Stamps Celebrating Gay SadoMasochism—No Licking Required

Apparently nothing personifies high culture like a little sadomasochistic ‘erotica’, especially if it’s of the gay male variety.  And seemingly nothing can proclaim a society’s sophistication and cutting-edge savoir faire like a little sexual dominance dynamic slapped across a democracy’s governmental postage stamps.

Finland's S-M StampsFinland, the country that withstood the horrors of Nazi oppressors and struggled under the bully boy tactics of Soviet Russia, is now celebrating a disconcerting concept of diversity by giving decadence a front-and-center pride of place.  In a national tribute to the late Finnish illustrator, Touko Laaksonen aka Tom of Finland, whose illustrative cartoons graphically depict the gay male BDSM scene, the ruling elites in the Land of the Midnight Sun strongly support a play party pornography that portrays “a sensual life force and being proud of oneself”.

Yes, indeedy do!  The Jackboot is back and cruelty is now cultural kitsch.  Certainly, when there’s a ‘sensual life force’ at work, who are the oh-so-hum-drum drones to stand in the way of such highbrow governmental self-expression, especially when the ‘life force’ at work is emanating from a Finnish queer dear.  And it surely goes without saying that ‘being proud of oneself’ is the penultimate goal of a cock-obsessed, thrill-seeking sub-culture that is sadly so very shop-worn and tatty.  Hells Bells!  A gay male ass with its Dominant Daddy’s puss peering through its muscled legs is the perfect symbol for a boorish bourgeois culture awash in the dysfunctional dregs of homosexual hype.

Something tells me though that if the submissive beauty boy in this power-over illustration was replaced by a whimpering female figure over-arched by a hulking he-man, the oh so wonderful ‘sensual life force’ of such a depiction would not be bearing the Finnish government’s stamp of approval.

The stamps are self-sticking and do not require any licking.  For many Finnish folks, that small mercy serves as a gigantic relief.  But for some queer dears and their gallivanting groupies, such a slight will be yet another sign of their continued oppression at the heavy hands of the heteros.

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2 Responses to Stamps Celebrating Gay SadoMasochism—No Licking Required

  1. Paula says:

    Wholly shit that was some read! This stuff should be blanketing the “movement” (gay) and its pages. Spread it around!

    “Homosexual Hype” love it!

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