The Cultural Retardation of Conservatives

DumbBreitbart reports today on Twitter’s latest efforts to clamp down on Conservative opinions  through its corrupted policy of  de-certifying popular conservative  Tweeters  and its  outright suspension of big-name conservative accounts. Heavily followed  conservative Twitter users have found themselves summarily punished for daring to  buck the social justice partyline that’s getting pushed big time by Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey.  But genuine social justice is getting its own back on Mister Jack, for the more  this jerk  pushes his Leftwing  agenda, the deeper the plunge of Twitter’s stock into that progressive shithole of total worthlessness.

The Breitbart article outlines Twitter’s latest maniacal maneuver to neuter the very  powerful and pervasive  presence of conservative commentators on their site. Overall, an informative news article. But what I found quite enlightening, if not reassuring, were the approximately 1300 (at last count) comments to this news story.  Click on the link above and take the time to scroll down through these unhealthy cowpats of Neanderthal thinking.  You’ll be stepping over  the digestive end-products of what passes for a conservative thought process.

One brave soul however who commented on the Twitter article voiced the obvious, self-evident query in response to such corporate Stalinism: Why is it that only people on the Left create these types of corporate social media ventures?

Wow!  The jackpot question.  Why indeed.  Where are we when it comes to creating social media enterprises and entertainment ventures? Why are Conservatives always nothing more than consumers of culture, never the creators? Why do we do nothing but complain and gripe and then complain and gripe some more when the Leftwing world doesn’t play fair? Where’s our entrepreneurial spirit, our go-getter aggressiveness, our we-can-build-it-too attitude?

Conservatives have a long way to go when it comes to cultural sophistication. They still don’t get how the world works and simply recoil with shock and total passivity when the Left rips their values and subverts their religious faith—all done through the mechanisms of culture which the Left controls.

Hate to break it to you, gals and guys, but you’ll have to do more than just mozy on down to the polling station every four years to elect the next savior du jour if you want to take back America.  Conservatives deserted the cultural playing field decades ago and amazingly they still don’t understand that they have to suit-up and show-up in order to win the game.

And oh dear, all the excuses as to why there’s really nothing Conservatives can do to change things….just read some of the pathetic slop that so many brave and bold patriots at Breitbart had to say as to why it’s all so very dreary and hopeless.  Such convenient defeatism is  indicative of the passivity and victim-hood mindset that permeates Conservative thinking. The biggest crybaby ninnies are on the Right. The people who spout off about patriotism and entrepreneurship and pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps turn out to be a bunch of whining do-nothings who look for any justification under the sun to stay nice and snug in their safe spaces.

Is it the constant depression and hopelessness pumped out by Talk Radio that feeds this mindset? Is it the sense of helplessness brought on by being on the outside of culture looking in that perpetuates such a nothing-can-be-done-about-it attitude?

If it weren’t for the Internet there would be no viable conservative movement at all.  Outside of the virtual world, conservatism ain’t to be found.  Now what does that say about what should be a grassroots cultural movement?

Conservatism is bingeing on the junk food of political bluster and blowhard when it really needs a steady diet of cultural creativity and financial risk-taking.

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3 Responses to The Cultural Retardation of Conservatives

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    Mozilla’s former CEO Brendan Eich who supported Prop 8 and was force out because heterosexual marriage was more appealing, is I’m sure having a chuckle over Mozilla losing shares to Google.

    Hollywood is “eating their own” because of the tight line people must walk in order to be accepted. I will continue to punish that Liberal enclave by boycotting. I’m not the only one.

    Waiting for their self destruction will be worth it.

    • Brendan Eich is having the last laugh–he’s invented a new browser that blocks all ads and trackers and will be the fastest on the Internet. While over at Mozilla Inquisition Inc, the Firefox browser is in free-fall. Sweet revenge. And Hollywood now on the defensive over their ‘all white’ Oscars—god, I’m lovin it!

      Yep, the Left is now eating its own.

  2. Linda Ketchum says:

    Great article. Very well said.

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