Sarah Palin Brings Amazing America to Life

She’s Back!  Sarah Palin returns to reality TV to host a brand new program entitled Amazing America. Premiering on Thursday, April 3rd on the Sportsman Channel, the Mamma Grizzly of the conservative movement will be on hand to show what manly men and womanly women like to do in their spare time.  The show is slotted for 8 PM, so not to worry, the Pajama Boys should be tucked into beddy-bye by then and won’t get scared by the sight of those big burly brutes and those gun-toting gals.  Mommy will leave the light on.

“It takes a certain kind of pizzazz for a politician to make the move into reality television,” said Jeffrey McCall, professor of communication at DePauw University. “Harry Reid, for example, could never find a reality television platform that would catch on. The Sportsman Channel, however, has found a great fit with Sarah Palin. Palin has a special attraction for her fans, many of whom are likely viewers for Sportsman Channel.”  Washington Times

Egad!  A reality show for Harry Reid.  Now that’s a repulsive reverie if there ever was one.  Gee, what kind of true-to-life program would fit the personality and character of that walking corpse?  How about Embalming America or Bowel Movements of the Century or how about Losing the Senate in 2014?  Hey, I like that last one—now that reality show would be a great big hit with the majority of American viewers.  How about we all make sure that Losing the Senate in 2014 wins an Emmy?!

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5 Responses to Sarah Palin Brings Amazing America to Life

  1. CatCitySlim says:

    Yay! (I’m almost over being mad at her. I mean, who can stay mad at Sarah, right?). Oh, and funny post 😉

  2. Paula says:


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