Firefoxed: Browsing Just Took On a Whole New Meaning

It’s time for us Conservatives to do a little language manipulation, a little deconstruction and a little reconstruction of the crucial linguistic elements employed in our political public discourse.  My gosh, The Collective has been engaged in this clever type of word-smithing for decades now, leaving us naive folks here on the Right to furiously bat away at each and every politically corrupted syllable and phrase.

Win the War of Words

Remember, language shapes the context of any argument.  And over the years, the Left has successfully prostituted words in service to The Collective, effectively turning the English language into its camp-following whore.

So let us commence to coin our own useful soundbites. Certainly, after the firing of Mozilla’s CEO, Brendan Eich, for exercising his Constitutional right to take part in the political process, there is no word in more need of a radical makeover than Firefox.  So let’s start our wordsmith efforts with that two-syllable proper noun describing the most well-known Internet product put out by the software mavens of Mozilla and Company.

Firefoxed (Verb):

To Be Forced Out of a Job for Participating in the Political Process

Example: Brendan Eich was firefoxed from his CEO position.

Keep the heat on Mozilla.  Make them feel our pressure.  Make them understand that the progressive bubble they inhabit in that Happy Land of Unicorns within the State of California is going to burst.  Link the name of Mozilla’s most popular product with the dishonorable character of its leadership and the discriminatory practices of its corporate culture.

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