America The Movie: Challenging Ameriphobia

InoculationThey despise the country upon which they feed.  They loath the principles upon which their nation was founded.  They disparage and condemn their home and hearth for daring to adapt so damn successfully, discounting the momentous accomplishments of the Great American Experiment while loudly shrieking out its faults and failings. They hold but one race of people, and the advanced cultural infrastructure it has created, to an outrageous standard of perpetual perfection while denying the contextual authenticity of its evolutionary struggles.  And of course, in their smug self-flagellating frenzy, they naively excuse the brutal acquisitiveness and crippling cultural inadequacies of every other race and tribe on the planet under the gullible guise that these decelerated losers in life’s never-ending modernity marathon must be in some way the innocent and child-like victims of Euro-American meanness.

Yes, we all know who THEY are.  They are the canker carriers, the Typhoid Mary types spreading their anti-American pathogens throughout the nation’s body politic. They themselves thrive and prosper enjoying affluent and status-powered lives as they feed upon their hated American host, all the while pumping their rabid disease into our country’s cultural bloodstream.  Ameriphobia is the Number One threat facing the nation today.

So this July 4th weekend, get yourself inoculated. Face head-on the insidious infection eating away at America’s future and take a preventative shot of patriotic empowerment. Let Dinesh D’Souza’s America provide a healing cultural recovery by exposing the poisonous anthropological rot sapping the health and welfare of the world’s best hope.

Push Back Twice as Hard!

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2 Responses to America The Movie: Challenging Ameriphobia

  1. veryopinionated25 says:

    Eversince Obama got into the White House we have been devided. Whatever happened to United We Stand, Divided We Fall? September 11th 2001 represented our unity when times get tough we come together! That’s when i understood what WE are all about!

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    I AM pushing!! After being an Independent for years and years, I changed my affiliation to Republican. The Liberals have taken over Colorado with their pot and gun control. Because the gay marriage ban was overturned in Utah, the Boulder County Clerk felt that, even though Colorado doesn’t have gay marriage, she would start issuing marriage licenses. She is now being sued by the Colorado Attorney General. Liberals get their foot in the door and then tear off the door. They have all but rendered prostitution obsolete with their sex, sex, sex. Spay and neuter, I say.

    One of my closest friends keeps telling me how horrible America is. Maybe she’ll move and see what the rest of the world is like.

    One reason Rome fell was the open borders. After the Veterans scandal, I can only see a draft coming since young people won’t volunteer for a Commander and Chief who has no respect for the military and won’t support them.

    I plan on seeing America this weekend.

    God Bless America!

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