Breitbart Storms California

Breitbart is taking California by storm!  Yep, you heard me, CALIFORNIA.   Yesterday, Breitbart News Network announced the launch of Breitbart Californiathe latest effort in this conservative news organization’s national and global expansion strategy.

For years, California has been written off by conservatives as too far past the point of return, but the truth is every single day there are stories worth telling about the successes of the conservative movement in California and the failures of the left-wing establishment,” said Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon. “Breitbart California is about telling not just those stories but showcasing the impact and influence the Golden State has in our culture, technology, and economy. From the growing libertarian movement at the heart of Silicon Valley to a Republican win at City Hall in San Diego, there is a fundamental shift taking shape and Breitbart News will be here to chronicle it.  Breitbart

But not everyone is dancing with hilarious happy feet over Breitbart’s aggressive news incursion into the Land of Left-over Marxists.  Nor are all of God’s Grown-Up Children thrilled at the Big B’s street-wise advertising campaign.  Certainly, the Plastic Surgery Shrew, aka Nancy Pelosi, is not too pleased at her portrayal in one of Breitbart’s posters which are plastered all over her home turf.  And not to wonder, the tag line over her sexually-posed, contorted (make believe) body reads: West Coast Politics, Because You Can’t Make this Shit Up.

Breitbart--Silicon ValleyGo, Breitbart!
Smack Em Back Twice as Hard


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3 Responses to Breitbart Storms California

  1. CatCitySlim says:

    Interesting and a welcome Breitbart addition. Being stuck in California is like being tortured slowly, in a beautiful kind of way, but still tortured. I don’t know if I’ll be here long enough to see a turnaround — I hope not because that’ll mean I’ve been stuck here years and years longer — but I’ll happily watch from afar if that fantasy every comes true. There’s an awful lot of stupid to overcome… but I suppose with a concerted effort, it’s possible. Stranger things, after all, have happened. We need only look at what’s currently residing in the White House.

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