Trump Wins!

God Bless America!


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6 Responses to Trump Wins!

  1. Andrew Sciabarassi says:

    Trump has got the ear of many who have sat by for the last 32 years. Not since Reagan have so many people spoke out in anger,disgust and utter shock at the way Our great County has been divided and nearly destroyed. Trump will have a tough go as Democrats do not and will not work across the aisle to better this Country. I also think many corrupt Republicans will join them in trying to sabotage Trump.
    It is up to all of us to stay alert and continue to support Trump in this battle and this truly is a battle.

  2. Stan Kerr says:

    Now let’s make sure Trump keeps his promises: Supreme Court, Obamacare, border . And work to tear down the corrupt management of the Republican Party and return them to being a party of conservative, free market, constitutional principles.

    • Yep. Let’s see who he chooses for his cabinet. His VP pick proved to be on the money.

      If he starts waffling on key issues, he’s going to loose his base and the rest of the GOP will move in for the kill, so I’m hopeful that he’ll have no choice but to stay on message.

  3. Glen Amos says:

    Ding dong, the witch is dead!

    • She’s certainly melting! Her and her hubby will have to come up with an alternate scheme to keep the coffers overflowing. I hope there is a special prosecutor–the foundation, the email debacle and the selling of State favors for cash–all that should not be brushed under the political rug.

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