UAW CarpetBaggers Tossed Out of Tennessee

Union NOThe unionizing of the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee was supposed to be an easy victory for the United Auto Workers.  Finding unprecedented support from the management of the plant, the UAW bosses surmised a simple slam-dunk in their first campaign battle to subjugate the recalcitrant, right-to-work South.  But surprise, surprise—instead of picking that soiled union label to be forever welded to their wallets, the VW workers, to the shock and chagrin of progressive toadies everywhere, pinned the turn-down tail on this Democrat donkey.

The employees of the Chattanooga Volkswagen plant knew darn well they were nothing more than sacrificial pawns in the power politics of Big Labor and its Corporate Crony.  Congratulations to these hard-working men and women for having the guts to tell the UAW to Hit the Road, Jackass!

So now that the UAW has gotten its collective teeth kicked in by the right-to-work rebels in Tennessee, how does this union defeat impact its symbiotic partner in crime, the Democrat Party?

According to, of the top ten political donors in the last 25 years, six are unions. And they all overwhelmingly donated to Democratic causes and candidates….Thus, unions have such a disproportionate influence over the Democratic Party for the simplest of reasons: they buy it. How much longer that will continue is a good question. There is no reason to think that the long-term decline in the private sector will not continue. And in places where union dues are no longer collected by governments (such as in Wisconsin), public sector union members have been leaving in droves. Obviously, they don’t think they have been getting value for their money. That is also a trend that is likely to spread.  Commentary

Golly gee, I think I feel an ABBA song coming on……


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2 Responses to UAW CarpetBaggers Tossed Out of Tennessee

  1. The_Kat™ says:

    Funny how the union assumes it was all due to Republicans doing that magical mind control trick they do to influence the VW workers (but apparently not the majority of US voters). It’s like the UAW thinks if they just had a little more time to convince the workers to come to the dark side that they would have won. From the look of the wages the plant currently pays non-union workers, they are better off without the union that would only collect dues, reward slackers, and spend their dues on Democrat campaigns. Glad to know folks in Chattanooga were thinking with their heads on this one.

    • Yeah, it’s laughable how the Dems think it’s ok for THEM to attempt to influence the outcome of events but somehow it’s dirty pool if the Repubs or anyone else does it. And of course, progressives act like the workers are semi-retarded hapless fools who don’t know what’s best for them because they said NO to the union. Progs have nothing but contempt for the masses.

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