Happy Thanksgiving, America!


Happy Thanksgiving to all those patriots who have sorrowed and stressed through depressing years of an un-American captivity.  Be of good cheer, my sisters and brothers.  I know it’s traumatic to be led out of the evil bondage of Egypt only to discover we haven’t instantly arrived at the Promise Land of  Milk and Honey.  What a shock to the ever-yeaning conservative spirit when it encounters yet more  struggles and strains as  it  wends its way through an uncharted political Wilderness. And how easily the tired and troubled mind swiftly turns to a grumbling and complaining humor.  But try not to savage our Moses, the  chosen champion who’s leading the way…. at least not until Inauguration Day.

I lost count of the miracles that were daily wrought to bring Donald Trump to a presidential victory and I’m spending my Thanksgiving on bended knee in faith, joy and gratitude to  the  great and glorious God  who has brought America this far.


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4 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving, America!

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    The 16 other Republican candidates should thank their lucky stars they didn’t have to be dragged through the gutters like Donald Trump was. He was the only one who could fight the way they did. Yea Trump!

    • His win is miraculous. Every force imaginable arrayed against him yet he emerged victorious. The other candidates would never have beaten Clinton and would never have taken on the media.

      Trump hasn’t just won the White House, he’s also whooped the Democrat media’s butt. I think he’ll continue to take measures to undercut their power. I would love to see him go after all the Leftwing strongholds including college campuses and Democrat-controlled cities and states. He’s got the power–he holds the federal purse strings.

  2. Andrew Sciabarassi says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. Will Trump be perfect? Absolutely Not!!! Will we see things we don’t like? Absolutely! So far I like more than I dislike,I am keeping watch and that is the key.

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