Trump Trumps the Media

The beta boys of Marxist media can sure as hell dish it out but notice how they pee their panties when our sitting President refuses to be a sitting duck.  The political chicanery and media madness that has ensued since the election of Donald Trump, has brought the Left to new lows of anarchical violence and media-sponsored sedition. Any Conservative who thought the Democrats and the rest of the Left would simply accept defeat and move on to political business as usual, has now  been  smacked in the face by  a big, fat, consciousness-raising epiphany.

Yes, that’s right, dear Conservatives, it’s not the 1950s anymore. Surprise!  The Eisenhower era is long dead and gone and our political parties, our churches, schools, universities, entertainment industry, and our news media have been co-opted and corrupted. The cockroaches of Western Civilization have had a field day for decades  while us Conservatives hunkered down in our suburban homes encased in our Leave It To Beaver bubbles.  Welcome to the America  we created by omission.  Lesson learned, hopefully: An inward-focused, make-the-world-go-away mentality only  breeds passivity, fear, and isolation and ultimately ends in defeat.  Pretending your home life is somehow immune from a viral political and cultural invasion is sheer stupidity.

We are part of the American community and we have an obligation as citizens to take part in that community. Many Conservatives seem to think that community  should begin  and end with their immediate family and a handful of friends and that all they owe their country is a voting record. Well, community is what  is streamed  through your cable connection 24/7.  Community is what your school board is teaching your kids five days a week, compliments of your property taxes.  Community is the cultural values and core curriculum pumped into your college student while you pay through the nose  for the privilege of having Johnnie or Janie indoctrinated.  Community shapes and reshapes language, concepts and cultural mores.  Now, which group of people in America have taken a very active part in creating and recreating their community and which group of people have limited their communal participation to  a  passive, self-absorbed, and naïve consumerism?

Let this be clear: If not for Donald Trump we’d all be waving bye-bye to the US Constitution and our Republic on this very 4th of July.  And without these bare-fisted attacks against our President, against us, our country and our culture, most Conservative Americans would have slunk back into their leave-me-alone lethargy the day after the election.

So, I would just like to take a moment here on Independence Day to say… Thank God the Obama administration went full throttle Marxist. Thank God the Media has gone insane. Thank God for the Democrat party, for Antifa, for Black Lives Matter. Thank God for Leftwing celebrities and their Leftwing entertainment industry. And of course Thank God for all the spineless, treacherous Republicans passing themselves off as our leaders. Thank You Dear God for the chaos, the chicanery, the anarchy, the lies, the hatred, the sedition, and the violence, yes, the violence.  For without all of this orchestrated evil erupting across the American landscape, Conservatives would have once again retreated to their suburban hearths to await the next election.  But now, finally, more and more Conservatives have awaken to the obvious: VOTING AIN’T ENOUGH.

We’ve been given a second chance.  Don’t blow it, America.

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3 Responses to Trump Trumps the Media

  1. zephyr82016 says:

    I HATED “the Beev” & wanted to kick his ass, but I did enjoy your peace. Let’s not forget Soros and the global pedo network that’s been drug out into the light! STILL Lesbian Trumpies must operate in the dark. I kicked a load of n’er do wells off the ever stupid facebook, and twitter is getting redundant. Have to be careful at work for the steadfastly brainless. Sick of correcting these idiots of the point of Feminism. Brigitte Gabriel is propbably the best wexample we have now,NOT Linda Cockroach the Clitless. Anyway, BRAVO.

  2. Nik Starr says:

    This, this is beautiful.

  3. Owlinnoid says:

    Spot on!

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