Dial-A-RINO For the Amnesty Shuffle

Are you bewildered by the linguistic gymnastics of our political betters when it comes to that pesky problem of illegal immigration?  Are you confused by the slippery slogans and canned clichés of the Republican Establishment when those Dinosaurs of Leftwing Lite heave forth on the theme of border security and citizenship for illegal aliens?  Well gang, welcome to the RINO world of fabricated befuddlement and industrious misdirection.  And who best to chart the manufactured maze of Establishment twists and turns than Mark Steyn of SteynOnline, that Conservative commentator extraordinaire.

Trump is full of it, too. But at least he’s full of it in English rather than bullsh*t. Which is what you’re speaking when you talk about “pathways to citizenship” and “comprehensive immigration reform”. They’re Democrat evasions, and the Republican base is entitled at the very minimum to demand (answers from) Republican candidates who come up with some weaselly duplicitous evasions of their own.

A significant section of the GOP base is sick of dialing Republican headquarters and hearing:Press 1 for Spanish, Press 2 for Consultant-approved claptrap, Press 3 for artful straddle, Press 4 for all disavowals of last year’s positions, Press 5 for endless looped replays of John McCain’s amusing primary-season-only super-butch ‘Build the danged fence!’ commercial, Press 6 for live audio feed of John McCain teaching Lindsey Graham how to say ‘Danged!’, Press 7 if you know the Spanish for ‘Danged!’, Press 8 to hear Jeb Bush say ‘No amnesty, not on my watch, No Sirree!’, Press 9 to hear Jeb Bush say ‘Viva la danged Amnistía!’ If you wish someone to speak to you in Non-Forked-Tongue English, please stay on the line and wait for an operator.”

“Unfortunately, the holding period for a straight-talking Republican operator to take your call can not be estimated at this time.  And please note that callers seeking clear, sense-making responses to the issue of illegal immigration may be disconnected without warning. We appreciate your continued support of the Republican Party and know you can be counted on in 2016 to vote for the candidate of our choice.”

The Amnesty Shuffle.  Now who ever said RINOs couldn’t dance?

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