Merry Christmas from Our President

President Trump and Two Little Words

God Bless Us Everyone!

(This is the BEST Christmas Ever!)


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4 Responses to Merry Christmas from Our President

  1. zephyr82016 says:

    Thanx for the link lesbianoutsider. I posted on that site, but am posting the same text here, as I doubt they’ll have the clarity to let my writing stand. What an time to live in….

    I began going to Lesbian bars in 1974, as a young teen. I’ve been perceiving a slow erosion of Lesbian character all these decades as I watch our identities co-opted (pirated) by bisexuals, trannies, and anyone else who wants the BUZZ attached to the word. I don’t believe the so-called TV personalities (sic) are lesbian as my perception of a TRUE Lesbian would be contradictory to everything that mainstream media stands for and always has.

    Lesbians are losing their edge and identity as the most ravaged and embarrassing of us agreed to be trotted out for the exploitive racist Oprah, degenerate Jerry Springer, and any other zionist hack trying to dilute us into an unitelligible blurs. We see faggots, dragqueens, trannies, and fake Lesbians all over the media, but no genuine LESBIANS.

    I believe bonafide Lesbians would exude and maintain an aura of personal integrity and hold critical thinking as much a mainstay as breathing. I believe a real Lesbian would have to hold to the purest standard of Feminism, the base principle of which is that women are human beings. An intelligent, critical Lesbian would glean from life lessons the necessity of thinking for one’s self, being privy to the subterfuge and brainwashing that are the mainstay of social engineering.

    Women of integrity do not keep the company of or entertain those who would denigrate them, or discount their input or assessments. Genuine Lesbian women do not have sexual congress with males and certainly don’t breed. A bisexual woman may identify after the fact as Lesbian, but genuine Lesbians will never perceive her as such. Genuine Lesbian women have no desire to be lumped into a crazy quilt of confused sexual misfits and will always, always seek the companionship of their own kind above all others. Genuine Lesbians are annoyed by curious outsiders as they realize these people have no business invading foreign territory.

    Intelligent, dignified Lesbians would not degrade themselves by wearing ridiculous costumes, clothing or accessories of their own body parts. Intelligent Lesbians also research in depth POLITICS, as they are deeply aware of the underlying danger that emanates from a false narrative of safety and acceptance.

    Aware Lesbians recognize and understand the concept of the Judas Goat that is Hillary Clinton, and the slavemaster roots of the Democratic party. Wise Lesbians recognize the Death Cult of Islam as being the mortal enemy of all that is spiritual, cultural, and beneficial to women, because they have taken the time to read the bloody quran and researched The Crusades.

    Lastly, genuine Lesbians recognize Donald Trump’s intention to preserve Western Civilization and understand his courtship of the Christians is to enlist them in the fight against islam. They realize this because intelligent Lesbians have been observing through legitimate venues the horrors that have befallen the middle east and are ravaging Europe. Wise Lesbians think for themselves and are never spoonfed ideology from pawns of the globalists like nazi George Soros, Rothschild, and the elitists behind the worldwide pedophile ring.

    If you are a True Lesbian who has dodged the innumerable barrage of identity-scrambling salvos thrust upon our personas, we look forward to standing with you as our fight thickens and the carnage deepens. Don’t lose faith, your Sisters are here.

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    I’m now 70 years old. I must say, it’s harder being a Conservative than it ever was being gay.

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