GOP Wins, But Will it Deliver?

Today, let us enjoy this sweet, sweeping victory.  The Republican Party made great gains last night, not only in the Senate and House races, but also in Governorships within states that are very very Blue.  With the sad exception of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, that forward thinking cross-the-aisle fortress where only unionized government employees can sell you a bottle of booze, the GOP radically kicked Democrat butt.


All eyes are now on Mitch McConnell, that daring dandy from the state of Kentucky, who supposedly will lead the Senate in its heroic charge against the Left-wing brigade of Barack Obama. Hmmm. Forgive me though if I find the image of Mitch-Is-Their-Bitch McConnell courageously slicing and dicing the Democrats a bit of a barely believable fantasy.  But today is not the day for such speculations, although the Conservative Talking Heads are already piling on with the Doomsday doubts, the divisive despair, and the neutered negativity.

At least for the next few days, let us hold in our minds eye, jaundiced though it may be, that powerful perspective of a reinvented warrior.  Let us envision our Majority Man Mitch as a Ninja Nightmare ready to wreak havoc in the halls of the capitol building.  Well, try anyway.

Ninja Turtle

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  1. Conservative Talking Heads are exhausting…here’s a bit of a round-up on today’s victory voices for the conservative movement:

    – Rush Limbaugh spent 3 hours this afternoon recycling the same observation, that in effect, the Republican wave means voters want Repubs to stop Obama and the Dems, not work with them. Agreed, but he went on and on almost hysterically, foaming at the mouth over the prospect of Repubs ‘crossing the aisle’.

    -Michael Medved, Mister Conservative Lite, opened his program today declaring how great Obama’s speech was and hoping the Republicans would make raising the minimum wage a priority. The Minimum wage–this was at the top of Medved’s agenda, compromising on the friggin minimum wage. What can I say, mind-boggling.

    -And good old Mark Levin was yelling and ranting about the Republicans not using the ‘nuclear option’. He wasn’t even 15 minutes into his show when the screaming started.

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a belly full of this kind of ‘talk’. Yep, we need their insights, but when it comes to morale and empowerment, Conservative Talk Radio has little to offer. I’m so sick of helplessness, desperation, and victim-hood peddled to the conservative public. We need some new approaches.

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