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A bit about me…I spent too many years of my lesbian life imbibing, and at times, chug-a-lugging, the Left-wing lesbian Kool-aid.  But a heavy dose of common sense, a steady diet of foundational values, and a rigorous workout of cellular synapses has cured the liberal light-headedness.

It has been quite a fascinating journey that has brought me back home to embrace once again the core beliefs and values that truly enrich my life.  But initially, as my doubts and concerns about progressive politics began to surface, I kept my opinions and feelings to myself in order to survive socially within the lesbian community.  But no more—the hiding is over.  I have lived my adult life as an OUT lesbian, and finally, I am living my life as an OUT conservative.

I would describe myself as a constitutional conservative who believes in fiscal responsibility, small government, and the capitalist system of free enterprise.  I support a strong military and believe all Americans owe deference and gratitude to our servicemen and women.  On the abortion issue, I am Pro-Life, as are many lesbians.

Now let me address that ubiquitous question that is always asked of lesbians and gays who openly admit to a conservative bent.  The question goes something like this: How can you, as a lesbian woman or gay man, support conservative candidates and/or the Republican party when they don’t support gay marriage or the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?

Well, here’s my response to that perplexing query:  There are many lesbians and gays in America who have no intention of helping to flush our country down the socialist toilet for the sake of gay marriage or the repeal of DADT.  And I’m proud to declare that I am one of them.  Do I care about the civil rights issues that directly touch my life?  Of course I do, but always within the context of the myriad political/social challenges facing our country today.

I have no intention of supporting a gay tribalism that deconstructs lesbian women and gay men into two-dimensional citizen caricatures disconnected from the overall social, political, and economic complexities that shape our daily lives.  And I disavow the lesbian/gay ghetto and its ‘progressive’ leadership that demands lockstep adherence to Left-wing ideology and dares to presume that it speaks for all lesbians and gays in our community.

I hope that The Lesbian Conservative can, in its small way, serve as a refuge for conservative and politically independent lesbians and all others who seek relief from the mind-dumbing scourge of Left-wing Fundamentalism.

My goals for this blog are as follows:

  • To provide an alternative source of opinion and views within the lesbian and gay communities and to serve as a sounding board for conservative lesbians and gays.

  • To expose the world at large to a more comprehensive view of lesbians and gays and to provide a sorely needed glimpse into the lives and values of lesbian and gay patriots.

  • To provide a place where ALL conservatives and independents can share their thoughts, concerns, and insights on the issues that touch all of our lives.

TLC welcomes comments from fellow conservative and independent travelers, whether straight, lesbian, gay, or bisexual.  If you are a sister refugee from the hardcore lefty lesbian community, then I would especially like to hear from you.  All are encouraged to comment and share their ideas, experiences, and stories.  We don’t have to always agree with each other on every issue–we each have our unique slant on the pressing problems of the day.  But we do need to keep the lines of communication open.  Now more than ever, we need each other.

Welcome.  Feel free to say hello here on the About page or visit the TLC Public Forum where you get to toot your own horn on any topic at any time.

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  1. Emeute says:

    I’m not gonna lie. I’m a bleeding heart liberal. From the belly of the beast as they say. I’m a large consumer of left-leaning media. (To give you some reference where stand on the political spectrum, most mainstream media is too conservative for my tastes). I do, however, like to consider myself reasoned enough not to agree with all tenants of left-wing ideology. In fact, I try extremely hard not have any ideology at all. Recently, I realized that in order to mitigate polarizing discourse, and have constructive dialogue about the future of our country, we must learn to understand each other’s point of view. Unfortunately, most conservative blogs, or articles I read are so militant to some extemporaneous dogma that it just makes me angry. To some degree that is my own failing, but the vehemence pushes me away.

    I’m glad to find a conservative outlet that is a little more stylish and fun. It turns out we agree on many of the same challenges that our nation faces. Though we may disagree about the sources of and solutions to those ailments, I am taking cues about from this blog about what values conservatives hold dear. In that way I hope to have conversations with opposing viewpoints that actually carry meaning, and don’t end in a shouting match (something both ends of the spectrum do on a regular basis).

    Of course, I know this isn’t the ONLY place to look for a reasonable conservative mind, but it is a start. Keep up the good work. I promise not to troll.

    • Hi there. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your perspective, liberal though it may be. You might find us pretty militant at times here at TLC as we do take our politics pretty seriously. But I hope you will also find us approachable and a little self-deprecating. Welcome.

      • a.b. says:

        First I want to thank you for allowing my post on your site.

        With homosexuality, my view is that gay/lesbian behaviors must be treated the same way as smoking by adults. If a gay or lesbian is doing it with other knowing and willing adults and not pushing their views on others, then leave them alone. If a person who is gay or lesbian wants to change to straight sexuality, then repair therapy must be there for those who want this. I support abolishing sex changes because that is a sad science waste-mutilating a man or sometimes woman to make them fake opposite sex members.

        But hope that you as a lesbian can give your view on this and it deals with tennis player Martina Navratilova and the repair therapy controversy. In 2005 Martina Navratilova protested Oregon Univ. doing tests on gay sheep because of indirect possibility such tests could discover cure for homosexuality, though it was not the scientists intent. Martina Navratilova lectured on how it’s animal cruelty and the usual pro-gay/lesbian propaganda. But Martina Navratilova has not protested sex changes. Sex changes were first done on animals and the animals were injected with hormones after being mutilated.

        Martina Navratilova has not called this animal cruelty. Martina Navratilova has also not protested AIDS testing which again is done on animals. Martina Navratilova must decide her view on animal cruelty. Martina Navratilova was against the gay sheep experiments because it was indirectly against her agenda. But Martina Navratilova has not protested tests on animals when it comes to sex changes and AIDS testing because it agrees with her agenda.

        Mainstream psychology/medicine is not to be trusted on gay/lesbian topic and too many people accept what is said w/o challenging or having doubts. You can pay experts to say things which agree with gay/lesbian agenda and that is has happened with psychology/medicine since 1973. Can sexual orientation for some gays and lesbians change-in 2001 Dr. Spitzer said that change was possible for highly motivated individuals and that it happened after long journey and he got condemned by gay/lesbian groups. In 2007, he said that while gays and lesbians should not be forced into therapy, he believed it was the hubris of psychologists to deny this for those who want it. In 2012, Dr. RL Spitzer retracted, apologized to gay/lesbian groups, saying therapy doesn’t work and condemned it. What I must wonder is did Dr. Spitzer in 2012 say what he believed, or did he say it to pacify gay/lesbian groups ? People have a right to doubt Dr. Spitzer’s sincerity. Hope you can comment on both topics.

    • very opinionated says:

      After this “gay is in” fad fades out i am afraid that straight people will hate gays and lesbians even more so as they do now. I know that some still hate us and they have every right to, i don’t care. However i feel that they are going to even more because of the “In Your Face Gay”, Heck i would blame straight people for hating us for that reason alone.. I am just sayin’.

      • veryopinionated25 says:

        “I ment that i wouldn’t blame straight people for hating us” sorry for the misspelling.

      • I could be wrong, but I think the gay thing could go the same way as the abortion thing. In the late 70s/early 80s, the majority of Americans were pro-abortion on demand—the women’s choice crusade was seen as the sophisticated wave of the future and only women-hating backward troglodytes would dare to oppose such an obvious noble cause.

        Yet 30 plus years later and here we are with the majority of Americans NOT supporting abortion on demand but hedging on the issue by supporting restrictions instead, with many states making it down right difficult for women to walk into a clinic and kill their offspring. And good old Planned Parenthood may seem like an arrogant behemoth but it is most definitely on the defensive (the Susan Komen debacle made that clear). The Left continues to demonize pro-lifers but they do so not from their confident stance of the 70s/80s but from a sense of confusion and frustration that their ‘noble cause’ has not been a fait accompli.

        The gay gestapo may say publicly that homosexuality and the gay marriage agenda is the rage of the future but the very fact that they attempt to annihilate any organization or individual that doesn’t go along with their political aims shows an insecurity and fear. Yep, we may be IN right now, but culture has a way of turning upon itself. And the more nasty the queers become, the more of a backlash we can expect, perhaps not right away but it will build over time and it will eventually smack back.

        Sorry if I ran on here….

        • Paul Shirley says:

          I hope this is not off-topic, but your comment about “gay gestapo” brought up a question that’s been heavy on my mind. I’m a straight white guy, who recently befriended a very nice straight white lady in the process of divorce. She told me an unusual story about severe harassment from her gay soon-to-be-ex-husband that included harassing phone calls and a great deal more. I’m a fairly good judge of what’s real vs what’s not real, and I believed the lady’s story.
          Within a few days of striking up this friendship, I myself began receiving harassing phone calls – which amused me, because petty criminals who pretend to be Al Capone belong in comedy movies, IMO. In talking things over with a trusted friend who is streetwise & savvy, I learned a new term I’d never heard before that day – “gay mafia.”
          My friend tells me that this “gay mafia” originally formed to protect gay persons from discrimination, but somewhere along the line they seemed to lose their idealism, sense of purpose, & whatever moral compass they originally had & have basically become little more than a gang of bullies and thugs.
          Are we talking about the same “gay gestapo” here? I never heard either of these terms until a couple of weeks ago, either “gay mafia” or “gay gestapo.” I was wondering if somebody would please do me a favor, treat me like I’ve been stranded on a deserted island like Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away, and explain to me in plain terms just WTF exactly is going on in the world around me that I’ve been totally oblivious to?
          I just can’t wrap my head around these events. What is this whole business about, anyway – tapping people’s phones & tracking people’s cars? That stuff is easily enough done with a few hundred bucks to pay a private detective, but to my knowledge, private detectives don’t generally waste their time making prank phone calls like the ones I got. I persuaded the one prank phone caller that I seriously am not interested in purchasing any FEAR packages from him, but if he wanted to come over & talk I would gladly put on a pot of coffee. I’m sorry, but I’ve dealt with too many real criminals professionally (and personally, but that’s another long story) to be impressed by this style of teenage girl intimidation. What the heck are these people all about? Is this the kind of intimidation you’re talking about? Is this what the Gay Liberation Movemenbt (or whatever PC says its latest incarnation should be called)?
          Please pretend I’m Tom Hanks, just returned from a deserted island, and bring me up to speed. Right now, I can’t believe my eyes or my ears. I can’t believe the level of childishness I’ve encountered. Somebody please tell me this is just one particular idiotic soon-to-be-ex-husband, and not a whole boys club pretending to “protect” themselves from us evil former social worker straight dudes. Coz I just don’t get it.

          • Paul,

            The Gay Mafia or the Gay Gestapo is a term used to describe the organized non-profit and for-profit enterprises run by gays and lesbians. They’re terms used specifically in reference to gays who by virtue of belonging to or running some form of social or political entity think they are the voice of the entire gay/lesbian communities.

            The idiot who is harassing you is just an idiot who is harassing you although he may have friends who are giving a helping hand. The gay goons who might stoop to such activities usually do so from a political motivation not a personal one. So I think reporting the calls to the phone company and the local police and then having your number changed is probably the best approach. But if you’re involved with a woman who is still going through the throes of divorce with someone who isn’t wrapped too tight, well, it is what it is.

        • James says:

          No, please, run on… You are one of the smartest people I’ve read or listened to on a conservative blog or radio show.

  2. wiccapundit says:

    We just added you to our blogroll. We have a similar approach: pagan and conservative. We didn’t think there were many of us, either. We were pleasantly surprised to be wrong. We have many gay friends, and not all of them are liberal, by any means.

    • Hi Wiccapundit. Glad you stopped by and thanks for linking to my blog–I will return the compliment. You’re a great example of good old American individualism, showing the world that Paganism isn’t synonymous with progressivism.

  3. veryopinionated25 says:

    Sorry, don’t mean to bore you with a question, has anyone been out on this blog for being lesbian/gay? And do you take any precaution for your readers in case they get outed?

    • No one as been outed on my blog. Some commenters don’t want to give out their real names on the internet so they will post under a handle. Others don’t give a hoot and use their real names. How open you want to be is up to you.

      • veryopinionated25 says:

        Thanks, i am just so paranoid about being outed in general, REcently i have came out to myself and it’s been tough.
        Also have anyone created a meetup group for conservative lesbians? Because i would like to join that group, i already have a meetup account.

        • Understandable. And there is a new Google group for conservative lesbians that has just started. Click on the icon in the sidebar of my blog (Conservative Lesbians Google Group–Join Up).

        • vswright says:

          I hear ya, sister. Many years ago I was out in the gay community but got fed up with the seemingly immature antics of some of the people I knew and, for many reasons, moved to where I live now, a much smaller city. The gay community here is intertwined with the local university where I work. Since mixing work and social life is a bad fit, I’m closeted as well. Hope to “see” you at the Google group.

  4. very opinionated says:

    Just wanted to know.. i have been noticing alot more of gay conservatives coming around more here recently.. when did the Gay conservative movement start?

    • Over the past few years more conservatives than ever before, both gay and straight, have been kicking up their heels. I think of it as more of a social revolution than a movement.

      • vswright says:

        I agree. Rather than an organized movement per se, it seems to me that Americans in general–and that includes us, too, right?–are alarmed by the accumulated depredations of the Left has over the past three or so decades, and by the increasingly in-your-face antics of the Obama administration. It doesn’t matter whether we have gay marriage when the rest of our rights have been taken away. This is a problem affects ALL of us. I’d be willing to bet that the Tea Party has gays within its ranks, albeit quietly.

  5. Dawn says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about you and the responses on this page. Since I’ve already commented on two other postings I thought I would introduce myself here. I’m a straight (non active) conservative living in Nebraska, via Oklahoma from Connecticut. I too have lived in the belly of the beast, in liberal CT, and have experience the liberal-gay connection first hand as my 45 yr old brother is gay and continually plays the victim mentality for all the terrible things life has dealt him. Long story, don’t ask….I love him, but if I lived closer I’d probably choke him with my own two hands. Tough love isn’t easy.

    I also have two Marines and my oldest has told me that before DADT was repealed they were polled about their feelings on the issue. A huge majority could care less. It’s a non-issue in the Marine Corps. PDA is highly discouraged on any base. Male Marines in uniform aren’t even supposed to hold hands with a girlfriend and vice versa. Shoot Marines aren’t even supposed to talk on cell phones or eat and walk at the same time.

    I’ve been on some Marine Facebook pages and weekend liberty instructions are posted as jokes and contest for the best lib discharge (Gunny SGT have very inventive language) They often refer to same sex antics as well as bi antics. So obviously it’s just roll with what life has given them.

    Anyhow, your writing is extremely creative, right on base and it’s refreshing to read conservative essays that don’t take themselves too seriously. I often get tired of conservatives standing on their soap box and being so serious and “militant” it scares people away. Thanks again for a wonderful evening of reading.

    • Hi Dawn,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and adding your personal comments. I can certainly relate with your tough love scenario and that victim mentality that is so prevalent today. And yes, you’re right–the sexual orientation issue ceased being a big deal some time ago for the majority of serving men and women. I think many conservatives still have a lot to learn when it comes to the art of picking battles.

      Congratulations on having two great sons serving in the Marine Corps. I hope you’ll stop by again and share your words of wisdom here. Your point of view would certainly be valued.


  6. macroni28 says:

    Hmmm, something happened to my login. I seemed to have lost Perry Palmer. 😀

  7. Perry Palmer says:

    Hmmm, something happened to my login. It made me change my name. 😀

  8. Bria says:

    Jeanne, this is off any political topics, but I wondered if you had any recommendations or suggestions for meeting other conservative lesbians, dating-wise? It’s pretty dry out there…

    Maybe we should all host our own conference. :->

    Still loving your blog! Thanks,

    • Hi Bria,

      I think it’s long overdue for conservative, libertarian, and even middle-of-the road oriented lesbians to begin connecting on a national basis. In a fragmented community of like-minded women such as ours, it can be difficult to connect and until someone takes it upon themselves to start a national Yahoo group or to set up a message board of some kind, or whatever, it will continue to be a scattered and disconnected ‘community’.

      As for dating, I think the best approach is an open one, although that’s a double-edged sword of sorts. There are a lot of lesbian Meetup groups, especially in metro areas. You could join a group in your area and sponsor a Meetup get-together for lesbians of alternative political viewpoints and see who signs up. Either no one will, or you’ll get kicked out of the Meetup group, or you just might actually get to meet some conservative women in your area. It would take some guts to do this, because you’ll definitely be stepping into the limelight so to speak if you haven’t already.

      Are you using any of the online dating outfits? Again, being open about yourself within the context of a friendly and welcoming profile will get you noticed. And being cute will help as well. 🙂 And if you’re flexible in your dating criteria as well as being willing to explore a wider geographical area, that should help too.

      Ok, I’m starting to sound like Ann Landers. Maybe we should make this a blog post on the home page and see what other ideas folks come up with.

      • very opinionated says:

        I am all up for it! I wanted to ask the same question but didn’t know how! I have joined meetup myself but they are all liberal groups! I have always wanted to see if theere any conservative lesbian meetup group in my area but haven’t found any!

      • Bria says:

        I think that’s a brilliant idea, Jeanne. I may set up a Google Group this weekend.

        Will keep you posted!

      • wisebeyond says:

        Dear Ann,
        Sorry I couldn’t resist. I would like an easier path as well, meeting smart, funny and very conservative lesbians is near impossible. I have little time to waste on the gay talking points spewed at every get together. I tell them openly that being a liberal lesbian is not unlike falling in love with the man that keeps you locked up in the shed out back. Reading this blog for the first time today was more refreshing than I can put into words. I may sleep tonight hugging my laptop from pure bliss. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

        • Hi there. And yes, I can relate to the never-ending liberal talking points that get tossed around at lesbian gatherings–they’re still knee-deep in Palin jokes in my neck of the woods. I just remind my sad sisters that Mrs. Palin is now a multi-millionaire and thank them for all their support.

          Glad you found us.

          • wisebeyond says:

            Mrs. Palin SHOULD be an example for women on both sides. On that ‘both sides’ note speaking as a former brainwashed liberal; I am thankful that my anger has turned in to laughter and passion. I am VERY passionate about ALL the right issues, God, Our Country, Our Military, Our Unborn (esp the girls) and My Family. I do not blame non gay conservatives for their current distain for all things gay. I am, as a lesbian so sick myself of the myopic view with the marriage issue. I am lucky to hear of a gay couple that has lasted more than a few years (I know there are long term’ers out there… I am speaking generally). My real issue with the marriage is that I am very sceptical beleiving that God has anything to do with their need/desire to marry. Marriage is a word from the Bible. It is a union with GOD. Pure and simple. Their rage as seen by their chaps and nipple chains at any parade is with the benefits (SURPRISE victims love their benefits) given to some groups and not others. Do you think there are enough gays and lesbians that they could start their own insurance companies that do include whomever they like? I say get down off that rainbow float, iron out a business plan and be done with it. Speak with common sense, I bet I listen!

            • Well said. The chaps and nipple chains–LGBT’s idea of celebrating ‘diversity’. June has turned into Gay Trash Month.

              And state-sponsored gay marriage—should be interesting developments there, especially since lesbians as a group engage in serial monogamy, running from one love of their life to another by cheating on their partners. Adultery, divorce, alimony, and common law couples, oh my! Yep, gay marriage is gona be fun.

  9. Perry Palmer says:

    This is too much fun not to share. 😀

  10. very opinionated says:

    Just wanted to know is anyone on here afraid to come out as a conservative gay/lesbian on different forums like FreedomConnector or any other conservative forum? Or how do straight conservatives see you? Or does it even matter?

    • I don’t take part in conservative forums so I can’t really give an informed opinion. But based on my experience with posting comments on various conservative news sites and blogs as an out conservative lesbian, I would say that you would get a very mixed reaction. Some ultra social conservatives would probably consider you a left-wing plant invading their territory while others wouldn’t care at all about your sexual orientation. It’s the same with my blog’s trackbacks–some conservative sites will not allow my trackbacks at all, while other sites post them. And then there are a couple of conservative news sites that hedge—they post my trackbacks but remove the name of my blog. So it’s a mixed bag.

      If you decide to give it a shot, I’d be interested to know how it played out.

  11. very opinionated says:

    I just don’t understand why the gay left have to make their sexuality so political. They are so hypocrytical, they say that their sexuality is only a small part of them and yet they are too OUT and Proud! Just don’t get it.

  12. very opinionated says:

    I am so sick of the gay-left agenda that i can just puke. I believe that it makes lesbians who love and want the best for our country look really bad. I can’t staind being grouped in to one! Whatever happened to individuality!

  13. very opinionated says:

    No problem for the link.. I just thought about having a different take on gay marriage.

  14. Perry Palmer says:

    Jefferson County is where I live here in Colorado. Today’s Denver Post has an article that shows Colorado at least is stepping in the right direction with Republicans and gays. Maybe there is hope for us conservative gays down the road.

  15. very opinionated says:

    Oh and just wanted to wish everyone here at lesbianoutsider a very merry Christmas:)

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  17. Naamloos says:

    I found your blog via a GayPatriot pingback (which linked to your post “GOProud Shake Up.” Anyway, I am very impressed with your “About” section. Your response to the “ubiquitous question” echoes my views, but is said in a much more eloquent way than what I would be capable of. And I’ve only read a few posts, but you seem very sensible.

    I am a young gay economic/fiscal/cultural conservative (male) and tea party sympathyzer living in Western Canada, and obsessed with politics. I have always held conservative views, which coming out as gay didn’t alter.

    Anyway, I look forward to frequently visiting your blog, which I will add to my blogroll.

  18. very opinionated says:

    lesbianoutsider.. just wanted to know when are you going to help make gay/lesbian conservatives more visable in the media? Like on Fox News or any other TV Station?

    • Well, I think my blog helps in its little way to provide a public presence for conservative gays/lesbians. And there are other blogs out there as well that do a great job of getting attention for gay conservatives.

  19. Mike says:

    Hello, just recently found you, well your blog anyway. Old 55 retired navy guy here, have enjoyed reading you post the last few days keep up the amazing insight, and thanks.

  20. very opinionated says:

    Exactly, kids today have no clue what they’re getting into!! I have a niece and nephew and i’ll be darned if they even start to worry about their sexuality when they are just 9 and 5 years old. Shoot, for ten years i am still struggling with my sexuality. Just don’t understand anymore these days… sometimes i wish it was the 1990’s where coming out was taboo. Sorry i just think that coming out doesn’t mean anything to anybody anymore. They don’t take it seriously!

  21. very opinionated says:

    Is it just me or are kids coming out way too early?? Do they even know what it’s like to struggle with their Sexuality??

    • I think many young people struggle with their sexuality but it has almost become culturally taboo to admit that. There’s too much of the ‘get on the band wagon’ effect going on today. And god forbid, anyone turn their back on homosexuality! My gosh, that would mark paid to the lie that homosexuality is unchangeable in all situations, with all people. And it can be difficult to find support since most of the gay organizations have their political agenda and really aren’t there to actually help someone find themselves. Kids are pulled into our sexualized culture way too early and haven’t a clue what they’re getting into.

  22. very oppinionated says:

    Hi lesbianoutsider, i am a young closeted bi/lesbian who is a conservative. Just wanted to know how can i say what i feel and think and have my voice be heard without being called anti-gay?
    And also just wanted to know what is your view on the repeal of DADT? and how would you achieve about getting Gay Rights?

    • Well, Very Opinionated, if you’re going to give voice to conservative views as a lesbian or bisexual woman then be prepared to be called anti-gay and lots of other, much nastier, epithets. Intimidation and defamation just come with the territory–you choose your moments, you choose your battles.

      I support the repeal of DADT. When there are men and women willing to serve their country, they should be treated with the same respect as any other service member and that means having the basic right to live their lives out in the open, out of the closet. I do not, however, support the ‘special rights’ that always seem to accompany ‘equal’ rights in this country. Gays/lesbians have become yet another special victim group that the rest of society is expected to tip-toe around.

      Achieving gay rights….well not sure exactly what that means. Gay marriage? I support civil unions and am less tied to the whole gay marriage marathon that everyone seems to be caught up in. As a lesbian woman, I certainly dealt with direct discrimination in my life, but gay/lesbian acceptance has changed dramatically in the US in the past 10/15 years. Sexual orientation taken out of the context of other affiliations (race, ethnicity, gender, class) gets a bit ridiculous—what does an upper class white gay man have in common with a working class black gay guy? Not much at all.

      So on my list of life priorities, gay ‘rights’ come in around 6th or 7th on the agenda. Constitution, country, family, economic well being of me and mine, my emotional/physical/spiritual health, career, all come before some politically constructed identification as an aggrieved victim of patriarchal oppression. Quite frankly, my lesbian orientation has never kept me from earning a good living, buying a home, owning a car, taking vacations, etc. and I have lived as an out lesbian all of my adult life.


      • very oppinionated says:

        Thanks for the reply. I feel the same way as you do on the repeal of DADT, but my only concern about it is those ” few bad apples” in the bunch that’s all. I am also glad that you see the big picture on gay rights, the way i see it is that our own community needs to see ourselves as individuals not as a group.
        As for me being in the closet, i really don’t want to come out yet because it seems like everybody is coming out..like it’s a “gay craze” or something. I want to come out for the right reasons not because everyone else is. Let alone being a Conservative as well as bi/lesbian.
        Hope this makes sense…

        • Good for you! Don’t let anyone tell you how open you should be. Our so-called community is overflowing with phony role models who are just jumping on the ‘gay is IN’ bandwagon. If you decide to ‘come out’ it will be on your terms, in your way and that’s the healthy way to go. Yep, it makes perfect sense.

  23. meredithancret says:

    It’s always great to find another gay conservative. It seems like I find more and more every day, it makes me feel a lot less isolated every time I run across a blog like this one.

  24. Megan says:

    I just accidentally stumbled across your website while I was googling the atrocity at Penn State.

    I’m 18 years old, and a registered independent. I’d say I’m left-leaning, but I really am independent and there are aspects of the conservative side that I certainly agree with as well. I just recently came out as a lesbian, a little over a year ago, and there is a certain expectation attached to that about being hardcore liberal. I’m ecstatic to have found your site because I certainly am not hardcore liberal, though I know when it comes to a matter of our civil rights I can certainly come off that way, and therefore am labeled a liberal by my ultra-conservative friends. If I were forced to choose sides, it might be the Democrats, but I’d probably flee the country before I had to make that choice. 😉

    I was raised Mormon, and while I no longer really follow that religion for fairly obvious reasons, I am still a Christian and hold many of the Christian values very high. I think our country is in a very sorry state right now, and I’m certainly afraid for my own future and the future of my peers.

    I love this country and my brother is a soldier and I was taught growing up to have an incredible amount of pride in the United States. I don’t know that either side in particular has the answers to the question of how our problems can be fixed, but I know for sure that it isn’t automatically the liberals.

    I know you didn’t sign on to hear my whole life story, but I just wanted to voice my support and explain where I stand; while I’m not conservative, I’m not liberal either, and being very comfortably in the middle, I am enjoying your posts immensely!

    Be well, Megan.

    • Hi Megan, glad you found TLC. And thank you for sharing some of your personal history. I think there are many folks who don’t fit neatly into a particular political box. And I’m glad you’re enjoying the commentary here. Feel free to add your voice at any time.


  25. Perry Palmer says:

    I like Paul. In the meantime, I am madder than ever about these little racist comments coming from the left. Why in the world did they worship Obama if they weren’t racist?

    • Paul Shirley says:

      Perry, that is an old political tactic IMO – if you can’t challenge the substance, question the motives. In this case it comes out like this: “Sure, we admit the Republicans are doing the right thing, but it’s for all the wrong reasons!”

      My question to the Left is, whatever happened to being non-judgmental?

  26. Paul Shirley says:

    I found your site by accident while doing a search on so-called “Neo-atheism.” It is an astonishing breach of the status quo’s unwritten rules, and a very welcome breath of fresh air. I am a white male, retired from social work, and politically I’m all over the spectrum depending on the issue, because I think about issues. I almost feel like making you my mother confessor … my liberal friends hate me because I believe in BOTH of the first two amendments, and my Christian friends don’t like me because I’ve explored my own Native American religious roots …. I don’t belong ANYWHERE!! I think I’ll start hanging out here and become a Lesbian Conservative groupie … maybe even a wannabee …. anyhow, back to serious-ville, I love your site and your writing. Please believe that you are doing good things here, because you are.

  27. Perry Palmer says:

    Many blacks are calling Herman Cain and Allen West “OREOS”. I can only imagine what kind of cookie that makes the Obummer lovers. I wish the blacks would see what racists they really are by their offensive labeling; AND Cain and West aren’t half white. I love the OREOS.

    • You’re right. The Left labels any minority who doesn’t support their view of the world and their big government agendas as a self-hater and a traitor to the ’cause’. It’s a tactic though that is less and less effective any more. The Left has shown its true colors in the way it has treated Cain and West and others. It’s pretty clear who the real racists are.

  28. Bria says:

    Oh, bliss, I thought I was the only one!! Reading through these comments is so encouraging to see how many of us there are, though I still feel a little like an endangered species. 🙂 Thank you for this blog!

    • Hi Bria. Glad you found TLC. Isn’t it interesting that so many conservative lesbian women seem to think that they’re the only one. I used to think that too. Hope you enjoy the blog and stop by often.


  29. Perry Palmer says:

    I nearly did flips and cheers when I read your, “The White Liberal Lesbian”. Aren’t they just snobs? They are so uptight they squeak; and they call themselves “liberal”. What a misnomer! And the ‘cheap shots at Sarah Palin’ is right. “I can see Russia from my front porch” is Tina Fey’s quote. These uninformed Dykes swear Sarah said this, and I heard it again only Saturday.

    On another note: I just finished reading “Unnatural Selection” by Mara Hvistendahl. There are 160 million missing females in China and India because they are being aborted. Infanticide was the earlier method, but gender selection technology (amniocentesis and ultra sound) has made this so convenient. This has created a gender imbalance that will make the world notice when these men start looking for mates, which they are doing now. They don’t want only wives, they want girls for the sex trade, and so kidnapping is popular. The National Organization for Women has never acknowledged this because they may upset the pro abortion left. Most women I talk to don’t want to know anything about the missing girls. The left-leaning gay women say, “Women’s Rights to Abortion!” “Pro Choice!” When the gender scales tip to an invasion of angry men, I’ll bet the lefties will rethink abortion.

    I think you are a very good writer.

    • After spending many years moving in Lefty circles, I couldn’t agree more with your own observations, Perry. So many American liberal women are uptight, rigid, snotty, and phony. The blatant hypocrisy of Lefties toward the horrific plight of Third-World women is beyond disgusting. These American feminist fakes are nothing more than self-absorbed middle class frauds. And NOW is a dinasaur with a shrinking membership base. Change is coming.

      And thanks for the compliment, Perry.

  30. Perry Palmer says:

    The comments from LGBTQ Nation’s blog (http://www.lgbtqnation.com/2011/08/goproud-names-ann-coulter-honorary-chair-of-advisory-council/) are the reason I lay low and stay out of the way of the nasty, radical, gay extremists.
    I feel as though they are screaming all the time. So what if Ann Coulter doesn’t support gay marriage? I can’t stand that straight people are shacking up without the benefit of marriage (must be my inner fuddy-duddy). I’m glad she acknowledges GOProud and that there are some sane gay people. Now I’m screaming.

    • Since the great progressive savior himself hasn’t officially come out in support of gay marriage, one has to wonder at all that faux rage. I take their screaming nastiness as a very good sign, Perry. When a well known icon like Ann Coulter aligns herself with a gay organization because they share common conservative principles, that sends serious reverberations throughout Gay Inc and it’s scaring the sheep who follow them.

      And feel free to vent here as often as you like.

  31. Perry says:

    We gays were dealt the cards we got, and most of us just played our hand. Being gay is not my identity. Like you, I swung around on the left gate for a time, trying to make sense of the liberals. But they didn’t make sense; they were hateful and angry, and still are.
    I have learned in my 65 years, not everyone likes gays. So what? I don’t shove it down anyone’s throat, the way the liberal gays do. So GOProud didn’t get invited to The Conservative Political Action Conference, but that’s OK. They know who we are and that we support the Conservative agenda. Let’s not hassle them; they will respect us for it.

  32. Perry Palmer says:

    “Developed nations have 30-year-old students and 50-year old retirees…” Mark Steyn’s quote, keeps me believing that liberals want to keep everyone going to college not only for their liberal indoctrination, but to keep the sports machine financed. So many don’t really want to go to college, but feel pressured to do so. Getting a trade would make a lot of people happier, but I bet Obama wouldn’t think so. How many attorneys and masters in business do we need?

    • This ‘college or bust’ nonsense that has been sold to us through the years has turned out to be one heck of a financial joke—Twenty somethings working at Starbucks or sitting in offices pushing paper for minimal money strapped with gigantic student loan debt that will hang over them the rest of their working lives. Most young men and women don’t belong in college. I think over the next 10 to 15 years there’s going to be a major shift away from those over-priced bachelors programs toward more practical educational alternatives.

  33. Jim says:

    Hi TLC,

    Stumbled onto your site when a search pulled up the Chesterton quote you posted last June. Got to reading some of your other stuff and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You sound like you have a really good head on your shoulders. Don’t get a lot of that up here in the worker’s paradise of Minnesota. Keep up the good work.


    • Thanks, Jim. Nice to hear from you. And nice to know there are some rational folks up there in the liberal climes of Minnesota.


    • Denise says:

      Hi Jim, I know it has been a long time since this post, but just thought I’d say Hi from Minnesota as well. ;-))

    • beachbug1 says:

      Hi Jim, Just wanted to say Hi from your neck of the woods in Minnesota. I was just reading some of these older posts and thought I’d say Hi. Don’t you just love this blog?? It is awesome! Denise

  34. Perry says:

    Thank goodness you are one of me. I was wondering if I were the only one, just like when I was an eight-year old and teenager in the ’50s and ’60s and I knew I was different from all the other girls. I always thought that being gay was just part of my life, not MY LIFE. It’s so nice to know that there are others that have an independent way of thinking and not joining the incredibly mean left. YAY US! 😀

  35. Ceeto says:

    Geezzzz…I thought for a while I was the only Conservative Lesbian in the world. I finaly came across you by accident. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!, just for being here. What a breath of fresh air!

  36. Coastie Kate says:

    OMG! I thought it was just me and Tammy Bruce as the only conservative lesbians out there! I’m from Kansas, but heading to Florida..(way better taxes..grins) and I know Tammy has NO IDEA who the hell I am..lol so glad I found you! Thank you!

    • Hi Kate. Glad you stumbled upon my site. I do think there are more than a few of us out there. Great to hear from you and feel free to stay in touch. Florida…I’m jealous.


  37. Jeanne,

    Though I have visited your blog several times since first discovering it a couple of months ago, I don’t think I had read your “about” page until now. Wonderful answer to that “ubiquitous” question! Eloquent and articulate. I am sharing this with the conservative people I know who are also lesbians and gay. Your words are perfect, and zing right to the core.

    • Thanks, Conservative Pup. I appreciate your kind words.

      • beachbug1 says:

        I feel exactly the same! I feel so lucky to be on your facebook page and tonight I was catching up on a few posts of yours since I have been on very little this summer and I too had never read this about page. It is refreshing to read. I feel a kinship. You just rock and you make me laugh on your blog posts. ;-)) Denise L. J.

  38. jonathon l says:

    Thank heavens for the internet – I sure do. A straight guy in somewhat remote Canada is uplifted and comforted by a blog written by a lesbian thousands of miles away (I’m assuming). It is hard to be sane and open-minded today, something the left is not – the union rallies have made this evident – you often feel like you’re alone…Please carry on, we need you!

  39. Jeanne says:

    I just happened upon your website after reading some information about Chris Barron of GOProud. I am relieved to discover there are other conservative lesbians out there. Often times I feel like a lone soldier battling against a mounting tide of ignorance and misinformation. Thank you for being out here and reminding us conservative minded lesbians that we are not alone.

    • Hi Jeanne,

      Glad you stumbled upon my blog. And glad to hear from another conservative lesbian. I think there are more than just a few of us around but it’s making those connections that can be tough. Hope you stop by again.


  40. Becky Morgan says:

    Wow what a relief, I was starting to think I was the only lesbian conservative in the entire world.

    I can sleep tonight

    Thank you, thank you..

  41. Vicky says:

    Hi Jeanne

    I live in Perth. Thank you for the tip!


  42. Vicky says:

    Hi- been looking for a blog like this for a while. Living as an expat in Australia for 10 years and during this time discovered my conservative background has caught up with me after many years living under socialism. Very hard to find conservative lesbians in this socialist utopia. Does anyone know of lesbian conservatives down under? Thank you Vicky

    • Hi Vicky,

      Welcome. Where abouts in Australia do you live? Unfortunately, I don’t know any conservative lesbians down under. You might try one of the online personal sites for friends of like mind. The only one I’m aware of that covers Australia is Tango Wire which does business under a variety of web names, such as lesbianpersonalsonline.com. Good luck.

  43. Lisa Francis says:

    Just stopping in to say Hello from the Midwest. I am so excited to find this site. As much as I love the guys ,it is so fantastic to find out I am not the only lesbian Libertarian.

    • Hi, Lisa. Welcome. There are many of us lesbian libertarians and conservatives out there in the good ole USA and as the Tea Party movement continues to roll on, I hope more of our voices will be heard. Feel free to give your perspective on the issues here. Great to hear from you.


  44. Terry R says:

    This is a breath of fresh air! There ARE other conservative Lesbians in the world! When we are first in the process of “coming out,” we think we are alone … when we are conservative … we definitely feel alone within our own “family.”

    I am on the left coast and in the belly of the beast in the Bay Area of California. I lean more toward being a Constitutionalist and love when I am asked about being a Lesbian … and a Conservative. Most lemmings cannot “compute” the dynamics of a person who can actually THINK for themselves. Several have actually asked me, “How can you be a Lesbian and call yourself a Conservative?” I reply, “How can you be straight and be a liberal?”

    It is extremely hard to meet Conservative Lesbians and finding your site is GREAT! Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to wish your site the very BEST of luck. I will be checking for a Tea-Party in the Bay Area where the “tent” IS big enough for all of us! Oh yeah, OUT PELOSI … OUT BOXER … OUT REED and rock on Lesbian Conservatives!

    • Hi Terry,

      Great to hear from you! Living on this side of the continent is tough enough–I can’t imagine living in ‘the belly of the beast’. A Lesbian Conservative in the Bay Area–you have fantastic fortitude! Good luck with your Tea Party search. My experiences with the movement have all been positive. Stop by again.


  45. Glen Amos says:

    Katelyn, I have read your email twice and it both fustrates and saddens me. How did we come to this point in time? You are being judged, not by the content of your character but by the perception within the lesbian community that you are somehow flawed because you are a conservative.

    I truly believe you will find a wonderful person to share your life. Keep a positive attitude and your heart open. The next woman you meet could be the one.

  46. Katelyn says:

    I am happy to see this site in existence. It’s so hard to be a young republican lesbian. I get tired of being verbally attacked and unwelcomed in the gay community. It’s even harder in the rare instance I do meet a gay republican; they are always male. I have actually never met a lesbian republican in real life. My only hope is to one day finally meet a wonderful republican woman and start a family together. I can’t see myself with a Democrat, especially since I am very religous and am in seminary school to become a minister. Thank you for this site. It helps me to know that at the very least, I am not alone. Thanks be to God. Amen

    • Hi Katelyn.

      I think there are many of us conservative lesbians out there, but as you have experienced, it’s risky being openly republican or conservative within the lesbian/gay community. I’m currently a registered republican who voted reluctantly for John McCain and enthusiastically for Sarah Palin. So you’ve just connected with your first real lesbian repub. You are definitely not alone.


    • Holly says:

      To Katelyn,

      As a young Conservative Republican who also happens to be a lesbian, know that you are not alone; we may be rare, but we exist. I understand your sentiment in the hatred that exists in the gay community towards any member who does not prescribe to their collective worldview, but I rather enjoy watching them seethe as they confront me with vile discrimination that completely invalidates their mantra of: “welcoming, open, diverse.”

      You will meet someone wonderful and I pray for you in your studies and wish you success.

      To Jeanne,

      Your site is refreshing and very much appreciated. Wishing you success!


      • Hi Holly,

        Thanks so much for your comments. Hearing from another young conservative lesbian like yourself has to be uplifting for Katelyn. And I appreciate your kind words about TLC. Getting feedback like this is very encouraging.


    • chantel says:

      There are more of us out there than you know. I find the same problems among my own friends. Hold your head up and keep looking. You will find one 🙂

  47. Kelly Sullivan says:

    Hi Jeanne!
    I’m with you on that – I feel a glimmer of hope, too! At this writing, they’re still trying to vote in the health care reform and while I’m dreading that they may pull this off, the backlash will be immediate and relentless . Sure, they’re feeling some heat now but once they return to their home states and have to face angry crowds of constituents, from now until November, they’re all probably going to start considering moving to another country! I wonder, once they’re all voted out of office, who will hire them? 😀
    I’m encouraged by some of the younger people I work with who are actually paying attention to what our government is up to. I think they’re feeling the pinch of our poor economy and they’re looking for answers, too. And because of the billions of “worthless” dollars that Washington has poured out over the last several months, it’s quite easy for anyone to see where the responsibility for this mess lies – Washington.
    So, if the Dems are counting on “young” voters come this November, they’ll likely be in for a rude awakening. They refuse to acknowledge that we American citizens have had it with them and their anti-American ways. Their arrogance is mind-numbing!

    Oh, and something else that makes me suspicious…lately the media has been focusing on the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy. I can’t help but wonder if the Dems stirred that pot again, before this health care reform vote, to try and put the Repub’s in a bad light? Try to deflect attention from health care and try to get the public to focus on the Repub’s for being “bad” because they don’t want openly gay people in the military. I don’t know if I’m looking too far into this, but I just thought how odd to bring up the don’t ask, don’t tell policy now. I mean, don’t we have more pressing issues to deal with at the moment?

    Wow, it looks like I’ve written a novel here! Sorry about that, Jeanne! 😀

    It’s just so wonderful to find a comfy place to come and talk!…endlessly! 😉

    • Hi Kelly,

      Feel free to write away. I would like to see this blog develop into more of a dialogue as opposed to just my monologue. And I think it’s really important for the conservative community to hear the opinions of conservative and even moderate lesbians–there is more political diversity in our community than anyone realizes.

      Now that this healthcare bill is passed, our work is cut out for us. But it always was a long term struggle. Unfortunately, we’re reaping the consequences of years of apathy, disorganization, and a myopic focus. It’s time to build coalitions and stress our common values as opposed to stressing the differences. The Dems have been quite proficient at that and we need to beat them at their own game.

  48. Kelly Sullivan says:

    Finally, I found you at last! I thought I was the only lesbian conservative, specifically Libertarian, in the USA!
    When I was in my teens and early 20’s, I would have considered myself left-leaning. But as I grew older and wiser, I’ve come to realize that there’s more to life than my sexual orientation. I just happen to be a lesbian, I was born that way. But I was also born an American and for that, I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people in the world.

    I’ve never been more fearful and angry about Washington politics as I am right now. Had it not been for the flagrant abuse and misuse of our Constitution by the current administration, we Americans would still be completely ignorant to just how much damage has been done to our country both by our power hungry, greedy politicians and the apathy of our legal citizens.

    Thank you, TLC, for fighting back with the rest of us conservatives!!

    Kelly Sullivan

    • Hi Kelly,

      So glad to hear from you. And I share your feelings about Washington. But I also feel a bit of hope. Finally, good, ordinary Americans, who love their country and the values it exemplifies, have awakened. The Obama administration is our catalyst–it will unite us as never before.

      And I know there are many conservative and libertarian lesbians out there, however, our voices have been blotted out within our own community. But times they are a-changing. More and more of us are stepping forward in our individual ways. And by simply connecting with each other, we empower and energize are lives. I hope you will share more of your feelings and comments here.

      So great hearing from you. Thanks so much for your kind words.


  49. Hope that I can be of help to you when I start Big Education and… Big Tolerance. Both in the hopper for 2010. Best, Andrew Breitbart

    • Thank you sir. I’m pleased and honored that you’ve discovered my little blog. I look forward to the unveiling of Big Education in the near future. And thank you for all your work and dedication.

  50. Glen Amos says:

    I was doing some research for a book and ran across TLC. I wish you joy and prosperity.

    • Thanks, Glen. I’d be curious to know the thesis of your book.

      Best of wishes to you too.

      • Glen Amos says:

        I just went back on you page to see how you are doing and note that you responded to me. I wish I had known. But better late than never.

        My book is on the liberal/progressive politicians, the Tea Party movement, global warming hoax, etc. It is called American Revolution 2010 A Tea Party Patriot’s Call to Arms. I mention Britebart in my chapter called Jobbery, He is one of the good guys. I am impressed and glad he wrote you.

        If you go to my web site you can read the book cover as well as a bog I posted Sunday evening after the health care vote.

        If you are ever in the Sacramento area, my bride of 41 years and I would love to have you as a dinner guest, something fancy like spaghetti.


        • Hi Glen,

          I’ll definitely check out your website and your book. I wish you all the best with it.

          And thanks so much for the dinner invitation. I’ve never been to Sacramento but will look forward to that spaghetti dinner if I ever find myself in the grand capitol of California.


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