Pearl Harbor and the Price of Isolationism

It’s 1941 and America is sleeping while the world is boiling and burning.  Yep, we snoozed away throughout the 1930s, deep asleep within those topsy-turvy dreams of a passive USA all snug and secure in her cozy cradle of seclusion.  Who the hell cares if Nazis are marching across the map of Europe. What business is it of ours if England is getting obliterated by Blitzkrieg bombs.  And let those crummy Japs pillage, rape, and slaughter their way across that hell-hole called Asia.  We ain’t the god-damn policeman for the planet.

Pearl Harbor BattleshipSound familiar?  The names and places may change over time but the plot line and the story theme remain the same.  Amazing how the human species works so very hard at ignoring the lessons of recent history.  And ain’t it head-shakingly crazy how the pacifist message has morphed into an America-hating hashtag idolizing every dysfunctional and archaic culture that threatens the very harmony these self-righteous peaceniks endlessly hype.

December 7, 1941 is America’s worldview reality check.  This is why we’ll never, ever forget.

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