finds it hard in the community in being accepted. One-sided views involving lesbians having to think walk and talk alike. I am a veteran and fiscal conservative,

  6. kathy winscot says:

    hi from North Pole Alaska. jane and Kathy . wow i cant believe we found someone similar in political views. omg lol

  7. Wow… aren’t you a huge deep breath. I am one of the silent majority and I am filled up to my eyeballs with the so-called tolerant ones. Tolerants (how about that word describing those who endorse a SOCIALIST agenda) are not at all tolerant unless you keep your mouth shut. Then they become intolerable with every word. Keep up the good fight. .. Love.

  8. Shawna says:

    I had resigned myself to being one of the only three maybe four conservative lesbians in the world, or at least the pacific NW, so much so I had given up on looking for people similar to me who are informed. It just rarely happens here in the pacific NW. Thank you for your website and I look forward to finally a refreshing dialogue.

    • Hi Shawna, thanks for stopping by. Not sure about the Pacific NW, but there are many more conservative lesbians than the world would have us believe. I think most of us are hunkered down in our home lives keeping to ourselves. There’s a small Facebook group of conservative lesbians from around the US…if you’re interested in joining the group, just let me know. You can email me through by blog.

    • Susan Benton says:

      Thanks for being one of us. But don’t feel bad – I run to all sorts of right wing meetings and still cannot meet anyone – even though I’m hetereosexual, reasonably attractive, reasonable intelligent, etc., etc.

      Susan Benton susanbenton27@aim.com

    • kathy winscot says:

      no you are not. they are in Alaska probably Jane and I w the only ones in Alaska

  9. Norma Jean says:

    Aloha, as a Hispanic female Lesbian retired from a Federal Law Enforcement agency, oh and did I mention I live in Hawaii? AND I’m in an interracial marriage? Yes, I started early on as a far-leaning bleeding heart liberal. Life, and an insider’s viewpoint of what works and what doesn’t work with regards to the government and my family’s income and our quality of life, I have found that the Conservative ideals are closer to my and my family’s core values. So, bottom line, I didn’t leave the Left, it left me.

    • Aloha. I know what you mean…liberalism has morphed into something nasty and totally repugnant. Glad to see that even a federal employee came to the same conclusion. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to post here.

  10. Aida says:

    I adore you and I love your writing. I am so happy to have discovered your blog! As a heterosexual conservative Christian, the existence of a voice like yours feels like a great blessing to the conservative community.

  11. Kay says:

    Thank you for having the courage to come out as a conservative! I thought I was the only conservative lesbian around! I enjoy your blog and follow you on Twitter- keep up the good work and stay strong! Tough times ahead for us

    • Thanks, Kay. You don’t know how many times women have posted here that they thought they were the only one 🙂 There are many of us but most of us are very closeted, unfortunately. Hang in there.

  12. JC says:

    Brilliantly stated. I find myself self alienated from the main stream gay culture in my city (Chicago). My close friend think I am being radical and thank goodness my partner is ok with my thought pattern. There really is a group known as the gay mafia in not only Chicago but also other cities. These are the people who try to shut down Chic Filet, ruin the business of a bakery and threaten a pizza establishment in Indiana. I am sick and tired of said gay mafia’s belief that it’s their way or the highway.

    I grew up in a suburb in a time when being gay was a taboo. I stood strong even though my parents were obviously heart broken by my lifestyle choice. My sister and mom are not quite there yet but my dad has been the best! I have real conservative values and am also mystified by the outrageous ideas of the far leftist loons. I honestly cannot stand to look at Rachel Maddow 🙂

    We must stay strong and never be swayed notated the peer pressure.

    • Susan Benton says:

      Thanks for the info – I always suspected as much. No idea why anyone takes these loons (like Rachel M.) seriously. I happen to love Milo Yiannapoulos who is currently going to American colleges/universities with his “Dangerous Faggot Tour.” I find it hilarious – Milo is such a hoot and the gay mafia doesn’t know what to do, they cannot shut him up or shut him down (but they do try). The man is too logical, too grounded, and too funny (these people have zero sense of humor) and he is conservative which as you know he is not suppose to be. I too am sick of people thinking I should think, believe a certain way. Everyone seems to think I should be on the left, even the far left just because I have a doctorate. Silly of them really. My friend, very heterosexual and a libertarian works in a museum. Silly public thinks that if you work in a museum you must be liberal. DUH!

      Yesterday a woman ask me if I was ever married – I just told her no. No reason to get into the fact that I was looking for an adult male who was intelligent and I come from a family that put women down – a lot. So they certainly were no use to me on that front.

      Susan Benton susanbenton27@aim.com

      • JC says:

        I love Milo!! I just discovered him when a youtube video went viral from one of his shows at UMASS. The other guests on stage were Steven Crowder and a Democrat feminist woman. Funniest thing I have seen in a while. If you haven’t seen it you may want to.

        Have a lovely evenimg.

        • zephyr82016 says:

          I don’t enjoy bringing good people down, but I was prepared to LOVE Milo. Then I started reading the ugly things he had to say about women and even our sexuality in Breitbart. That said, I doubt that any self-respecting lesbian would not want to bash his face in after reading it. I’d leave a link, but I don’t feel like subjecting myself to more of that. You’re sharp gals, you’ll find it.

  13. Glen Amos says:

    It has been 6 years and a month since you were invited to lunch. If you are ever in the Sacramento area, the invitation stands.

    • Susan Benton says:

      Thanks so much. I live in Austin, Texas – have no job and it is unlikely that I will ever be there. Any ideas for making money? I have a doctorate but no one seems to want to know anything anymore. ARRGH.

      Susan Benton susanbenton27@aim.com

  14. Susan Benton, Ph.D. says:

    THANKS SO VERY MUCH. – I happened across this website and want to thank you so, so much. No idea why people think you cannot be lesbian and conservative. I myself am saphiosexual and conservative – wish I was just a straight ordinary, garden-variety conservative who loved going to church or whatever, but it is not for me. Conservatism really is a big tent.

    I am fortunate that I can devote myself to conservative ideas, etc but that’s another story. No idea why people reject conservative values as they really, really do offer the best results. But then I am given more to ideas, thoughts, logic, reason than emotion and most lefties are all about emotions and reject logic.

  15. Denny Sinnoh says:

    I salute you, you brave woman.

  16. Glen Amos says:

    Hi Ali. I am glad you found TLC. I have known Jeanne for a few years. She is a caring, intelligent, strong individual. In other words, a typical conservative. Well, except for the Republican leadership.

  17. Ali Biller says:

    I really appreciate this site. I’m a 25 year old lesbian living in Los angeles, but I’m also absolutely a republican. There is definitely the need for more people to step up and show that just because your republican you’re not being a shitty lesbian. It’s like what does that even mean? The logic in conservative views are obvious and apparent to me and I would love to helps others understand that way of thinking. I’m very happy the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage because now hopefully more of us can ‘come out’ of the political closet!

  18. Glen Amos says:

    Jeanne, something is wrong. I am not on Twitter and never have been.

    • Well, then I’m following some poor soul who has never heard of me…you should get onto Twitter, though Glen. It’s where so much of the political action/news is happening and it makes staying in touch so much easier.

  19. Michael Dee says:

    I found your blog while researching the very serious topic of lesbian obesity and I have to say you’re just the kind of lesbian I’ve been looking for all my adult life–conservative, sensible, and straightforward–not some leftist loon hack banging the gong on some mind boggling ideological bent. Anyway, thanks for you contribution to reasoned debate.

    I was at a birthday party recently–my friend’s daughter was turning four–and he had the television tuned “The Family Channel,” when all of the sudden a trailer for a Family Channel series about the lives of two lesbians aired showing the two main characters making love with their faces. Needless to say, my ten year old son and eight year old daughter turned to me with that deer-in-the-headlinght look that begged the question “why.” Fortunately, I was prepared for this moment, as I knew someday, “it” or something like it, eventually would come. I was raised by conservative live-and-let-live types who didn’t have a bigoted bone on their bodies so I was comfortable in my response. I simple told them that all people are different and unique in some way and that some men like other men and some women like other women and that’s that. The most important thing is to treat all people with the same dignity and respect that you expect to be treated with. I, like many other straight white guys, know and work with gays and lesbians. The thing I have come to know about the vast majority of them is that they are good and descent hardworking men and women; my only disagreement with them is that most of them are leftists.

    I love what you’re doing…keep it up.


    • Thanks for your kind comments, Michael.

      • Glen Amos says:

        Wendy and I have been thinking about you but could find no way of reaching you. I guess the address changed slightly.

        Anyway, give me a shot when time and inclination permits. I very seldom check Bharrison anymore. Write me at gaa@reagan.com


        • Hey there, Glen. Good to hear from you! How are you and Wendy keeping? I’ve been taking a very long break from the blog but have been tweeting like crazy. You can find me on Twitter under the handle @lesbianoutsider. I just found you on Twitter and am now following you…that would be a great way to stay in touch…I miss your words of wisdom.


  20. Vivian McAlexander says:

    Hello! Wow! Your thoughts, view points, and political past and present are like mine! Oh, yeah, was I a politically correct zombie. Sept. 11, 2001 changed me, and I began to listen to Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage regularly. I could not believe how naive and utterly clueless I was. I am so scared of Obama, and when he was “selected” president, I physically got sick to my stomach. I knew what we were getting; a communist leaning guy with a chip on his shoulder towards the white race and our great country. He’s a weak but divisive so-called leader. I am stronger, clearer thinking, and much more intelligent now as a conservative.

    I fail to see why a lot of lesbians and heterosexuals are liberal. Democrats only remember us when they’re campaigning, and Democrats truly try to stick their fascists’ noses into people’s lives! How odd that the so-called community isn’t protesting against the brutal torture and murders of “gay” people by ISIS and other Muslim fanatics. Strange how women don’t say a thing about little girls having their clitorises cut out by these cruel bastards so that these girls won’t be able to enjoy sexual pleasure. Where are the liberal feminists to rage against this? My heart breaks for the Christians, Jews, lesbians, homosexuals, and all who are being terrorized by these heartless demons. I thank God that I am a USA citizen where I am free to be me!

    I am pro-life, and I found it strange that Planned Parenthood would mail all these pamphlets about birth control. I mean, I can’t conceive a child with another women! What the hell?! Ha! Ha! I never really had the strong urge to have children, though I like kids, and have taught school. Why does Planned Parenthood try to latch-on to lesbians? Two sets of female plumbing doth not make a baby, though it’s a lot of fun! I hate abortion, and always have. Nobody bothers to ask the unborn their decision on the matter.

    I am a card carrying NRA member as well. If a fascist Muslim wants to cut off my head and clitoris, I’ll shoot the demon! There is a saying that goes something like this, “It’s better to die standing and fighting, than begging for one’s life while kneeling”.

    I am 56, but a kid at heart. I love animals, classic 50s cars & trucks, good cartoons (King of The Hill, Ren & Stimpy, Clarence), motorcycles, reading, Star Wars (Yoda is my favorite), iced tea and naturally flavored water, salads, humor (The Three Stooges, Impossible Jokers), the band Empire of the Sun, Red Eye and The Five with Greg Gutfeld, learning, talking with people, and I make the best out of life. I suffered a back injury, spinal cord damage, inoperable ruptured disks, broken knees and ankle, torn ligaments, and have degenerative arthritis. I have an extremely hard and painful time walking. I quit pain killers cold turkey because they really inflamed my liver and hampered my breathing some. I have to use oxygen, but don’t use it all of the time. It isn’t easy, but I love and enjoy life. I am a little ashamed to say that I am on dole for disability. I never thought I’d be disabled. It angers me when I see people on disability who are perfectly able to do some kind of work! I miss working and am very grateful to the taxpaying workers who give me that check every month. It isn’t much, but it means a lot to me. I am easy-going, humorous, generous, thoughtful, and considerate. Crossword puzzles and Scrabble are favorites. That’s about all I can think of. I don’t drink, use drugs, smoke around, and though I love sex, I don’t sleep around, and I am monogamous. I’m single and hope to find a decent women to share love and life with. A conservative lesbian. I’m not lonely, but I would love to have a wife to cherish. Conservative lesbian contacts and friends would be much welcomed to one who can’t leave the house much.


    • Hi Viv, well I hope you find the woman of your dreams. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views and background. If you’re interested, I can connect you with a private/secret Facebook group for conservative lesbians. Feel free to email me through the blog and I’ll tell you how to connect.

  21. monika says:

    Hi! I’m a straight girl and forgive me if I sound ignorant as I really don’t mean to be! I did a search to see if there were any conservative lesbians. See I live in seattle which is UBER LEFT WING LIBERAL and most of the people I know from grad school follow the same line of politics. The same with my facebook friends. I’m finding as I get older I am becoming more and more conservative. I am fiscally conservative; pro military and pro veterans benefits; very pro second amendment; pro capital punishment; believe we should be tough on criminals. I AM pro choice but that choice includes whatever the woman decides but I don’t want to pay for either choice. My view on marriage equality has always been everyone is entitled to the same damn misery as everybody else 😉 I hated being married 🙂 everyone who wants to serve this country should be allowed regardless of sexual orientation. I was honestly curious about this because I know many gay men who are conservatives but almost every lesbian is very liberal. I don’t know if that is because this is seattle or maybe because we as conservatives sometimes feel we have to keep quiet about it especially as women (and actually I don’t believe I am a feminist unless equal rights means equal rights and not special rights for us women but that’s another topic!) Anyway thanks for letting a straight broad post! Cheers!

    • Hi Monika, thanks for your comments…couldn’t agree more with regard to the ‘special’ rights. So much that passes for ‘equal’ have nothing to do with fairness. One can’t be a victim and an equal simultaneously.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  22. Leah Vossen says:

    I thought i was the only conservative lesbian! So good to read your stuff. I couldnt agree more!!

    • Hi there, Leah. Oh, there are more than a few of us out here. Glad you found the blog. There’s a private Facebook group for conservative lesbians, so if you’re interested just email through the blog and we’ll chat.

  23. Jose Lopez says:

    Interesting blog, and it´s glad to know that there is not an excuse your sexual orientation for having common sense in another aspects of human action. I don´t like to use labels as straight, gay, lesbian, white, black or any other. For me you are a intelligent woman who rediscovered the proper way of discernment.

    Greetings from Central America:
    P.D. My apologies for my atrocious English vocabulary, but I can not help it, I think of Castilian language.

  24. Joyce says:

    TLC, have you written about California School Bathroom Bill, AB 1266? It seems like just more of our crazy California liberalism, but am curious to know if you’ve commented on it. This is the new law that allows boys to use the girls bathrooms or join their sports teams, and vice versa, if they self-identify with the opposite gender. There is a move afoot to repeal this law based via the ballot box.

    • Hi Joyce, no, I haven’t written about this topic. Here’s my opinion…..the tolerance industry is taking its obvious next step in its march toward communal insanity. I can not imagine what it must be like to have all the characteristics and biological equipment of one gender yet experience oneself as another. But pretending that such an intrinsic concept as ‘gender’ can be simply a matter of individual choice is to relegate biology, and science in general, to the realm of a New Age feel-good hocus-pocus pushed by political pandering and backed by legal muscle. Furthermore, to believe that the medical profession has the capacity to ‘reassign’ gender by hacking away at body parts and/or shooting some poor soul full of their hormone du jour, is to condone a form of barbarism.

      In the lesbian community, the issue of transgendered ‘women’ and women-born-women has been an explosive one since the 1970s. Most groups and organizations in the community tow the LGBTQ party line, at least on paper. Overwhelmingly though, lesbians do not accept transgendered ‘women’ as women let alone as lesbians. Yep, there are men who ‘identify’ as women while also ‘identifying’ as lesbians.

      And as far as sports are concerned, the Olympics and other international competitions require gender verification in order for athletes to compete in single sex events. Apparently, these organizations understand that performance in sporting competitions has much to do with biology and physique which one’s biological gender is a foundational component.

      • monika says:

        Thank you!!! Ok I thought I was being ‘intolerant’ but honestly I am getting REALLY tired of having to identify myself as a ‘bio-woman’!!!! If I have to do that I want the ability to run fast or have super increased hearing ability especially when my dogs are getting in trouble!!! Seattle has a high percentage of MTF transgender persons and it’s annoying to have to clarify being born a woman. What happened to’ I m a chick?’ I think the HOV lane to you know where fits Iif yoy believe Iin It haha!

  25. Hi Jeanne, It’s refreshing to know there are conservative lesbians out there. I am a libertarian lesbian. A libertarian is basically a conservative that is okay with everyone living their own lives the way they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone.

    • Hi there. I think there are so many changes going on within the ‘conservative’ movement. Just based on my experiences within my local Tea Party organization, that the traditional meaning of the word ‘conservative’ just doesn’t fit the bill anymore.

      I’m somewhat live-and let-live in my approach to life, but so much of what people do in their individual lives impacts society as a whole. I think in many respects we’re living that reality today.

      Good to hear from you.

  26. I am a straight man who is socially liberal, fiscally conservative, economically liberal, and religiously liberal. My independent-thinking nature puts me at odds with Republicans and Democrats alike. It is so refreshing to find a like-mind person who doesn’t conform to conventional thinking. You should look into the Libertarian Party. I think you would be a perfect fit for our growing band of misfits. You can read our party platform here: http://www.lp.org/platform

  27. ICYNDICEY says:

    You sing it, sister! Good for you. The “Gay Community” in as what I can see is nothing more than an alcohol/drug laden community being lead by the nose by 20 something female pop stars who really don’t give a rat’s ass about gay men or lesbians, and only care if they make them rich. Hey…I’m all for capitalism, and more power to these women if they want to cast a spell over the LGBTQ Community. But do gays and lesbians ever ask themselves…What are these women really doing for us? They’re just another mindless diversion to distract the Community from really taking a hard look at themselves. God knows there are so many.

  28. angstycrayon says:

    I didn’t know there were gay/lesbian conservatives! I regularly flirt with homophobia (I’m christian btw) but you’ve pretty much single-handedly sorted that out. Thank you! I wish you all the best for the future.

    May God bless you ten-fold.

    From a christian straight white british male.
    http://slashsketch.com (My art site)

  29. Emily says:

    I am so thrilled to see things like this! I am a pagan conservative and I’m also for gay rights/marriage. I must say you are absolutely wonderful to be supporting the conservative ideals, despite some of the ranks behavior towards homosexuals. ^_^

  30. Mustang says:

    Bravo! My daughter is dealing with this issue – torn between the logic of conservatism and “gay issues.” It’s time for us (conservatives) to be true to our libertarian roots and end bias against gay and lesbian Americans. But it’s also time for people of all social, ethnic, racial, sexual, or any other “types” to vote with our heads on the full range of issues.

    • Thanks for your comments, Mustang. Yep, many lesbians and gays get stuck in that gay head space, struggling with the commonsense approaches of conservatism pitted against the identity politics of gay-focused activism. It’s especially difficult when one is surrounded by a gay/lesbian sub-culture that is entrenched in a very Left of center political/social mindset.

      Your daughter is very lucky to have a Dad that is so understanding and supportive.


  31. Lorie says:

    Hi! I found this site thru a friend I met from another conservative blog I follow (Chicks on the Right). As a Christian, stay at home, homeschooling mother of 3 boys I may not exactly fit the demographics of your readers but I appreciate the perspective you bring to the conservative movement and admire your courage in standing up to the liberal left that can’t wrap their minds around the fact that conservative gays exist. You know, right next to the conservative blacks. 🙂

    • Hi Lorie, thanks for stopping by. A homeschooling Mom with three boys–now that’s one of the most important jobs anyone could have. And yes, the liberal Left dare not imagine that there are gays and blacks who put country and constitution ahead of self-serving handouts. But they’re getting a taste of reality in this presidential campaign.

      Glad you found TLC and hope you’ll stop by again.


  32. Leigh Scott says:

    This is a wonderful amazing blog. I think probably ALL my gay friends are very liberal. When they discover I’m center right, they think it’s amusing…I’m sort of like a cute Golden Retriever they pat on the head. Whenever my talking points win the argument they just can’t stand it and storm away. Lily Tomlin at dinner once said, “So, are you a born again Christian?”. Cracked me up! They are all very, very nice but we just don’t talk politics because I’m ALWAYS the best informed in the room and can whip out my iPad or iPhone and prove it. I never knew there were conservative lesbians, although I’ve known a few conservative gay men. Thanks for your good work.

    • Hi Leigh, thanks for the kind words and glad you stumbled upon TLC. Sounds like you keep your friends very much on their toes when it comes to politics. And a great laughable line from Lily Tomlin–don’t you just love the Hollywood stereotyping? Thanks for stopping by and keep puncturing those progressive balloons!


  33. darwin says:

    After being fed a steady diet of angry, militant, worship my gay/lesbian ass or suffer the consequences by the media and the left it’s refreshing, no … uplifting to find someone who isn’t all consumed by their sexuality and actually thinks for themselves.

    I know the gay/lesbian community isn’t composed entirely of rabid hetero and conservative hating leftists … but that’s the impression the average person gets from the media. Just like black conservatives face the wrath of the leftist drones, I’m sure you face the same. Your website is a start, and although there are many others like you we somehow need to get you and others national exposure. I have no idea how, I’m just an average guy … but maybe submitting writings to major conservative blogs or self promotion to FOX perhaps to share your views?

    Anyway … thanks for thinking for yourself and having the courage to break out of the collective.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Darwin. Yep, there are a lot of conservatives and middle-of-the-roaders within the LG communities but they generally just go about their lives–you usually don’t find them marching in the so-called pride parades.

      And there will be many of us gays and lesbians voting for Romney in November, even some of the so-called liberals among us. Despite how the media portrays us, gay marriage isn’t at the top of every gay person’s list of concerns–we’re more worried about our jobs, taxes, and the market value of our homes.

      These are very exciting times and the voices of conservative gays/lesbians are beginning to be heard here and there. Alternative media and the internet have make it possible for us little folks to setup our soapboxes and give forth. So I’m glad you stumbled upon TLC.

      Again, thanks for your support and encouragement.

  34. Welcome.. I am sure you will find the folks here very welcoming! Sure u can help with the bridge building.. And the comic relief ! I for one don’t give a rats toe nail about gay marriage. I hardly know many gays that go to church. As for a church accepting you… It is at least for me a community thing… God will accept you… Who cares about the rest! Just be the best person u can be… Who could complain about that!?

  35. KylaB says:

    I stumbled upon your blog today and found something I wasn’t looking for – a conservative lesbian blog that’s so interesting!

    So here’s a little bit about me. I’m a Mormon and as you know our church is anti-gay marriage. Whilst I’m vehemently opposed to polygamy, I’m a fencesitter when it comes to gay marriage. Do I follow my church’s teachings on gay marriage? I don’t know yet. To be honest, I’m in no rush to make up my mind.

    But the one thing that has been on my mind is this. Without doubt, there are gay & lesbian Mormons in this world. Sadly, I don’t know any who go to our church. Why? I think it is because they clearly don’t feel welcome in the Mormon church.

    I’m excited to follow your blog and read your insight and learn more about the conservative gay & lesbian community. My experience so far with gays & lesbians is that it’s an aggressive and militant group that wants to silence any debate. It just seems that if you don’t agree with them you must be homophobic. It makes me want to walk away. But I appreciate your insight and I hope that as Mormon I can understand your perspective and ideas more. And at the risk of sounding super cheesy, maybe we can …build bridges.

    • Hi Kyla,

      Thanks for sharing this and welcome. Yes, the gay ‘community’ can be quite militant, aggressive, and nasty. People either accept their agenda as presented or they’re demonized and attacked. Don’t be fooled by the pride parades and all the other public affectations–there is a lot of unexpressed self-doubt and second-guessing going on, hence the almost hysterical reaction when they are challenged in any way.

      There are many lesbians and gay men who don’t give a hoot about gay marriage. And I believe that our society should be spending a heck of alot of quality time examining this issue before forever changing the definition of the cornerstone institution of our society. But discussion is not on the table, intimidation is.

      And no, you don’t sound cheesy at all by suggesting we might build a bridge or two here. Glad you stumbled upon our site.

    • Good for you. I intend to do the same–really like their sandwiches.

      I think the President of Chick-fil-A has lots of courage and integrity. Not supporting gay marriage does NOT make one homophobic NOR a hater. He has every right to his opinion and every right to give his money to any organization that supports his viewpoint.

      And since the boycotts against the company haven’t worked at all–Chick-fil-A is doing very well, thank you very much–I wonder what might be next on the Gay Gestapo menu of intimidation tactics. Personal harassment perhaps?

      Well, I could be wrong, but I think many folks are getting very sick of the gay schtick. This summer marks the high water mark for all the gay giddiness but soon the queer cultural flood waters will start to recede.

      And thanks for the link.

  36. J. says:

    BTW I found your blog on queerty when you replied to a post there. Keep up the excellent writing!

  37. J. says:

    I am a bisexual man and politically I’m more of a moderate but I also do not like how LGBT people and political groups have the attitude of “If you don’t automatically vote for a Democrat or God forbid you vote for a Republican or even a 3rd party candidate then you’re a traitor, and akin to the Jews who were sympathetic to the Nazis during the Holocaust in Germany!” I also do not like how LGBT people have the mentality that voting for a 3rd party candidate is “throwing away your vote” and I don’t like how there is a lot of biphobia, transphobia, racism and even homophobia within the LGBT community and LGBT people who are supposedly all for LGBT equality, progressive, etc.

  38. Hey Jeanne,

    Came across your blog. I have a question for you:

    There are many lesbians and gays in America who have no intention of helping to flush our country down the socialist toilet for the sake of gay marriage or the repeal of DADT.

    Now that DADT has been repealed, and that marriage seems to be under increasing support from the conservative side (such as Ted Olson, who is the primary litigator in the Perry case, as well as Washington State AG candidate Reagan Dunn, the three or four Republicans in the New York Senate), is the issue with it purely with the politics, or can that issue be resolved just on the legal end of it?

    Just to give my own perspective: I believe that the civil rights issues that affect the interaction of gays and lesbians with the government should be appropriately addressed via the legal system. Taking it through the legal process, as the DOMA cases as well as Perry, seems to be accomplishing the task of taking this situation in the political context. I think there’s a lot of people who are hostage to voting for a person who don’t like their politics, but cannot stand the other candidates politics they would consider potentially dangerous to their freedoms, rightly or wrongly.

    • Hi Gray, thanks for stopping by.

      I think I have to disagree with you about gay marriage getting increasing support from conservatives. There is some support for it offered up by individual conservatives, such as Dick Cheney, but generally the straight pro-gay conservatives I know support civil unions. And I think you would probably get some push back in describing republicans in the state of NY and Washington as ‘conservative’.

      I do believe there is a case to be made for the defining of marriage as being between a man and woman, although I would be crucified in the gay community for daring to say so. At this stage, I support civil unions.

      It should be interesting to see if the level of hyper interest in the gay marriage issue remains as high as it has been. Seeing as this is a presidential election year with much at stake for Obama, I’m sure the news media will keep the issue front and center. After a Romney win in November, we’ll see.

      • Bunghole Baggins says:


        I just stumbled across your blog while looking for more information on the whole fat lesbians study, so forgive me for commenting here nearly two years after the last post. (FTR I will never understand hatred of men as an excuse for looking like shit. Even if you just DESPISE men, wouldn’t you still want to be healthy and as attractive as possible for WOMEN?)

        As a POC lesbian with mixed political opinions (though as you can see, I am unfortunately well studied in lefty lingo), I find your blog interesting and rather refreshing.

        Just so you know I’m not a troll, I am and have always been vehemently against healthcare reform in the form of the ACA. I am also pro gun-rights, against hate-speech legislation, and believe that identity politics have made rational discussion of almost ANY political topic difficult if not impossible, even among leftists. I also have burning rage against academia and what passes for “intellectual discourse” in the majority of liberal arts disciplines (of which I was once a part, but left because it really and truly was a cult.) And don’t even get me started on the hypocrisy of leftist discourse where it concerns Islam.

        That said, I am pro gay-marriage (also pro-choice, and certain other “librul” opinions that I won’t bore you with.) And this brings me to my reason for posting this comment…why are you pro civil-union but not pro gay-marriage? Let me be clear…it’s not by any means the huge important issue it’s made out to be in lefty circles and media, and personally I do not want to get married. The idea of marriage and the ceremony have freaked me out since childhood, and the added dissonance of calling someone my “wife” makes me even more uncomfortable. But as far as arguments go, I honestly don’t see much more than religious bullshit to stand against it. And while I hate religion only slightly less than I hate academia and their variety of “church,” I still hate it quite a bit and believe that it should play no more of a part in political discourse than identity politics.

        So, to phrase it more succinctly: while I understand that gay marriage is not an important issue to you, and that there are objectively vastly more important issues to spend one’s time, thought, and money on…when considered on its own, in isolation from who is pushing the agenda or whether you think it’s obfuscating more important things, on the merits of the arguments on each side alone, why don’t you support gay marriage but prefer civil unions? Just curious.

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