Our Sub-Par President: The Poster War in Santa Monica

They seek him here, they seek him there, those Lefties seek him everywhere!  But as of today, the powers that be in Santa Monica California have not been able to grab the graffiti artist who has been papering their seaside community with unflattering posters of our 44th president.


Subpar President

An unknown artist is covering the streets of Santa Monica, Calif., with posters declaring President Obama to be “subpar.”  The artwork, which features images of Obama golfing can be found on trash cans, in Porta-potties, and on street benches.  The appearance of the posters coincided with the PGA tour which was played at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades just outside Santa Monica over the weekend.  Washington Free Beacon

I don’t think the Mysterious Message Maven in Santa Monica has taken into account that our progressive president has been granted a phenomenal Affirmative Action Handicap by the duplicitous duffers of the Democrat party.  You all know what I mean—that racial crybaby crib sheet for the competency-challenged liberal politician who is out-matched by other players on the course.  Just a few riotous rule changes to ensure that the Chicago Gangsta Golfer is getting a little leg-up at the tolerance tee.

So when Republican rubes get beaned in the brain by Obama goofballs and greeted by loud and raucous roars of Racist!, well, it’s just a down-and-dirty deviation as dictated by the Democrats.  After all, shouldn’t the Affirmative Action Man get to deliberately plunk his political opponents in order to play through?  As the sporting man’s motto in the language of Liberalese sums up the situation quite elegantly: Fairness and Honesty from thee, Deceit and Fraud from me.

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