Vote Republican!

Vote--Did YouVote--Go VoteHere in Pennsylvania today, I’ll be casting my ballot for Can’t-Do-Much-of-Anything Corbett, the pathetic Republican schmoe running for a second term as Governor. The big lummox is behind in the polls, so my vote will be in vain but I do my duty despite the despair.  I can only shake my head in frustration and disgust at the Republican Party’s ability to continually dig up such no-name, do-nothing dinosaur dolts.  Thanks to their ineptitude and stupidity, Pennsylvanians will be saddled with an Obama-loving, Left-wing loon.  The good old Republican party, shooting itself in the foot once again.

But across the nation, much bigger issues are at stake.  So even if you have to hold your nose to vote for the Republican senatorial candidate in your state, take a deep breath, squeeze hard, then cast that ballot, pull that lever, push that button for the Republican!

Vote Republican!


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5 Responses to Vote Republican!

  1. Mary says:

    Sorry! I feel your pain, we got Moon Beam Brown for another 4 years 😦 We are seriously looking at South Carolina.

  2. AtlanticGirl says:

    It is sad. My family lives in PA, and my father wants to cry at the thought of Wolf getting into office. He says Wolf is an Obama wanna-be. I’ve thought about moving back home, but thought I should wait to see what the election brings – I don’t want to go from the “fire-pan” of WA state to the fire of a Wolf governing.

  3. Cathy says:

    Excellent, Jeanne. Shared it on my FB page!


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