Dump Firefox—Choose Pale Moon

I used to be a very big Firefox fan—really loved this nifty little browser.  But wouldn’t you know it, just when I had the whole bloody thing laid out exactly the way I wanted it—SLAM!  The marching goosesteps of the Mozilla Technocrats come storm-trooping their way from the Silicon Valley right into my humble little home!  Well, the Sieg Heils may be reverberating throughout Lefty La La Land, but here at The Lesbian Conservative, such sycophantic go-along-with-it salutes can not be tolerated.

Pale MoonSo after testing out several alternatives and finding all of them to be annoying, stripped, confusing, cumbersome, loaded with liberal links, and/or just nowhere near as useful and comfortable to use as Firefox, I finally tripped over a recommendation for Pale Moon.  And let me say, if you’re looking for an identical replica of the Firefox features and lay-out, Pale Moon is the answer to your browsing prayers.

Give it a shot….once you download Pale Moon, you will be prompted to also download another little feature that will automatically load all your Firefox bookmarks, etc.  If you used any Add-Ons on the Firefox browser, you will need to click on Tools/Add-Ons and reactivate them.

Pale Moon, Identical to Firefox but without the Fascism.


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6 Responses to Dump Firefox—Choose Pale Moon

  1. CatCitySlim says:

    Thanks for the linky!

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    I think I’m getting homophobia! 😀

  3. Paula says:

    No shit!? I mean, ahem, I’ve never ever heard of Pale Moon. I use safari on mac, only using FF when a page forces me, which is rare. Coolio

    Love your roll!(I do have to catch-up and read the others.

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