Donald Trump 2016

The Republican Party began this Presidential primary season with sixteen candidates.  Sixteen.  One would think that with sixteen GOP politicos to choose from, we registered Republicans would have had such a dreadful time determining a winner from such a sparkling array of puffed-up personalities. But in a bleary blink of a bought-and-paid-for jaundiced eye, these pillars of Republican-defined conservatism were quickly unmasked as Open Borders-Big Business-Globalist Grinches with nary a notion of concern for the welfare of the long-suffering American citizen.  All but one that is.

Make America Great Again

Of the Feckless Fifteen, we swiftly discovered that these dandified darlings, who we initially believed would fight for US jobs, secure our borders, control immigration,  exhibit fiscal responsibility, confront the bias of mass media, and uphold the Constitutional concepts and cultural values upon which America was founded,  were nothing more than…..choose one of the following:

[ ] Frauds

[ ] Liars

[ ] Wimps

[ ] Donor Puppets

[ ] All of the Above

And for those who nailed their oath of allegiance to the cross of Ted Cruz conservatism, there was a special kind of betrayal in store for them, although True Believers would never acknowledge it.

With Donald Trump we have the best candidate for the general election. The Donald will trounce Hillary Clinton in November.  Do I expect to get everything I want out of a Trump presidency?  Of course not.  But he’s THE ONLY CANDIDATE who has had the guts to loudly proclaim to all and sundry that the twin evils of Globalism and Open Borders are dramatically crippling our economy and our culture.  No other Republican has dared to give voice to these oh so obvious dangers facing America.  And that includes Mister Cruz.

There is a huge Tidal Wave that’s been building and building for years now and all the pushback inherent in that political Tsunami is encompassed in the candidacy of Donald Trump.  I give two Flying Fucks about some academic concept of conservatism that has been shoved down our throats for years now by snot-nosed pundits and foam-at-the-mouth Talking Heads, all for the sake of ideological purity. I want to see a flag-waving, America-focused president who is not a pimp for global corporations and simpering societal concerns that would push dysfunctional Third World agendas ahead of our own citizens’ wellbeing.



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3 Responses to Donald Trump 2016

  1. Barbara Weiss says:

    Trump 2016. His swearing in can’t come soon enough. The mayhem our imam-in-chief can cause ’til then is scary.

  2. Andrew Sciabarassi says:

    Excellent and to the point.

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