Ann Coulter Clobbers Wendy Davis

As us folks on the Right Side of Life continue to be amused at the autobiographical farce pumped out by Wendy Davis, the Democrat Darling of the Women’s Right to Murder Movement, I found a few snarky observations from Ann Coulter concerning this Democrat Diva that nicely sum up the personal persona of Gold-Digger Davis.

Wendy Davis Shoes

After hacking through the fiction of Davis’ personal history and exposing even more unsavory tidbits, such as Davis’ husband’s accusation of adultery and Davis’ non-existent working class background (her father owned two businesses which is where his darling daughter worked as a teenager), Ann Coulter, our distaff doyenne of conservative commentary, goes to town on the trumped up heroism of Wendy Davis.

  • Hey — maybe Jeff Davis should run for governor! He’s the one who raised two kids, including a stepdaughter, while holding down a job and paying for his wife’s law school. There’s a hard-luck story!

  • Wendy boasted to the Dallas Morning News: “I very willingly, as part of my divorce settlement, paid child support.” Would a divorced dad get a medal for saying that??

  • Davis also said these attacks “won’t work, because my story is the story of millions of Texas women …” Yes, for example, Anna Nicole Smith. Though at least Smith had the decency not to ask for a paid education.

  • Feminists rushed to the stores to buy the shoes Davis wore during her famous filibuster. I’d like the shoes she was wearing when she met her Sugar Daddy.

Go, girl!  Ann Coulter strikes again!

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6 Responses to Ann Coulter Clobbers Wendy Davis

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    I love Ann Coulter! Go Broncos!

  2. The_Kat™ says:

    Ann Coulter always delivers some master snark and you don’t do too bad yourself! I just wish I would have thought of the Jeff Davis running for governor shot first. That was a great KAPOW!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    You crack me up! Keep up the great writing. 🙂

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