Kim Davis and The Great Conservative Sellout

No Wimp ZoneOther than a couple of Republican politicians, the only voices being raised in the defense of Kim Davis, the Kentucky County Clerk imprisoned, yes, let me say that again, imprisoned for refusing to issue a marriage license to two gay men, have been the queer voices of lesbians and gays.  Yep, it seems only us homos care enough about the injustice being done in Kentucky to open our political mouths and express a little outrage.  Now ain’t that a sweet Come to Jesus conservative irony.

Even the Hollywood Homosexual B-Team is rooting for Kim Davis.  Here are the comments of Madonna’s openly gay brother, Christopher Ciccone who not only defends Ms. Davis but also manages to do a little bitch-slapping of Leftwing double standards:

The county clerk in Kentucky deserves about as much support as you would give her if she were a Muslim woman who insisted on covering her face and refused not only gay marriages licenses, but divorce, accusations of rape and driving a car without her man’s approval.

Why should she (follow federal law) when the DOJ and other civil authorities don’t follow federal law when they choose not to, i.e. Washington State and Colorado (POT) come to mind…or the abstract notion of ‘sanctuary cities.’  I always thought that sanctuary was the province of churches.

So why are Conservatives (and Christians) either ignoring the plight of one of their own or dramatically shape-shifting themselves into Jeb Bush Mini-Me’s in an outlandish attempt to excuse their non-involvement?

Well, here’s my analysis on The Great Conservative Sellout:  If a political or social issue can’t be addressed or remedied through legislation or an election cycle, Conservatives simply roll over and give up.  Conservatives see potential remedies only through the political prism of the Republican Party and the next election.  They literally can’t or won’t think outside of the voting booth box.  And of course, most conservatives are too afraid to stick their necks out especially if doing so might bring the wrath of the Gay Gestapo down upon their patriotic heads.

A very brave woman is conducting an act of Civil Disobedience against a Supreme Court ruling and what are her compatriots doing? They’re running away from her as fast as their little weaselly feet-of-clay can take them.

It seems that if anyone suggests or (gasp!) actually engages in Civil Disobedience in support of a Conservative cause, most Conservatives in America clutch their passive-aggressive pearls and swoon away at the very idea. So-called Conservatives are deliberately abandoning a woman who has the friggin guts to do what most of the big-mouthed male and female faux-Patriots are too timid, too complacent, and too stupid to do.

We’ve all heard the gimpy brush-offs: It’s THE LAW….She took an OATH…She should resign if she can’t uphold THE LAW…The Supreme Court ruled and now there’s NOTHING WE CAN DO…It’s LAW Now.

Belated Newsflash for all you brainy Americanas out there—THE LEFT OWNS THE LAW.

How disheartening to witness these weak sisters of Conservatism twist themselves into convoluted knots of stalwart citizenship in an attempt to justify deserting this gutsy woman. They simply won’t admit the real reason they’re harrumphing about laws and pontificating about oaths: Conservatives fear the Gay GestapoThey’re afraid of being targeted, afraid of being called names, afraid of the risks involved in rallying around Kim Davis.

Duck and Cover!

Why would anyone presume we can Take Back America by focusing only on the oh so safe process of election cycles and legislation? Civil Disobedience is a time-tested political tactic as are boycotts, picketing, and targeted acts of legal intimidation.  Gee, Gandhi thought nothing of flouting British laws when he pushed-back on colonialism by organizing non-violent demonstrations and public acts of disobedience. Oh, but not us good little Conservative boys and girls here in the USA.  Oh No, we can’t buck the system like that. Of course not, and don’t the Lefties love it—they can always count on Chickenshit Conservatives throwing up our hands in disgruntled resignation.

How amusing it is to see hard-assed Conservatives fret and fume over the incompetent wimpiness of RINO capitulation, yet these deluded darlings of all things Right-wing haven’t a clue that they’re tainted by the same deadly Do-Nothing DNA.

The imprisonment of Kim Davis is making many Conservatives and Lefties very uncomfortable. But her imprisonment presents us with the opportunity to not only show our support but also our CLOUT. But that would require courage, commitment, grassroots organization, and a pushback mentality that so many Conservatives shun.

If you oppose gay marriage and you’re one of those Conservatives who think Ms. Davis should just resign her job or obey THE LAW, please take the time to look in the mirror and get a good gander at why America is where she is today.

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6 Responses to Kim Davis and The Great Conservative Sellout

  1. Glen Amos says:

    Thank you.
    Some are comparing Ms. Davis to Rosa Parks. Upon reflection, there are certainly similarities.

    My intent was to address the importantance of the CWP case in front of the 9th CCA. I suspect few know about the case and Sheriff Hutchens has nothing to do with it. We have more than enough injustices to overcome without the distraction of a false association.

    • I agree. You know, you should do podcasts and market your shows on Twitter–you’d get a good audience and reach a lot of folks. You’ve got an interesting take on politics and should give yourself a bigger sounding board.

  2. Glen Amos says:

    Agree with your Marquess of Queensberry comment.
    There have been lots of people claiming that Kim Davis and Orange County, CA Sheriff Hutchens are examples of the double standards we face. I posted a blog on politicalvaccine today disagreeing with that position.

    • Good post, Glen. The double-standard has been an effective tool of the Left and their Left-dominated judicial system. The Kim Davis situation is really highlighting that. I feel so sorry for her incarceration but it’s helping to highlight the double-standard tyranny. Huckabee was on George Stephanopoulos this morning and he was fantastic (per Breitbart). And he got mainstream coverage. When there’s a crack in the Left’s foundation, we’ve got to start sticking in the wedge.

  3. Sorry, but I don’t think “They did it too!” is an allowable defense against a contempt charge. A defendant has to answer for their own actions. You can’t be absolved of any misdemeanor because someone else got away with it. It’s certainly your right as a pundit to point out this disparity in an op-ed piece, but it just won’t fly in court.

    • It doesn’t need to fly in court…civil disobedience is not about courts. It’s about challenging laws and legal processes by applying political pressure on the system. You seem to have the mindset that so many people on the Right and Left have–that using all legitimate political tools is only reserved for those on the Left. Conservatives look down their noses at such direct political action as if it’s beneath them. They’re fighting a cultural war against a ruthless enemy using one and only one political tool/weapon while the Left uses ALL legitimate weapons and a bunch of illegal and disreputable ones as well. Would you send men and women into combat with a pistol to win against an enemy using every military weapon and means at their disposal?

      Mind-boggling that at this stage of America’s deterioration Conservatives STILL hold on to a naive 1950s school boy view of the world, where everyone plays by the same political rules in the land of the free. That’s a RINO mentality and look where it has gotten us. You can’t fight the Gestapo using the Marquess of Queensberry Rules. Wake up before it’s too late!

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