A Thanksgiving Truism from Pat Sajak

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Pat SajakPat Sajak@patsajak

We should give thanks that our country still stands…despite the number of turkeys we’ve voted for over the years.

 Amen to That!

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2 Responses to A Thanksgiving Truism from Pat Sajak

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    “Pants up, don’t loot!” It sure has been an interesting time! Obama is dividing the country and acting so naïve. White people are in danger! The pot business in Colorado brings in homeless potheads asking for money on the mall buses. At least Colorado is a little redder than it was before the midterm elections. We still, however, have our spineless “Liberal” Gov. Hickenlooper, who has an aversion to neckties, combs and death penalties. If only Boulder hadn’t voted!

    • Call me a silly optimist, but I think there are numerous cracks in the liberal/progressive divisiveness pot. From the hate crime hoaxes to the rape hoaxes to the race hustling extravaganzas that no one really believes, their divide-and-conquer strategy is faltering. Obamacare, IRS dirty politics, Benghazi, outrageous Democrat lies–not even the MSM can hide these cankers.

      And slowly but surely, conservatives are actually becoming assertive and hitting back. When we finally stop thinking there’s nothing to be done about the media and college campuses and begin to dismantle the Left’s ideological propaganda apparatus, look out! I believe it’s already happening in small ways. The political landscape is shifting in our direction. Scott Walker’s wins in Wisconsin and his public union-busting success are sure signs that the times they are a-changing.

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