The Political Earthquake that was Orlando

OrlandoEarly Sunday morning on June 12, 2016, the foundational structure of the Progressive Left and its Democrat Party suffered a seismic shock that widened its tiny fissures of discontent into gaping fault lines of stunned anger and apprehension.  By Sunday afternoon, many sleepy, liberal eyes  had been  flicked wide open and were  transmitting  spasmodic warnings to stunned and befuddled brains.  Certainly, gays and lesbians across America were now  confronting  their suicidal  allegiance to a political party  hell-bent on creating and fostering a Third World Muslim ghetto smack dab in the middle of middle America.

Milo Yiannopoulos ✘@Nero
Liberals: The Problem with putting Muslims at the Top of your Victimhood Hierarchy is that THEY WANT TO KILL EVERYONE ELSE ON THE LIST.

Of course, the Left wasted no time in  unleashing its media yap dogs in an attempt to counter the surging crest of anti-Muslim, anti-Immigration fury and fear. The gun control narrative was quickly popped out of the Progressive goodie  pouch to try to deflect the horror of  this terrorist attack  away from the Muslim cockroach who committed it and onto the Left’s favorite fantasy freak out, The Gun.  And  right on the heels of  the 2nd Amendment negation came the preening, posturing Pharisees, those cosseted lesbian and gay quislings who make a big fat living off of Leftwing lunacy.  Surely, the preaching  parrots of the queer community could lower the rising tidal wave of opposition to the woman-hating, gay-hating ‘religion of peace’.

To Equate an Advanced Democratic Society’s Struggle over Social Issues to the Savagery of Muslims is an Immoral Ploy.

These  old and tired tactics from the Left  are both defensive in nature and desperate at heart.  Progressives have cried  Racist! Racist! Racist! for so damn long and so damn often that most of the too pliant American masses are now pretty much immune to the knee-jerk manipulation.  And as for the anti-Constitutional catechism of gun control, I think many more Americans today support an armed and prepared citizenry than ever before.

And as for gays in the USA…. as long as the barbaric practices against their queer Middle East brethren were happening over there, our party-hardy homos  could easily shut out the burned-alive bodies and the dropped-from-rooftop corpses.  But no more. The slaughter in Florida has changed all of that.  The reality of living cheek by jowl in a multicultural hell hole with aggressive pre-Medieval Muslims who seek to assimilate us has been pushed front and center with those bloody, bullet-torn bodies in Orlando.

And as for the Republican Establishment…. may they die a quick and uneasy political death. Their complicity in the weakening of our nation and their sickening sops to a globalist, pseudo-American screed has cost our country dearly.  We will root out each and every one of them and toss their careers on the slag heap of history.

Come November, we can all give our communal response to the Orlando Massacre and to those politicos who helped make it happen:

Vote for Donald Trump

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17 Responses to The Political Earthquake that was Orlando

  1. bunkerville says:

    Just caught up to your post. Could not have been said better. Keep on keeping on.

  2. Bev Larson says:

    Thank you! this was articulated so powerfully that I’m going to copy it and put it on my Facebook. I am having some pushback from my church friends who are stupid liberals with the sloppy agape love thing for everyone and I’m damn sick of it. I am going to back out of anything I am in that is mainly liberals and I’m going to start speaking up . I had been mostly quiet and I can’t take it anymore. I’ll burst if I don’t. In the meantime I’m polishing my gun and going off to practice this afternoon at the gun range.

  3. Perry Palmer says:

    The gays in Phoenix are endorsing Trump! Now there’s a turn-a-round!

    • Glen Amos says:

      The Left had to make what for them was a difficult choice. Do they continue to support Islam or do they chose to support the LGBT community? They choose Islam. Given the large number of Muslims in the Obama Administration, this should not have came as a surprise. Yet, it did to many.

      Perhaps things would be better under Hilary? No, they would not. The following 8 Muslim Countries gave a total of somewhere between $ $41 million to the Clinton Foundation:

      Country. Punishment for Homosexuality

      Saudi Arabia. 100 lashes or death by stoning
      Kuwait. 7 years in prison
      Morocco. Fine and up to 3 years in prison
      Qatar. Up to 10 years in prison
      Brunei. Fine and up to 10 years in prison
      Oman. , Up to 3 years in prison
      UAE. Up to 14 years in prison
      Algeria. Fine and up to 3 years in prison

      So, I urge you to think without preconditioned prejudice before you cast your next vote for President.

      • Yep, they did choose Islam/Muslims over gays and always will. The problem the Left now faces with gays, since gay marriage is off the political table, is how to keep the sheep in the Democrat fold post Orlando. Their strategy so far has been to sick Gay Inc. on Trump and start phony Twitter hashtags to make it seem all of American queerdom is pro-Hillary. It ain’t working though. Orlando has peeled away a lot of gays/lesbians from the Democrat party. And they’re not going back.

    • The Left is in panic mode. They’re dragging out their House Queers, all the gay non-profit queens who tow the progressive party line. But those groups don’t speak for us. Just like unions–the leadership may be supporting Hillary but the rank and file are voting for Trump; so too with the gay community.

  4. I love reading your take on current events. You are spot on. When is the rest of the gay community going to wake up? I would like to think this tragic event will do it, but look how soon we forgot 911. I hope that the masses will do the right thing and reject the Dems this next election. While Trump isn’t who I voted for in the primary, he’s the only one who can stop this madness now, and hopefully turn this country back towards some kind of sanity. Knowing who is coming into our country in a must. Not allowing people with terror ties to legally buy a firearm is another must. There is no way this man should have slipped through the cracks. There are some common sense measures that can and should be adopted to prevent individuals with violent criminal records, people on no fly lists, and those being investigated by the FBI, to not be able to legally purchase a gun.

    Take a gander at this site. It’s very thorough. Seems to be unbiased. It takes a bit to get through, but it’s worth it. I wholeheartedly support our Constitutional right to bear arms. But there are a few cracks that need to be addressed.

    Thanks again for an excellent article.

  5. I just love reading your blog. You call it as you see it, and the viewpoint is refreshing. Thank you, and keep up the great work.

  6. Barbara Weiss says:

    It’s so heartening to read this blog and find aware, kindred spirits. I live in Brooklyn NY and, as you can imagine, I usually find myself surrounded by those who have swallowed too much of the lefty Kool Aide.

  7. Glen Amos says:

    Well written and I agree with you on all points.

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