4th of July 2016: A Great Time to be Alive

The following depiction of a genuine and legitimate revolutionary uprising demonstrates the risks, the sacrifices and the hardships endured by those who dared to declare their independence from the tyranny of a monolithic governmental bureaucracy.

Washington at Valley ForgeWashington and Lafayette at Valley Forge

And like our Founding Fathers (and Mothers), we too should expect to endure personal risks, personal sacrifices and personal hardships.  For the tremendous task of taking back our country, and reinstituting the values and precepts of our Constitution, is not an armchair enterprise.  From the first Tea Party uprisings of 2009 to the long cold isolation of our defeated Valley Forge mindset, we have endured both setbacks and betrayals.  But now the clarion call has sounded.  Arise!  Shake off  that frozen winter of despair and march onward to meet and defeat the fetid foes of our American Revolution.

We are the chosen ones—chosen to live, serve and fight at this moment in American history.  This is our destiny.  Embrace it!  For we have a war to win—we are here to fight for the very existence of our nation against those who would crush our land into the dregs of a shamed and purposeless glop of global automatons.  We will win this war, make no mistake—we will endure and we will win.

What a great time to be alive and kicking!  Or to quote Lou Dobbs, who tweeted out this pithy summary of my very own 4th of July sentiments:

Happy Independence Day, Everybody.
We’re On The Right Side of History!

 American Flag

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