The Donald: The Ultimate Fear Factor

The DonaldNothing quite says Holy Crisis, Batman! for the Republican Party than the loud, rough, and braggadocious voice of Donald Trump. Speaking in tones not attuned to the solemn and very middle-class meows of mellow non-threatening Establishment types, The Donald shocks and infuriates both the standard-issue GOP suits and the pristine elements within the Conservative movement

One only needs to flash through the articles of the Wall Street Journal, the National Review Online, or PJ Media, et. al. to get a regular dose of disdainful anti-Donald dictates. But what has really shaken the inner sanctum of these self-appointed conservative opinion-makers (and I include some smug Talk Radio Hosts in this category) is the outright rejection of their highfalutin’ edicts by their own readers and subscribers.

Since dumping on The Donald hasn’t gotten his thankful followers to cut ranks and run, many Conservative purists have decided to take potshots at Trump’s disciples themselves. Trumpets, Trumpsters, Trumpettes (take your pick) get a regular dose of denigration when not getting written-off entirely as kooks and crazies. Yes, these supposedly ‘low information’ voters just don’t know what’s really good for them as envisioned by the Republican brain trust that has brought us eight years of Barack Obama and his ‘transforming’ agenda.

Yes, we live in interesting times. Who would have thought that the Trump Factor would magnetize the disgust and anger that so many Republicans feel for their party and its key players.  There have been many explanations and analyses on why The Donald is dominating, but frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

What I care about is the total destruction of as many sacred cows adorning the altar of public policy and social discourse, the worship of which dominates our culture and our lives.  The idols of multiculturalism, anti-White hate, reverse racism, anti-Americanism, open borders, Latino-Touting, double-standards, micro-aggressions, ethnic and racial pandering, cop hating, climate change, gender-as-a-social construct, anti-Christian hate, BDS…..yep, the list goes on and on. We are forced to bow down to these sacred cows day in and day out as we are whipped relentlessly for the pseudo-sin of being the most advanced, self-reflective, self-correcting, and successful nation on God’s globe.

Emperor Has No ClothesI don’t give a royal rat’s ass that Donald Trump is not really conservative. What has caught my undivided attention is that in the past few weeks, for the first time ever, this country is openly discussing and arguing about the ramifications of illegal immigration, open borders, and amnesty.  And these discussions are happening everywhere, not just within the confines of conservative self-talk. By standing on that Fox News debate stage and simply speaking truth to power (to borrow an overused phrase from the Lefty lexicon) this wealthy corporate blowhard blew right by the competition and a few of those sacred cows were rocked from their pious pedestals.

Will The Donald have the huff and puff to run the course of Republican primaries? Who knows. But let’s hope he lasts long enough to smash a few more golden calves and lay bare the gelded loins of the Republican Establishment.

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6 Responses to The Donald: The Ultimate Fear Factor

  1. beachbug1 says:

    Love this article! As usual, you write what I think exactly!

  2. veryopinionated25 says:

    Go Trump!! I like Trump and I am happy that he’s making some noise and smashing more golden calves! I just hope that he makes the right choices for his cabinet in the White House.

  3. Barbara Weiss says:

    Right on! If the other candidates keep refusing to address the serious problems of this current administration and do not make a strong case against that lying hypocrite Hillary, the fact that Bernie Sanders would have this country bankrupt in a matter of months with police morale at its lowest and a huge cutback in our military, then I will vote for Trump in the Republican primary. I am so sick of the pandering. The Democrat party endorses Black Lives Matter which, in addition to being a violent anti-White, Hamas sponsored group is screaming out that same victim song about needing more “programs.” How about all the money spent on failed “programs ” in the last fifty years?

    As a concervate lesbian in Brooklyn NY I, like many of you here, am surrounded by politically correct, lefty rhetoric. It’s so refreshing to read this blog and find kindred spirits!

    • Hi Barbara. You’re right–the same old choices, the same old political hacks with the same old hackneyed approaches to our country’s problems. And god, how they use us. I hope Trump continues to shake things up, because the status quo is in desperate need of a political/social earthquake.

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