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America The Movie: Challenging Ameriphobia

They despise the country upon which they feed. They loath the principles upon which their nation was founded. They disparage and condemn their home and hearth for daring to adapt so damn successfully, discounting the momentous accomplishments of the Great American Experiment while loudly shrieking out its faults and failings. They hold but one race of people, and the advanced cultural infrastructure it has created, to an outrageous standard of perpetual perfection while denying the contextual authenticity of its evolutionary struggles. And of course, in their smug self-flagellating frenzy, they naively excuse the brutal acquisitiveness and crippling cultural inadequacies of every other race and tribe on the planet under the gullible guise that these decelerated losers in life’s never-ending modernity marathon must be in some way the innocent and child-like victims of Euro-American meanness. Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day, America!

God Bless America! Kate Smith, We Need You! Continue reading

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