May Day: Victims of Communism Day

80 to 100 Million Murdered

CommunismVisit the Global Museum on Communism to get an in-depth understanding of the massive horrors committed by these ideological tyrants and their bureaucratic toadies, all  in the name of The People.

You would think that the mass murder atrocities committed under this banner of collective oppression would be common knowledge today.  But instead, the Commie Kitsch curriculum taught in our universities and the Commie Cool culture that allows perennially adolescent idiots to strut around in Che Guevara T-shirts dances to the tune of totalitarian revisionism.  Such brainless brats, cocooned in the financial warmth of capitalism, need to be smacked in the face with the revolutionary realities of communism.  I think a two-year internship living and working as one of The People in either Venezuela or Cuba so as to better imbibe the sordid dregs of Marx’s maggot-ridden manifesto would be more than enough to provide an anti-communist consciousness-raising experience for these spoiled pseudo-activist poseurs.  Don’t you?

And let us not forget that there’s an ex-KGB thug attempting to revive the Soviet-style ‘glory’ days using the marching jackboots of an old-fashioned 19th century expansionism.

This year’s Victims of Communism post gains added relevance due to recent events in Russia and Ukraine.  The ideology of Vladimir Putin’s regime is authoritarian nationalism, not communism, and its misdeeds are orders of magnitude smaller than those of the Soviet Union.  The threat it poses to the West is likewise far smaller than that of its predecessor.

Nevertheless, it is significant that Russia’s current ruler is a former KGB colonel, and a longtime apologist for communism who has called the fall of the Soviet Union “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of the twentieth century. If a former Gestapo or SS colonel became chancellor of Germany and began repressing opposition media, persecuting gays and lesbians, annexing territories that Germany lost in World War II, and calling the fall of the Third Reich the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century, there would be a great outcry.  The Volokh Conspiracy

May Day is a day of remembrance, a day of sadness, a day of mourning for those millions of men, women, and children, slaughtered by a mindset that disdains human dignity and despises human individuality.  We must never forget that The Collective can only breed cattle; it can never give birth to the God-inspired miracle that is man.

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4 Responses to May Day: Victims of Communism Day

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  2. Marc Winger says:

    Great post. Very few people understand the significance of May Day.

  3. Mary says:

    EXCELLENT! Could not agree more. Probably the most frustrating thing about public education today is the complete lack of 20th century education. Interesting that during that century we had the fall of communism. Not a coincidence IMHO! Keep up the great work, I am going to quote you on this one.

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