The Mozilla Gay Marriage Mob: The Borg is Upon Us

The BorgFor failing to be assimilated into the Totalitarian Tolerance Cube by his refusal to drop to his knees and suck the cock of the golden gay marriage idol, Brendan Eich was dragged before the Inquisition of Quisling Corporate Sycophants and found guilty of daring to politically express an opposing opinion.  His heresy was further compounded, when under interrogation, he refused to recant his belief in traditional marriage and rejected the pressure placed on him to change his personal and political viewpoint.  Within days of accepting the CEO position, the creator/inventor of Javascript was forced out by the very organization he helped to found.

Hopefully, Brendan Eich is now seeking the advice of counsel and weighing his prospects of winning an employment discrimination lawsuit against his erstwhile employer.  And based on California employment law, his prospects of successfully suing Mozilla are quite good.

Having been hounded from his new position of CEO at this non-profit web organization best known for its Firefox browser, Mr. Eich has been demonized as the global poster boy of hate.  The political and cultural extermination of anyone (other than Muslims, of course) who fail to embrace homosexuality and its claim of normality, is hiding behind the happy smiley face of Tolerance.  But the Tolerance that is being touted here is cleverly defined as acceptance and this special brand of Tolerance flows in just one direction—and we all know which direction that is.  Interestingly, the last time I checked, Tolerance had nothing to do with the carte blanche acceptance of other people, situations, or opinions.  Tolerance is about putting up with other people, situations, or opinions that we might find strange, annoying, or even downright disgusting.  Conversion is not part of the definition.

The Collective is on the move and ever ready to obliterate any human creature who fails to figuratively fondle the political genitals of Gay Incorporated. You can hear a smug sense of mission accomplished in the comments of that 3rd rate actor, George Takei, who declared on hearing of Eich’s resignation: “Mozilla is now a hate-free zone”.  Yes, Mr. Eich has been literally expurgated from the corporate coven.  So rejoice, all ye faithful!  Mozilla’s workplace has been cleansed and the skulking contaminate of a traditional marriage virus-carrier has been identified, isolated, and neutralized.  Of course, our psychological insecurity and obsessive self-doubts have nothing to do with this pathological need to viciously search and destroy ‘unrepentant’ heterosexuals.  Right, of course not.

Anti-Semetic Poster

But back to reality….Along with the myriad categories of protected classes covered by California employment law, it is also illegal in California for employers to discriminate based on political activities or affiliations.  From my seat here in the peanut gallery, it seems that Mozilla’s leadership team and some of their employees made public declarations about Eich’s previous political activities and either urged him to resign or clamored for Mozilla to fire him.  We can whinge on and on about an employee’s right to free speech, but it’s California’s employment discrimination law that has the final say.  Eich’s political activities are protected under California law and any workplace pressure, harassment, or constructive discharge based on his political affiliations or activities would be illegal.

Let’s be clear here, Eich didn’t come under fire because of actions in the workplace.  He wasn’t accused of harassment, discrimination, or creating a hostile environment against gays and lesbians.  Instead, he was the victim of such treatment.  The argument that an employee’s opinions, thoughts, or personal political activities concerning gay marriage, or any other issue, are tantamount to creating a hostile hateful workplace is intellectually and legally ludicrous.  Under such a dictum, no worker would be safe from such charges and everyone’s job would technically be in jeopardy for daring to express a political viewpoint contrary to his/her colleagues..  There would be no end to the workplace purges and witch hunts.

Until we push back and push back hard, this form of political oppression will continue.  Until someone has the cahonies to challenge this form of discrimination in court, employers will continue to truckle to the Gay Gestapo and their progressive hoards—those trendy self-important little sheep who have latched onto the gay fad phenomenon because it’s IN (for now).

A brief cruise around the Internet offered several interesting as well as a few lame articles on the Mozilla nonsense.  What I found most intriguing was the support for Brendan Eich from many liberal quarters. Here’s a few pro and con opinion pieces.  And don’t forget to check out the comment sections—from what I read, the assimilation process has a long way to go:

And as an after thought, here’s a couple of small little steps you can take to partially break free from The Collective:

  • Don’t Use the Firefox Browser.  Or if you just can’t do without it, don’t use any of the default Search Engines that come with it.  Mozilla gets 90% of its revenue from its contract with Google.  So every time you do a search from a Firefox browser using Google, you help to keep Mozilla in business.

  • Dump Google. Use StartPage as Your Search Engine.  StartPage interfaces with Google so you don’t have to.  This means you get Google search results without Google tracking you.  Check out StartPage–no tracking, no data collection, full commitment to privacy.

  • Dump Comcast.  I understand that for many folks this is almost unthinkable.  But maybe it’s time to rethink the unthinkable.  Remember, Comcast owns NBC Universal (NBC and MSNBC) and is in bed with the Democrat Party and the Obama Administration.  Comcast is the epitome of crony capitalism.  Find an alternative.

There’s a hell of lot more to be done, but give the above a try.  Remember, the Capitalist Cronies and the Progressive Bureaucrats need your active participation. When the zombies start to unplug, The Collective disintegrates.

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7 Responses to The Mozilla Gay Marriage Mob: The Borg is Upon Us

  1. CatCitySlim says:

    Spot on, as always, LC. And I learned new words: whinge and truckle! A backlash is a’comin’ — I just hope it doesn’t indiscriminately include those of us who are not part of the Gay Mafia, which it very well could. The pendulum has no options: It either swings this a way, or that a way. Keep up the stellar commentary.

    • Thank you. You’re right about that pendulum–it’s always in motion, though we may not initially sense it. The only good thing that can come from poor Mr. Eich’s ordeal is that it will serve as a solid kick in the pants for the rest of us. Let’s hope we make the most of this and that no one else ever gets Firefoxed from a job over their gay marriage stance.

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    Have the Gay Gestapo “jumped the shark”? Boy, I sure hope so.

    • It’s unfortunate that people have to get hurt but the silver lining to this cloud is the national exposure the Mozilla travesty has gotten. Our side is too lethargic and too passive–we’ve been asleep at the wheel of our culture, believing that bitching and moaning is the equivalent of political action. Brendan Eich should be getting offers of support from conservative organizations–groups that any individual could turn to for help. The Progs have us isolated and on our own when stuff like this happens. We need to get our act together.

  3. Askme says:

    Where is the “like” button?

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