It’s Spring Time in Sarah Palin’s Alaska

It’s March 20th—Spring has arrived!  It’s been a long, long winter down here in the lower 48 and us pampered pansies have complained non-stop about the cold, sharp winds and the plague of ice and snow.  But stop your whining, all you weenies, cause up in Sarah Palin country….

It’s 40 Below!

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2 Responses to It’s Spring Time in Sarah Palin’s Alaska

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    Brrr! We’ve had it pretty easy in Colorado this winter! They have had so much snow in Vail they want it to stop, but the Front Range is getting a little snow here, a little snow there. Perfect!

    I did watch Sarah Palin on the CPAC and find I love her more than ever. I hope she will have the last laugh.

    PS I can’t seem to find the newest Public posts.

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